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  1. Thanks, John. I was fine. And am sure anyone else who bought most games were too. I was just thinking of the noob who only got this title. Even though retired, once a software engineer always a software engineer, and so I report bugs whenever I see them. It's like telling someone that their tire went flat before they pull away from the curb. Stay safe! PS: Because of you, I now have the complete CM2 collection. I would have never gotten beyond WWII without you.
  2. Thanks. I though as the forum admin he would catch his name or the word bug. There seems to be an activation short cut in the installation directory, but not installed on the desktop or program menus. Happy 2021!
  3. John, Unlike the other installers, this one does not create an activate shortcut meaning "-showui". Thus, after activating the main game, it is unclear to the CM noobie how to activate their battle pack. Merry Christmas! (stay safe)
  4. Ian, I think the performance issues you site are a matter of implementation and not physical laws of the universe. Suppose on Turn #1 no side receives any orders and the sides are not in contact. Suppose on Turn #2 no side receives any orders and the sides are not in contact. What can we say about the above example? The resources needed to go from Turn #1 to Turn #2 are identical. Thus, the loading for Turn #2 could be trivial, but it is not. Why? Because we assume it is not the same game (map and units with a small amount variation). Most of the loading is ins
  5. I never understood why we cannot get a full scenario movie? We can get minute by minute file. Is it so hard to chain them together? Thanks.
  6. Erwin, for you. I fought this today. No touch up; max graphic. (no post processing) This is for you. Sorry, but I don't have time to write an AAR. http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e01.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e02.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e03.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e04.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e05.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e06.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e07.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/e08.jpg http://www.kwlsystems.c
  7. I played lots of RTW1/RS3. I think RTW2/DEI is far better. Yes, the 2013 released of RTW2 was a disaster and the worst launch CA ever had. But by 2017, RTW2 was a decent game out of the box with compilation of patches as the Emperor Edition. DEI gives you much more than vanilla. Better combat with about 6 sub mods to tune it the way you like. DEI has fixes for some combat bugs like phalanxes that can pass through one another. And naval combat where you can ram, but ships never back up to ram again. You get AOR recruiting with special provincial units. DEI also puts caps on how man
  8. One more for you. I am doing some practice drills with the AI. SOW-WL
  9. RTW1 = Rome Total War 1 RTW2 = Rome Total War 2 MTW2 = Medieval Total War 2 (engine is very close RTW1 and a major Roman overhaul was built with it) EB = Europa Bababorum 1 & 2 (Rome overhaul mod for RTW1 and MTW2 respectively) RS3 = Roma Surrectum (Rome overhaul mod for RTW1) DEI = Divide et Imperum (award winning RTW2 total overhaul mod) Empires = New release Rome period grand strategy (combat is auto resolved) FOG2 (Field of Glory 2) = Tactical combat during ancient times (like the CM of legions and phalanxes) AJE (Alea Acta Est) = WEGO full war s
  10. Erwin, There is SOW-GB (ACW) and SOW-WL (NAP). I just finished a brigade battle in the middle of Pickett's Charge. Here are some final screens. This is how it looks. I have graphics maxed out. This game is very smooth at low FPS, because it uses sprites not 3D polygonal animation. No HUD With HUD
  11. I haven't read the book, but I believe the Civil War foreshadowed the power of prepared positions before the maturity of the machines born in WWI. General Sherman introduced the concept of total war. It was no longer simply a game of capture the flag. The telegraph for the first time introduced the possibility of political leadership to participate much more closely in the military aspect of the conflict. And finally, the railroads not since, the Roman Empire were the importance of lines of communication so well illustrated. One positive: Clara Barton introduced the conce
  12. Bozowans, I did a check. About $44 USD for AJE with everything. Some are scenario packs, and some are standalones. But they all use the AJE 1.05 engine. And when properly installed, they will all be accessible for a single EXE. I going to double check the scenario count I have now on my PC. Around 25 scenario with 2-3 sides to choose from on average. There are random factors. Like play the civil war with Caesar and Pompeus may abandon Italy for Spain or Egypt. You can tackle it many ways. Land battles mainly to march into Asia or do it by fleet. The game configu
  13. Yes, it could be better with some simple mechanics like if you are being targeted at 45 degrees or more from the defensive structure you lose the bonus. TW mechanics are really weak and it, but it is okay if you come these games with no concepts. That's why unmodded the battles take 5 minutes and a few clicks. Modded 10-20 battles are okay for me, but to build an empire takes hundreds of battles. Auto resolve is quick, but the cost is often so high. But clearly it is what the customers want. We don't see much progression in over 20 years of TW in the battle system other than UI i
  14. Do a search on Slitherine for AGEOD and Ancient. You will find all the AJE offerings. I think you would like it. It is not about Empires and building; mainly historical wars. I think they are very cheap right now as Slitherine has started their sale. Its WEGO with no obvious grid system. The world exists as regions. But there isn't really a higher game level built upon them other than the civilization. Turns are 1 months with some scenarios going for 300. There are seasons, supply, and attrition. Unlike TW there are violent storms and think carefully about naval ops. There is a fair
  15. I have been taking classes from https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/home Prof Andretti of Univ of Green Bay does a fantastic job covering Rome in the Republic and Imperial period. Others such as Prof. Wressler of West Point does a wonder job looking at the technology of ancient Greek and Rome. Particularly civil engineering as he teaches engineering at West Point. There are many courses relevant to Rome and Greece. A course on Alexander. I found out he is Greek today and a native son. But then, he was not very accepted and a Macedonian; although 1/2 Greek on his mother
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