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  1. Deleted Useless Data Not Related to the Discussion at hand
  2. I have the 24 inch iMac with the 256 Nvida graphics card running XP Via Bootcamp CMAK TOW demo Distant Guns could not be happier
  3. I'd love to be your teachers aide there for that week
  4. submit it somewhere that judges Curricula its worthy of an award of some sort
  5. Brilliant Idea I was subbing last week for the "Science Class from Hell" one of the only well behaved two or three students had his Social Studies text open to WWII So I gave him the Battlefront website and told him about the games My ONLY suggestion looking at the Schedule is to begin with an overall briefing with a map on the wall like troops would get before a battle the Background, Objectives, Forces etc "Gentlemen (and Ladies) our Objective this Week..."
  6. This One ? Standing from L to R: (Iskander, jeffsmith, Lauren Smith, DaveT, Blackhorse, Madmatt, Rune, wwb_99, kking199, Tanker74, Doug Frank) Kneeling from L to R: (Randl, USTanker, jgdpzr, Harv) Sitting from L to R: (Junior "evils" Chris Orosz, Nick Orosz) [ October 25, 2006, 08:57 PM: Message edited by: jeffsmith ]
  7. e-mail client on OS9 side too or browse for PBEM file inside OSX e-mail client or drag PBEM file from OS9 side to OSX side to send (but then delete file in OSX side after sending to avoid duplicates) I also have a folder alias on the OS9 desktop that I download my recieved PBEM files into
  8. Ok please give us an idea what your funding range is FYI as an example of "field expediants" that can work I have a old iBook SE (graphite) that will play CMAK not great but it works
  9. I have an older G4 450 and am feeling the ramifications of a slow system There isnt a recent game I can play and my rig really won't even support Tiger (though I probably could push it, but why waste $$$) I myself have decided to simply wait to upgrade CMAK is not imminent (nor are the Spec's released) Apple is transitioning to Intel & OS changes and the ONLY thing I use OS9 is for CMAK (& once CMX2 is released my CMAK days are probably history) Unless your computer is on deaths door I can't see any reason to upgrade now I am going to wait to see what Apple does
  10. thank you for getting back to me my next task is to download the CMAK Demo to see how it works also thank you for the steel panthers link i will try that as well and I found Panzer General 2 for $4 too but dont know if it will run on XP
  11. Thanx for Responding So what games are there that may not tax the drivers ? steel panthers ?
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