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  1. I spent all evening in the editor understanding under what circumstances various officers can call in fire missions. But I still have questions: Do experience level impact accuracy or delivery time? Does caliber impact accuracy or delivery time? Does number indirect by an officer in 50M impact accuracy or delivery time versus the comms net? Does the number of hops across the comms net impact accuracy or delivery time? I would think the battalion commander might be minimal to call in. The maximum might be one platoon in another battalion calling in company mortars of
  2. Thanks. Yes. I like Lloyd Nicholas (his real name). He is not simply an academic, but gets out there and experiments with spears, swords, shields, falxs, ...
  3. One often wonders if PTSD was part of the ancient world. One historian said no, because on aspect of PTSD has to do with ones cultural upbringing. Supposedly most deaths and captures in the ancient world happened when a formation broke and routed. Ancient armies were actually followed by slave traders who would buy captives post battle. A recent video I watched cites the spear and shield (phalanx) being far more effective for the moderately trained; in formation and lines. It is often side shots by spears which get you (not the guy across). However, Roman scutum and gladius w
  4. I heard recently that an Imperial Legion had 1km frontage in a battle line formation. I don't know how accurate that is.
  5. I remember this thread. I am just doing some scouting and already have a general idea of where the enemy is. (the briefing, and playing this again) I think Bulletpoint had made the point that they don't seem to sensitive to rounds landing round them. And let me say the know it, since their suppression meter up is up 4 levels or so. On the other hand, troops who are no getting shot at but report "enemy vehicles ahead seem to halt right away". It seems that the semantics are not advance until someone spots you, but advance until you spot someone. Of course, the problem, it is
  6. It seems to me; just playing today, that panic ripples are working fine if engaged units are already stressed. This just seems quite a difference from CM and CM style games where there is some global morale level impacting the entire battle, but no so dramatic or local. But it seems panic ripples were real, the point was to start a collapse of the line somewhere which result in a domino morale affect. Now, CM and modern games model flanking a line like a dugout or trenches, but this is less about morale and more about the loss of defensive structural integrity. So morale in FOG2 is
  7. I believe CMx1 had this, because when you entered an enemy position, you could hear the sound of blows and physical struggling. However, I also believe the out of ammo state for small arms were modeled as a very low rate of fire; not totally out.
  8. I thought I would ask here, since I know you folks are experts when it comes to the modern. By modern here, I mean fire arms (smokeless) non-linear combat with the availability of automatic weapons. So, we could say WWI to today. Over the last few years, I have become interested in antiquity of the West. Of course, there is Rome1 and Rome2 along with some superb overhaul mods. However, combat modeling does not come close to the fidelity we see in CMx1 and CMx2. However, a game I do feel which does an excellent job is Field of Glory II by Richard Bodley Scott (published by Slitherine)
  9. Ah. So, it applies to the given scenario. I will have to check the manual again as I thought it was global. Thanks. MAX was effectively fighting with no comms. I thought in Iraq and Afghanistan, the locals were using cell phones. I suppose in a large enough operation, you could make sure the cell towers went down. On the other end of the spectrum, I've heard of EMP. Are there tactical EMP weapons or generators?
  10. John, good to see another old timer from the CMBO Mad Matt mod pack days! BFC is a small company. The largest company I ever worked for had 80,000 US employees. The smallest I worked for that I did not own was about 80 employees. Small companies especially when we are talking under 10 are entirely different animals from the corporate jobs many of us know. In one day, you can be writing code, doing UI/game design, research, reviewing contracts, coming up with a marketing plan, looking at health insurance plans, retirement funds, interviewing for another coder, technical
  11. Maybe I was not clear. I was not asking for about FOW settings. I know what these do. I was asking EW (electronic warfare) settings which although located in in the QB settings, the manual says they apply globally. I got the impression that the default for CMSF2 effectively was a WWII world where most electronics delivered as expected (which was not strictly true). Ranging to a modern World on a battle field after an EMP, and all you have is voice, visual, and runners for communications. I was trying to determine what settings folks like and why? (For example: I don't play
  12. Okay, I am reading about the EW setting which is stealthy in QB settings (I suppose so that they could keep game engine settings the same) across games. This QB setting impacts all scenario correct? Also, it defaults to NONE. At NONE, it is pretty much the same as the WWII titles? Finally, what setting have players chosen and why? BTW, I am playing my games at WARRIOR. Thank you!
  13. Okay, thanks all. So, are casualty rates higher in these engagements and spotting more decisive given weapon lethality? It seems the series has often been criticized for casualty rate, but then I always figured the game was not modeling the theater, but a single direct encounter of combatants.
  14. 20 years of CMx1 and CMx2 WWII (and other WWII) games also. Of course, the UI looks completely identical which is a comfort, but I am sure that I have been thrown int the deep end of the pool. (Despite that the same US voice actors are used, "Take a look at that!") However does one get up to speed on modern combat tactics? Any resources anyone would recommend? Yes, I did play Steel Beasts back in the day, but it was a different animal. Thank you!
  15. I would prefer not to elaborate on what arrangements BFC made as doing so establishes a precedent, and the relationship between BFC and its customers should be flexible based on circumstances. But I came back to say that BFC did more than make me whole when CMFI v2.11 would not install despite all different software utilities. As I just upgraded to Windows Build 2004 today from Build 1903, they agreed to go out of their way to see if that might have been the underlying problem and it was. I am very happy to say that I have CMFI v2.11 working. (Since I like the WWII titles.) I think we
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