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  1. Yeah, the PC does have a few advantages that way for this game. I noticed that too re the iPad day/night shift. That said, I rarely make it anymore to it's changeover point 🥴. I can see where a wife might maybe have some... shall we say, 'questions', regarding that 😆. I guess as long as they are still only coming from the computer, you're safe. But... 🥺...
  2. That's really interesting. I guess you could blow it up quite a lot if sending the info to the TV, but you may find the resolution goes for a dump, and it does get laggy. I'm not sure about that though. On the colour shift, that's interesting as well, but I guess not surprising. You probably have your displays calibrated if you're submitting any graphics/photography anywhere (I have my iMac calibrated, but nothing else), but I don't know the infrastructure of displaying the CM game so it may not be relevant I guess. Not sure I'd be too worried about that however. <LOL> Not sure what
  3. Ok, I think I have it figured out. I suspect I was too close to a bocage. I could fire the main gun, and I had LOS, but I couldn't fire smoke. Once I was out in the open, then it worked as expected. @danfrodo - Thanks for this. Yes, I hadn't toggled the smoke effects off and so that part was working fine. I appreciate the head's up on the 'pop smoke' option though. I was kind of wondering about that and hadn't found it yet. Thanks for that.
  4. Ahh, ok, I'll redo the scenario and see if I can't do better with that. Thanks very much for the help. If I don't do better, I'll try your last idea 😋.
  5. So I was playing the Raff Campaign (the Training Campaign in CMBN), first Mission today. One of the things I thought would be a good idea when I went to assault the farmhouse, was to lay down smoke in the field near the farm. I had 2 of the tanks (Shermans) there and they both indicated they had smoke on board. So I tried several times to shoot smoke mortars out into the field, and in each case, I got the target symbol as being ok (no LOS blocks, etc) and hit the "Smoke" button. Unfortunately nothing happened (well, I did get smoke alright, but in this case it was that *I* got smokED myself du
  6. Yeah, I don't really know anything about AstroPad, but it's an interesting idea. I know the Cintiq acts like a second display so I can mirror that on the iMac, and yes, I think Apple does now have a function for doing that with the iPad. I've never tried it though. Interesting idea about the pressure sensitivity though! I never thought of trying that. I may have a look at that tomorrow, but I'd be interested in any findings you come up with.
  7. @Lucky_Strike G'day . Yeah, the Cintiq is what I use for Photoshop but of course BF doesn't support a pen display tablet so I need to revert to the Intuos. Now that said, it was an interesting experiment but when I went back to the trackpad, I actually find it easier to use so that's what I'll go with. It was worth the effort though and I may go back to the Intuos at some point. @Bulletpoint: No, as @ratdeath states, the tablet itself doesn't display the game. If the Cintiq was supported, then I would, but that would be asking a whole lot from BF to do that (ain't gonna happen for goo
  8. G'day all. I'm a new old guy (ok, no cracks about my age - I mean I was on here a number of years ago but took a hiatus and am back now 😊). I just purchased all the WWII era sims/games and of course, am delighted with them. I thought I noticed somewhere (could be wrong) a post from someone asking about the functionality of tablets with CM games. I own both the Cintiq and Intuos Pro tablets from Wacom and have tried them both with CM systems, so I thought I'd report back here just in case anyone was wondering. Not a lot of people own Cintiq's so perhaps that's not as relevant but it does not wo
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