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  1. Besides the ancient world presenting its own science and technology of war; just as the US ACW or Europe's Napoleonic battles ... the ancient was full of conflict which very much impact who we are today. The Romans cast a very long shadow on the Western world: language, construction (concrete, arch, vaults, domes, roads), legal systems/trial, republic, civic obligation of military service, etc... (The founding fathers of the USA were all educated in the classics and it shows in the famous documents they left behind which would become the USA.) When George Washington declined to be
  2. Also, the RNG aspect of FOG2 is just enough for there to be seem exciting moments like when a Sherman gets a gun kill on a Tiger. Another unique thing about FOG2 is that success can actually be devastating. How so? Most times your unit with attack orders will win or lose it. If they lose it (usually over the course of X turns, they will rout) But maybe 1 of 10 times if they win it, they will pursue the enemy. This can actually be devastating, because it disrupts your line: * They put themselves in a situation where they can be flanked. * They put a hole in your line.
  3. Well, as I stated, I hate TBS games, but I was a member and equity holder in AGEOD. So, when "Pocus" (Philippe Malacher) did a new game Empires ... of course, I was going to buy it. As I think you got a 25% off to get both Empires and FOG2, I took the bundle expecting to hate FOG2. But I fell in love with it. The main thing I don't like about TBS combat is the chess like plodding slowness. Depending on how, you configure the game, it is one of the fastest moving TBS games I have seen. But for spreadsheet grogs, you get get each line of calculation (10-20 lines) for every unit combat
  4. I would assume it chosen after the player click fight after a side is picked.
  5. A few more comments about FOG2. * If you haven't tried it, don't dismiss it as being TW with turns. TW has a few strategies and is hard to appreciate by people who take the battlefield seriously. This bears very little resemblance to TW. Example ... TW skirmishers have little do but rack up kills for low purchase price. In FOG2, skirmishers have many roles depending on how you want to use them. The game is truly deep ... so forget Rome1 or Rome2 (even modded) if you have played those. * CMx1 was a statistical engine (like tiles and units has properties that fed into a resolution
  6. I didn't play the earlier games. I have mainly being playing the Rome vs. Macedonian war an experimenting. Watched the YouTube series by Mike Chung and Chris Webber; you will learn an incredible amount of mechanics and tactics. Check out this mod and see if it boosts AI challenge by about 4X. I am playing with stock AI at +2, but I think with this mode you could play 0. Rise of the AI 2.3; he is working a new improved release with better flanking. The stock AI tends to hit your line piece meal, this one hit is hard all at once. It also maneuvered more, but coordinated.
  7. I admit to being a war criminal in the WWII games. I often do recon by fire. Show my a church tower on a hill, and maybe I am delusional, but I just see the glint off of an FO's binoculars! Next direct HE from a tank.
  8. Just curious. Not of the games have them. They change stuff a lot. I remember non combatants in Ghost Recon who would come charging around corners at you and you really needed to be quickly to see whether they were holding a rifle. Perhaps for CM it would not matter, since the TACAI picks targets and not you.
  9. What I learned from Panther Games is time it the 4th dimension of the battle space. Very well modeled in that game. Now, CMx1 enhanced the time importance of command and experience with delays. It does seem logical that a Soviet tank out of command is going to take a while to get rolling with the plan. Personally, I think we lost them because they do not fit at all with RTS play. RTS is immediate response to orders. (Panther isn't 1:1 RTS, but the way it works is that you order through subordinate commanders. So, many factors figure into your decisions. Like should I get a
  10. I forgot to add well written and complete manual. Excellent YouTube training videos on the combat system by Mike Chung. Excellent YouTube training videos on fighting battle by Chris Weber. The designer Robert Scott Bodely (a retired Australian MD, I believe) is always in the forums and there to help. You can buy DLCs for time periods that interest you, but I find Slitherine to provide real value and reasonable prices. Also, we are in the sale season. Expect 3 before '21. You get discount price if you bundle with Empires. If you buy from Slitherine, no DRM just seria
  11. I am not talking RTW1 or RTW2 even with an award winning mod like DEI (Divide et Imperor) TW combat leaves much to be desired. I have been played FOG2 by Slitherine, I got it as a bundle with a grand strategy game, Empires, since a friend is the developer. (It is a very novel ancient grand strategy offering.) I expected to hate FOG2; I hate TBS combat. But it has the best TBS UI I have ever seen, and if you set it up correctly it flows very fast. (I am qualified to judge UIs and I have background in Software Engineering.) What I like about it so much is that it is a very ric
  12. I mainly played CMBB/CMAK. I longed for the day I could play the huge scenarios. That I had a computer up to the task. I finally got the PC. And you know what? I found the number of units extremely tedious. CM like most games does not scale very well. (Because it doesn't have AI agents.) Panther Games which was originally introduced to the world by a BFC publishing agreement scales better than any game I know because of intelligent agents. You can play play with 10 units or a 1000. The work load does not not increase 100X, but maybe 3X. Because you will be giving orders to Bde.
  13. MikeyD, Yes and no. For the art of film making (I have taken a course on film making), many films are worth many viewing to study framing, lighting, character frame of reference, etc... They are impossible to fully appreciate in a single viewing. I will agree that scenario design is not just computer programming, but an art form, and as such may be better appreciated by multiple viewings. For me the scenario is a test; and I take as if it was RL; failure is failure. I may play again, but an initial failure means I failed to apply lessons I learned or failed to learn the right
  14. They stop immediately when they spot AFVs. But light fire that does not really raise the pulse up to 180 bpm, and these soldiers move along. At 181 bpm, they stop. So, Erwin, you need to ask what type of leader are you? Can you maintain a trot with a pulse of 110 with a few guys taking pots shots at you with Reichsmarks in the pot on the hood of the Kubelwagon to see who nails you?
  15. My issue with changes is when scenarios get broken. (Especially, companies which break the in game tutorial by doing so.) I have been a beta tester. Definitely, I would play all betas quite a bit. But mainly looking for crashes or weird behavior. I certainly did not replay every scenario, and I certainly didn't rigorously compare scenario behavior of some of my favorites. In Software Engineering, we call this "regression testing". It means to go back and retest everything. But usually this is done with automatic test harness in automated runs generating data. Also, there are t
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