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  1. Thanks Ian! This looks like some great reading. I once had such a list for the CMx1 games which was very comprehensive which I shared. I want to say, I had personally contributed no knowledge, but I did identify the links and collect and organize. But then one day, the forums were ported or reorganized and the thread addresses changed. And it was all lost to humanity. I am sure someday, 3,000 years from now the technology will exist to recreate my CMx1 FAQ. Until then!
  2. This text you added yourself? (That's not the game.)
  3. Do you limit your situational awareness to only the 1 and 2 keys? (myself, I play on warrior) If I spot an enemy unit unlikely to move like HMG, ATG, ... Since I have no map to mark it, I will just take screenshot of the spotting. Maybe later hit it with some HE whether I have a contact or not.
  4. Yes, I find that so many battles evolve into connected, but separate stories.
  5. Myself I only play WEGO, and could only see RTS for tiny scenarios. I believe the designers are designing for WEGO, and you will be torn to piece if you try something sizeable as RTS. Thanks.
  6. I had a lot trouble being an original buyer of all the games. At some point, BFC switched their DRM provider. Meaning saving originals which is usually a good idea just results in bizarre problems. Although, I did get SF2 on Steam via Slitherine out of CMFI trauma. My last 2 CM installs, Rubble and Cold War were as smooth as silk. But what I think what was most significant was the level of assistance and work John put in to helping my legacy CMFI problems and interfacing with developers. How far did John go to help me. Well, BFC gave me a refund on it (years after buying
  7. Alas the zook team did not get to take the shot as they got nailed by an HMG-42 burst.
  8. CMBN(v4.03): I have a zook team which I want to take out an HMG in a wooden pillbox. Will giving them a TARGET ARC ARMOR be the right command as pillboxes are actually treated by the engine as an immobile AFV? Thanks.
  9. Well, this isn't about merits, but as a CM player it took me a lot of experimenting to work out the rules of indirect fire. It is like being Spanish speaking, you naturally want to be speaking Spanish in Brazil, but it ain't so (despite how close they are).
  10. There are some huge differences on and off map arty between CMx2 and MIUS (which includes Tunisia and GTOS). * In CM, pretty much any officer/FO (on the net) can call in a strike (and spot) for on or off asset regardless of organic TOE. Of course, if you are low in rank and in the wrong company, then you are going to wait longer. In rare cases, like for naval guns, you must be the right FO. * In MIUS ** Only the FO associated with the given offmap battery make call in a fire mission. Tough **** if a sniper puts a bullet through his head; goodbye battery. ** For on map batteries
  11. Okay, I think I got it. I did a LOS to the pillbox from the unit most likely to have eyes on, and I got light blue with the text saying "hull down".
  12. CMBN v4.02 (warrior/wego) - I have an enemy pillbox which keeps popping up as a solid contact on the movie. But when I click on the pillbox to determine who has that spotting contact all my units remain dim? (BTW, the pillbox did not fire this turn.) Thanks.
  13. I just finished some MIUS. CM handles psych states better. Which is not to say they are ignored in MIUS. But playing CM feels like an emotional roller coaster where as MIUS feels like a simulation of mental states. I don't think you can get both a human like simulation of emotions without getting some of what appears senseless activity. (It is only senseless when seen outside by a player who knows its a game.) The thing that used to bug me was a few guys always finding stupid places to stand or go. Like your buddy just got hit standing on the sewer cap. So, where should you stand?
  14. Personally, I like a point to LOS fan. But I can see why they definitely would not include that, because in RTS CM (I am a WEGO guy), I think that would put a big load on the CPU. But you can spend a lot of time probing with a point to point tool where as a fan, tells you what want to know fast.
  15. I think the idea of keyhole LOS is perhaps an overdone tactic going back to CMx1 as distance, camouflage, and low profile should make ATGs hard to spot. Why was it such an essential tactic in CMx1? Borg spotting.
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