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  1. Are you serious? Why would *anyone* rap a fire mission? I think a US New England accent or southern drawl, for example, would add some flavor to an otherwise bland trooper. I'd also forgive if both were mixed given the current engine limitations... You need to engage with folks who didn't see when "Leave it to Beaver" first aired. Or, you can keep forcing the world to remain exactly the way you like it. There's comfort in that for sure which you don't seem to want to extend to others... We older folks don't need to understand nor agree with what passes for current societal norms. Our norms were formed in a bygone time. We engage with society today by following what is currently accepted. We don't have to like it. I'm not picking on you specifically - I'm ranting against 'reactionary' group think.
  2. Anything to make history more accessible to young people today is a good thing, right? At some point, culture, ethnicity, race, etc. will also be known. The challenge is to first engage interest in the field of study. Just saying.
  3. Because they expand the market for goods. It's the only reason BFC would consider it. It's better to receive less than 100% of something than a 100% of nothing. Also, it doesn't matter how good your product is if no one knows it exist. Here too Steam offers a platform to improve visibility and facilitate service to "new" customers. While I have not bothered to use Steam/Slitherine for titles. I won't bitch about the change to play once PBEM++ is launched. It may not be for me but I won't begrudge someone else using it. These new business partnerships don't need to be treated as zero-sum. Sometimes it is win-win.
  4. Most vehicles post-WWII are able to fire on the move. What is effected is spotting where it's true across eras that it's much improved when stationary. Bounding acknowledges this by having overwatch elements stationary and prepared to fire in response quickly. Spotting capability should be your primary concern as he who spots first usually has the advantage.
  5. But you haven't. A new player coming from Steam would be needlessly confused and likely to try patching from your list. I don't use Steam myself but don't wish to add more issues for the help desk to address. Wouldn't it make more sense to 'pin' a more comprehensive list rather than risk corrupting someone's install? Existing forums already have relevant patches pinned and the installers are already present. I'm not seeing the value-add other than post count bloat...
  6. In addition, every forum has a 'sticky' announcing the latest patch release which may need to be applied if one does not wish to wait for updated all-in-one installers. I'm assuming steam releases are handled more in line with the "steam-way" of distributing updates.
  7. You can't mod data values assigned in the TOEs. As @IanL mentions, there is a small subset of mods affecting animation (.ani) that some use to, for example, make the 'medic' pose prone. Another would change 'cower'. Otherwise, the mods are visual and cosmetic. Your modded trees may be bare/sparse to you but in game terms - the trees are calculated based on the tile defined in the scenario proper.
  8. I haven't done this in years but vaguely recall needing to provide the keys for base (original key), upgrade 3, upgrade 4 and then each and every module key. Basically, once the all-in-one is *installed* - keep feeding the activation with keys in sequence. This thread may provide more info...
  9. Same here. I believe it's more important to be in close proximity (1-2 action spots aka within 16m) than using a TA. Bonus, if they can get close and remain in cover terrain. Needless to say that morale and experience plays a role also...
  10. This! Get them to within grenade chucking range and they'll handle the rest. No need to target. I don't even bother with a TA if there are no other nearby contacts likely to distract them.
  11. Yes, of course, it's the community's fault. It's always somebody else's fault. Another fine post. Your mom must be so proud...
  12. No. Reasonable people disagree all the time and this was once considered a "feature" of polite society. There are no corners, PBEM is simply a supported mode of play. I do not believe anyone on this board ever described it as cutting edge. It's not winner take all. I don't understand the need to remove a feature (i.e. PBEM) because someone unilaterally decided it was unnecessary. You alluding to a "us vs them" dichotomy. You are reading to much in my post as I don't mind new play modes being added. I just don't understand the need to slag other posters. My moms once said that I should be able to take what I dish out. Is this not the case when someone else decides to be rude? Say your piece politely without the drama and move on. We should be allowed to voice differing positions on any aspect of play without being labelled young, old, hip, blue or red. While I may prefer reading (forums) over talking (discord). I see the value in having both and wouldn't want to remove either as an option for others to consider. A good illustration of a situation that shouldn't be 'winner take all'. More importantly, I respect the effort @domfluff and others are making to engage and grow the community. It's all good. All the best.
  13. Repetition doesn't make your particular viewpoint true. PBEM is the only way a GMT-4 like myself can play with *everyone* else on the globe. Believe it or not, some folks live outside your mom's house in places like GMT+2 or like even GMT+9. We get you don't have the patience to start an endeavor requiring effort longer than 2 hours in your need for immediate gratification. No one is disputing the game should offer more immediate play modes than PBEM. Start a poll and the most desired mode would still be PBEM. Don't confuse something that simply works as being obsolete. The internets only functions today on 'obselete' protocols. Use your superior time management abilities to troll some other site. Pro tip: Stop trying to knock other viewpoints down. It's a complex world out there once you leave the family basement where not every solution is a simple yes/no.
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