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  1. This statement is incorrect unless one ignores a period of history spanning from the Russo-Swedish War (1554-1557) to the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). Russian monarchs were very much involved in the 'sport of kings'. Again, Repeating the word "Napoleon" ignores the 20 years of Russian provocation culminating in Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812. But don't let facts get in your way and please continue the cherry pick historical events to suit your need to assure us of Russia's benign intentions.
  2. Start your research at the Second Coalition 1798–1801 and work your way up. I'm not even going to waste space detailing the treaty of Tilsit (1807) and the Tzar's decision to ignore it in 1809... You're saying something is true doesn't make it so. Understand history. Facts matter.
  3. In a generation from now an historical game based on this war may make sense. In the meantime, once this war ends, I'd like fixes, modules and map/battle packs on a fictional near peer conflict set in 2017. We'll have the best of both worlds.
  4. FWIW, my scouting is usually quick + pause 15 (2 spotting checks) or 10s (1 spotting check) + quick... repeat sequence. I believe the engine drops the cycle to 5s when close the an enemy. So, a 10s pause could yield a couple spotting cycles. Danger areas are usually traversed using fast or quick depending on distance. If a street needs to be crossed in an urban setting - FAST! For the same reason @Bulletpoint disclosed. The last thing you want is the stop in the street.
  5. Tibet 1950 Sino-Indian 1962 Sino-Vietnamese War 1979 The others such as clashes with Soviet, India, Vietnamese post-WWII you'll no doubt ignore also. Won't even bother mentioning Korea ('50) or Vietnam ('60's) as you will no doubt believe they were/are freedom fighters. You really need to allow yourself growth and accept nuance in your world view. It's not always US bad - other side good.
  6. Use a Target or Target Light command (default: T/Y) at various waypoints.
  7. I do that in reverse with US by detailing the scout team to man whatever .50cal(s) are on the halftrack. During setup place scout team A in halftrack squad B, scout B to squad C, scout C to squad A, etc. Best done during setup but sometimes done during the heat of the action (simply detailing a scout team to man .50cals).
  8. You play enough and everyone forgets to toggle the smoke back on at some point... welcome to the club!
  9. Do you have smoke turned on? I think it's Alt+K....
  10. I've not noticed this being an issue before. What I normally do is save as a normal saved game (non-PBEM aka .bts) which will increment the numbering as you've stated. Then work from this saved game (not the PBEM file aka .ema) in subsequent sessions keeping an eye out to reusing the same file number as the original saved game every time I save my progress. This way, it doesn't matter how often I'v saved, when ready to send back - it's easy to decrement the file number by one. It's also been my experience that it doesn't matter what the file number is. So, you can skip numbers if you forget to decrement the number in the above situation. I'll keep an eye for this as games in the series get patched to use the new PBEM+++ mechanism.
  11. I can't reproduce this in CMCW. Also, I'd use "M" for armored TA rather than "K" to address the situation described in the top post. Anyhow, I tried both types of TAs and the vehicles (M60s) traversed from front to back... EDIT: CMCW 1.03 (non-steam)
  12. CMSF2 if you want to get a peek at what Dutch, British, German, Canadian, etc. units could look like in a modern setting. Plus, MARINES!
  13. I think it's priced pretty much where BFC wants to be priced which is the only thing that matters. As to "sameness", when did that stop being a selling feature? BFC have back ported new features to every previous title. Why is this now a 'bad' thing? I'm hoping an engine upgrade will break the 8x8 AS wall and provide something closer to 1x1 along with all the bells and whistles associated to a game engine designed in the last decade or better yet - designed in last few years!
  14. Are you serious? Why would *anyone* rap a fire mission? I think a US New England accent or southern drawl, for example, would add some flavor to an otherwise bland trooper. I'd also forgive if both were mixed given the current engine limitations... You need to engage with folks who didn't see when "Leave it to Beaver" first aired. Or, you can keep forcing the world to remain exactly the way you like it. There's comfort in that for sure which you don't seem to want to extend to others... We older folks don't need to understand nor agree with what passes for current societal norms. Our norms were formed in a bygone time. We engage with society today by following what is currently accepted. We don't have to like it. I'm not picking on you specifically - I'm ranting against 'reactionary' group think.
  15. Anything to make history more accessible to young people today is a good thing, right? At some point, culture, ethnicity, race, etc. will also be known. The challenge is to first engage interest in the field of study. Just saying.
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