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  1. I find it exactly the same as before. I think you do need to elaborate.
  2. 🤣Haha! Yes, very good exercise for my index finger.
  3. In the scenario editor, I'd like to have an "Unrestricted" option in the field for date and region (and any other restricting option), so that all services, nations, formations, specialist teams, vehicles and whatnot appear and can be selected in the main screen when choosing units for a fictional scenario. In this way you don't have to go back and forth a million times to get French troops to fight in Northern Italy, for example, or that special vehicle, or airborne or Kriegsmarine unit you want for your scenario. Not everyone of us is a TOE expert. (Sorry if this has been mentioned already. Repetita iuvant, we say)
  4. Wow! Looks great. Great materials too. Would go well with @Ithikial_AU's tutorial. Thanks. A ton of work, by the look of it. Congratulations. I guess I'll soon give it a go. You started making this in 2016? So, you mean if I start making a new campaign now I'll be finished by 2027...
  5. Ah, didn't know about that. Another good reason for purchasing directly from BFC.
  6. And some of the "typos" are quite endearing. I love the quirky wording on some Italian tombstones in CMFI. I always get a good laugh when I find one If you need an "Italian tombstone betatester", I'm here! The Italian audios, on the other hand, have always been spot-on in all of your games. Good job
  7. I've read somewhere that TW Three Kingdoms, which is set in China, sold one million copies in its first week on Steam. That's approx. U$70 million in five working days! CM Korean War would be a clever choice.
  8. @BFCElvis (shh, shh, let me get in the action, too. Whisper, whisper, I do not want to rouse Steve’s Smaug-like wrath …) I have a question. Is CMRT F&R going to sound the death knell for WW2 games from BF? [Sigfried’s Funeral March starts in the background... ] CMBN and CMFI are now both complete (correct?). Only one module will be added to CMFB soon enough (?). We’ve been told in this thread and elsewhere in the past that BF has no interest in: - the early war period in the East, Barbarossa, Stalingrad or other operations in Russia, so CMRT seems to be done and dusted; - the early war period in the West (France 1940 and I’m assuming, Norway, Finland, Op. Anvil etc.), - Crete ’41, thus Greece, and I’m assuming northern Africa, so no CMAK remake in the works, - the Pacific war (in a reply to me years ago, this hasn't changed has it?), - any other theaters of Ops I'm forgetting? Is this end of an era for Battlefront? No upcoming WW2 titles or modules in the near future (apart from F&R and the one CMFB module)?
  9. Long-time Italian happy customer here, and I couldn't be happier with RtV and Gustav Line, but this is difficult news to digest. It is hard to believe that a CMRT: Barbarossa or Stalingrad module wouldn't be appreciated by the market. Or even "Little Saturn". It would be little: only Hungarians, Romanians and Italians to add to the game. That's nothing compared to RtV
  10. Great to see you back too! If you still have energies after all this work and you ever decide to make an Italian partisan mod for CMFI I might be able to help with the voices and text
  11. Yes, of course! And light up their pipes while they're at it No. but I did have a couple of instances where a tank exhausted its ammo pounding the enemy while another fellow tank with a disabled main gun just sat there in the back doing nothing. It would be cool to somehow be able to transfer that ammo to the fully operational vehicle (in safe conditions ;).
  12. Back to the topic: - ability to swap crews between vehicles, tanks especially - ability to acquire ammo from another (disabled) tank - ability to (re)man guns after they've been abandoned by the same or another crew
  13. Thanks for these rules! Excellent. For my purposes, I'll be using the following to make scenarios vs. the AI more challenging in WeGo. In a nutshell: - No area fire unless in command and HQ has LOS to area - No movement outside LOS area unless in command - Scouting teams excepted Back in the day when playing CMx1 games there was something called Franko' Rules (I think) that, among other things, limited your view to level 1 (ground level) when plotting moves and level 7 (eagle's eye) to be used as if it were a physical map, forbidding all other viewing levels since they are impossible in RL. I sometimes tried to use them but often sent vehicles harmlessly wandering in various directions and ended up with a headache!
  14. I have the same problem with CMFI. Double-clicking on the desktop icon will elicit no response. Neither will double-clicking on the .exe file in the BF folder. Absolutely dumbfounding. No other BF game has this issue. Incredibly enough I tried adding it to Steam as a third-party game and it launched perfectly. It's now the only way I can launch it. If you have Steam I'd give it a try.
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