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  1. I can now run Quake 3 on my Raspberry Pi Model 4 (RPI4) using Vulkan. Frame rates have gone from 30 (OpenGL) to 700+ (Vulkan). Any chance at all that we can get CM2x titles migrated to Vulkan as we wait for CM3x? An awful lot of platforms are offering solid support for Vulkan. It would be pretty nifty to run CM2x on a RPI4...
  2. It may be by design as an FO can only manage one mission. When a mission reaches 'Firing' stage - you can then use the FO (or any shot caller) to start another as long as you don't intend to adjust the *firing* one. So, when a shot caller gets a mission to 'Firing' they aren't deemed to be 'busy' and may initiate another. There may be edge cases where you can 'game' around this limitation with pre-planned missions but it's hit and miss (pun intended). Otherwise, you can't adjust multiple Firing or Pre-Planned missions separately.
  3. If snow and tank riders were easy to retrofit into CMBN... If the DRM in CMBN were easy to workaround to somehow keep CW, MG, VP, etc. properly sorted... A separate CMFB codebase provides a means to both expand features and host different modules. I'm not defending BFC decisions. I'm simply acknowledging that hindsight isn't always 20/20 when we aren't privy to internal deliberations.
  4. Wasn't CAS enhanced in this title also? And, tank riders FTW!!!
  5. Correct. The last patch for CMSF was near a decade ago. You mentioned being bewildered that CMSF was always undergoing some change which the release of CMSF2 only further compounded. I was simply curious as to: 1) where you were getting your patches for CMSF as the only the last one I applied for it was 10 years ago; and 2) what feature (or mechanic) in CMSF2 is causing your distress? The core play mechanics to me seem to be identical to every other CM2 tittle (WWII and Modern). I'm wondering if I'm to only one who simply refers to weapon/organization chapters in a giv
  6. I have both SF and SF2 and recall not getting any patch for SF in close to a decade. In any event, SF2 plays just like every WWII and modern (BS) titles. Being not yet 60, in what way do you find the updates to CMx2 bewildering? The core mechanics haven't changed since the release of CMBN. And, every title offers the same mechanics now that CMSF2 has caught up.
  7. Where are you getting such patches? All I ever manage to get are minor corrections...
  8. I must be either (un)lucky or playing wrong because by the time my assault team gets to grenade throwing range (30m) - there's not much left of the defender that isn't dead, wounded, cowering, or surrendering. Granted, 80% of my play is with the modern titles. YMMV.
  9. Our miniatures campaign play was guided by ADC2 which I'm not sure still exists today as it's been a couple of decades since I last saw it used. Here's a list of alternatives which may be help worth a look https://alternativeto.net/software/aide-de-camp-ii/. As mentioned, Vassal is open sourced, cross platform (Java) and, supports PBEM. While TTS does not do PBEM.
  10. Yes @Erwin , what we have is road rage and not as much dueling, knifing, shooting, punching, raping, etc. on our streets. We've gone from fighting world wars every twenty years to much smaller police actions these past 70 years. It's too easy to simply attribute it to "Big Pharma". Anyhow, this has nothing to do with the original topic so I'll desist.
  11. Or, it may be caused by the marked downward trend in violence these past 500 years... The rate of violent crime is lower today than at any other time. Or, we can blame "Big Pharma" for that too.
  12. He's asking for volunteers. I'm not sure what @rocketman has done to you in the past that warrants you sidetracking his effort.
  13. Also, the demo may contain content that requires one or more modules to play. I know this is true in CMSF2 as there are scenarios requiring the NATO and UK modules.
  14. It doesn't hurt either and avoids endless threads complaining about the waste of already precious rounds. You have six 30 round mags. You'll quickly find yourself cycling back to partially spent mags because... we all know every mag is retained...
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