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  1. In fairness, they've been working back from 2018 Ukraine, 2008 Syria, and most recently 1979 Germany.
  2. Personally, I'm fine with a CW module for FB and a UK/NATO/USMC module for CMBS (bonus if they add French forces). Then repeat the aforementioned UK/NATO/French/USMC module for CW. Then an early war in the east front. But, I'm only one guy/bot...
  3. Spot on. Also, one is ordered to take a position within 'X' time limit. And, not when one feels like it. Playing with time is an option in design for balance... YMMV.
  4. So, we want to waste time implementing riders to further impede the effectiveness of APS, ERA, optics, weapon systems, etc...? Or, are we just asking for additional passenger dots with no penalty to maneuverability or combat effectiveness?
  5. SH4 is Silent Hunter 4? What is JSGME?
  6. Another thing setting Blast on the action spot (location) will do for you rather than through it - is provide a way for the blasters to stay in place rather than lead the charge through...
  7. Select moving vehicle and cancel all pending waypoint(s). Select dismounts and click 'Dismount' to order. Select vehicle again and plot orders. Hit red button and you'll see the dismounts get off *before* the vehicle begins it's movement. Dismount allows you to disembark from the vehicle *before* the vehicle does it's plotted orders. Otherwise, the troops dismount *after* the carrier (ie vehicle) has completed it's movement.
  8. New players should not be hitting 'Bail Out' unless they wish their Bradley/M113/T80/etc. to become unable to fire or move. 'Bail Out' will disembark a dedicated vehicle crew and not do anything to the passengers. It's not a paradox nor complicated... It's safer and less frustrating for new players to understand that 'Bail Out' will leave vehicular weapon systems inoperable. And, every title behaves the same way so the UI function is consistent. I'm simply trying to help *new* players avoid unintentionally dumping the "wrong" troops. Blindly clicking buttons in CM2 tends to produce unintended consequences. We haven't even mentioned the nifty feature 'Dismount' provides to address situations where you want to dismount *first* and then have the carrier/transport/etc. continue with it's movement. Bail Out only works in this instance here (AD Team/Utility Truck) as it is the exception proving the rule. Anyhow, it's not the end of the world either way.
  9. Actually it does apply. That AD team (or AT or MG, or etc.) is not vehicle crew. Therefore, they *Dismount*. Any troop (including this AD team) will be able to drive away by being the first to *Embark*. The first troop (HQ, Squad, Team, etc.) to do so gets to drive the vehicle whereas anyone else will *only* need to plot a simple movement way point in order to dismount (or hit Dismount when that unit is selected). Granted, I should have said a dedicated crew/driver needs to *Bailout*. In situations where a *dedicated* crew/driver exists - only if/when that dedicated crew/driver *Embarks* again will one be able to move/use the vehicle. While utility vehicles such as Jeeps or HumVees are able to be driven away (used) by the *first* troop to embark (blue dots). All others embarking afterwards become passengers (green dots). It's worth noting that hitting Dismount with this vehicle type will force *every* (blue/green dot) occupant to dismount and leave the vehicle unoccupied if you do so when the vehicle itself is selected. While doing the same to a vehicle containing a dedicated crew - all dismounts (green dots) move out leaving the vehicle with the dedicated crew in place and able to move away immediately. In any event, once someone figures out that BailOut is only available when a *dedicated* crew are present. One can look for Dismount instead in the UI in all other circumstances. I believe this is consistent across all titles. I do appreciate your splitting of my hairs...
  10. Rule of thump, vehicle crews leave the vehicle using *Bailout*. Passengers use *Dismount* (or a simple movement way point). A vehicle crew can remount and drive away if it is their vehicle. Otherwise, they mount as passengers. This is consistent across all titles.
  11. It's one of it's strengths for sure. Every CM2 game function/feature is consistent across every title. Essentially, you learn the UI *once* and are able to apply it across the board. A new theater/period merely requires the player to understand the TOEs involved.
  12. If the missile doesn't require guidance to target - the vehicle can be handled as any other vehicle in game right now.
  13. Mine aren't Bluetooth which may explain my lack of problems in CM. I'll assume you have updated drivers. Nice sound setup BTW. Other (no-BFC) games aren't causing similar problems?
  14. I use a Logitech G930 headset and have not ever encountered this issue. What make and model are you using?
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