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  1. If the BMP 1 is buttoned, then neither of them can see anyhting. The minute i pop up with the gunner the mount the AT 4, the BMP 1 can spot the other IFV in 20 seconds, while the BMP 2 is only able to spot the other vehicle if the engagement is still underway (muzzle flashes etc.)
  2. Struggling through the (otherwise lovely) Hasrabit campaign and noticed a weird thing. During mission 3, I was supposed to conduct a defense and fight against BMP 1s in a night battle. My troops are mostly crack and equipped with BMP 2s. Should be easy, right? WRONG.. My BMP 2s got obliterated by their last gen predecessors because they were unable to get any spots. After that, I did some very basic research and was shocked that a buttoned up BMP 1 can almost immediately spot a BMP 2, while the BMP 2 could not see the other IFV even if i left it there for
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I'am anything but a CM expert but I did put in a few hundreds hours into the game and never before have I encountered this "problem". I presume earlier heavy small arms fire forced infantry to vacate the buildings and now they just adopted a "honey badger doesn't care attitude". All I'am asking is whether this is working as intended i.e. : I either storm the building as you pointed out by using supressing fire; or I use heavy weapons (grenade launchers, 20 mm autocannons etc.) to clear out the "residents". I HATED the previous retreat
  4. I have noticed that since the latest patch (?) infantry can survive small arms fire in buildings for a ridiculous amount of time. My first weird experience was in Shock Force 2, when a tiny Syrian section kept on living for 9 (!) turns against the hailstorm of fire from 20 of my guys (veteran/crack, distance about 175 m) and the only thing that was doing damage to them and eventually cut them down one by one was the weapon mounted grenade launchers. They popped up, received fire, got pinned, recovered, popped up, got fired upon - rince and repeat. The same is happening in my cur
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