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  1. You beat me to it! I made the mistake of not checking the site yesterday and, other than also being part of the Fightin 41st, missed the opportunity to be first to change over to that patch! Well done, Sir. My priorities are a mess. I'll always wonder if the deck needed staining yesterday of all days...
  2. What video card are you using? An AMD card will show white spots for hit decals with shaders turned on. At least, that was my case when I last had one (couple of years ago).
  3. Final Update My opponent was kind enough to KO the HT which reset the team stuck in embark limbo. That team has since moved to a more secure location out of sight.
  4. In the modern titles, anything 120mm plus will hurt *and* demolish structures. Anything caught in a barrage is pinned. Casualties are a bonus. Do expect a lot of bonus. Infantry in a building isn't an issue as there are too many things (brads/bmps) that will cause the structure to collapse. The challenge, normally, is how best to clear the building while leaving it still standing. You want to clear mines or demo a structure - call a short mission (linear or point) with 155s. You want to demo a building - target light with a brad or abrams.
  5. No go. While the rest of the platoon was ordered to move - our problem team continues to ignore all orders. Fortunately, I can make do without this team.
  6. Latest and greatest. I normally avoid this issue by not assuming the game can read my mind. Goes to show how Murphy never forgets to strike. The one time I don't follow my SOP - I get dinged! 😁 I'll do that on our next exchange and report back.
  7. Well, it's been 15 minutes of game time and both the HT and team ignore orders. In the team's case - I can't even get their icon to brighten (select). At least the HT shows full menus and allows way points to be set. They just don't complete the orders. The original unit states was an embark on the HT located on the other side of the low hedges while the HT remained stationary. In the above image, I'm trying to break the lock by ordering the HT to move around the obstruction. It being the only unit accepting orders... I would normally first order the team into the AS occupi
  8. I've got a team stuck embarking a HT resulting in both ignoring further orders. Is there a way of clearing this? It's occurring in a PBEM game (of course!) so a save game reload isn't an option. There was a small hedge between the team and HT which would have required the team to go around it. I thought as both were in adjacent action spots - I can be lazy with my path...
  9. The bottlenecks are: a) CPU (single core speed); and 2) OpenGL. I noted load times in CMBN (oldest and slowest title) and using MSI Afterburner - looked at the CPU and GPU loads along with GPU MEM utilization both on the old and new systems. Can't find my notes from that time! 😞 I was satisfied once I realized that no scenario was never going stress the GPU. I have what is now considered a rather pedestrian GTX 1660-6GB card. I'm a recent NVidia convert and can attest that they provide better support for OpenGL which always annoyed me about AMD. AMD has a knack for providing even wor
  10. I'm sure I'm not only one to do this but I copy the S/N to a text file along with a short description. It not only serves as backup but also as a means to better describe the purchase (not using BFC product speak). Fortunately, and assuming all continues to go well - the future seems to be Steam which should gradually improve things over time as some of us convert over to it. While I don't see Steam as offering anything over the current process, most value the potential ease of use.
  11. Or, it could be spotting info takes a while to propagate. Unit A gets the KO but the rest of the alphabet won't know this immediately. Especially past the letter M which is often at the other end of the map... Also, parts of unit A may not have LOS at the time of the KO... stuff happens.
  12. With 1-10k in ammo, no vehicle of mine travels anywhere without first firing a few rounds at every terrain feature or structure on it's path. I don't need contact markers and I'm sure you can find others like me who spend a lot of ammo firing at nothing! It's worthwhile for the times you discover that you aren't firing at nothing. It's not gamey and part of SOP by more players than just little old me... just saying. Feel free to be smug when such fire is harmless to your position but don't then shed tears when it isn't.
  13. Grey means reloading and temporarily unavailable while doing so. Mind you, when crew is missing, temporarily may take longer if ever.
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