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  1. Ok, gotcha. Time to start experimenting. Lots of good info here - thank you as always .
  2. Excellent. This helps. What I'm finding is that I have the mechanics of building scenarios down reasonably well. It's the nuances like this that need a lot of work. The scenario I'm building currently is pretty big. I'm thinking I may shelve it for the time being and build a smaller one which will make it easier to play with while varying up the VP's. Thanks for this.
  3. Well, that was quite the experience. I was flattened by that thing, with a temp of 38.8ºC/102ºF, aches, etc. Apparently if you have a strong reaction to the shot, it means your immune system is in good shape. If that's true, then I should be able to ward off the plague. Friends of my sister have had an even stronger reaction in some cases. Anyway, it sure beats having Covid (I know - I had it a year and a quarter ago - that was a whole lot less fun!!). Anyway, dramatically better today, and in another couple of weeks I'll feel a whole lot safer to boot. So, back to the question at hand. I'm guessing that's where I'll have to experiment a bit to see just how they play into things. I've mostly dealt with Terrain Objectives and to a lesser extent, Parameters. Of the three types, what sort of importance do you place on each (Parameters, Terrain, Unit Objectives)? Are these in addition to Terrain and Parameter Objectives? Also, do you set values for all the officers (for example), or do you get selective based on a particular unit? By that I mean, do you assign a Unit Objective to Infantry (for example) for the entire infantry force opposing you, or only specific units out of the entire force? Thanks people.
  4. Thanks for this again. I got my 2nd vaccination yesterday and I'm down and out today so I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not straying far from the couch today. Back in a day or two.
  5. Good to know. I hadn't thought of doing that, but it makes a lot of sense. I'll definitely look into that for the scenario I'm working on now. It's fairly large and would lend itself rather nicely for this type of VP allocations. Thanks for this.
  6. Ah yes, now I see it. I've never made a unit (yet) part of the victory conditions so I glossed over that section a bit. Thanks very much for this.
  7. I've searched here, the manual (and I know it's in there but I just can't find it) and from Google every which way I can with no luck. In the Units window some units have the designation [U*] (where * is a number unless it's an HQ with several different designations for the units within). What does the "U" stand for please? I know about "A*" and "R*", but not U. Thanks.
  8. No, sRGB is where you want them. Might be something going on in the conversion to .bmp. Hard to say without seeing the files. The other thing you can do is simply eyeball it. If you want, send me the files (PM) me and I’ll have a look (I’m curious now), but you’ve done a really good job so I’m not sure it’s worth losing sleep over.
  9. Don’t know if you’re interested in pursuing this further but you may have a colour profile mismatch happening. I won’t go into detail but I would open your tank and the colour patch each. Check the profile for each (see below). If they are not the same, make them both sRGB (again see below). Then sample the colour again and repaint the tank with that. Without seeing the files I can’t say for sure that’s the problem, but what I’m seeing here is typical of that. Below are instructions for checking and changing the profiles in GIMP. Select “Image/Color Management/Convert to Color Profile” to bring up theConvert to ICC Color Profile dialog:
  10. Well, thanks. I hope I'm helping others, but I've had a couple of "indicators" that might suggest I've overdone it a bit. Anyway, I appreciate the sentiments. People won't be able to keep track of them, there will be so many! The new scenario is up on The Few Good Men. I solved the problem by placing the reinforcements on the map after expanding the map size considerably. They may or may not come into play depending on whether the trigger is hit or not, which depends on how good the Canadians are at preventing that (and yes, I did stop them about 30% of the times in tests, so it is possible, but not easy). This one is strongly recommended for Allies vs. AI, but can be played H2H, provided both sides follow certain rules laid out in the briefing. Anyway, thanks again for the help.
  11. Found it. I removed all the enemy reinforcements, extended the map then put those units in an out of the way place. I then set their timing to start their order upon triggering the "Radio for Reinforcements" trigger, + 30 minutes. That part all works fine, but I **still** got the Reinforcements Have Arrived" notification. I decided that it HAD to be on my side, so I went in with fresh eyes this morning and found I had my Btn HQ set as a reinforcement because I didn't really want them on the map. Removed that and all is good. So the problem was just as you folks suggested all along, on all fronts. No, triggers cannot be used to bring in reinforcements. Yes, it was one of my guys that was giving me the notification. I'm going to finish this scenario then take a break (I'm sure quite a number of people here will be relieved to hear that). I really have to get back to some other things and this has had almost my full attention for 3 months now. I've learned enough to move forward on my own with it, and when something doesn't work, I have enough behind me to find the answer on my own, or do a search here without bugging everyone else (believe me, the questions I've posed on here amount to only about half of all the questions I've had - I actually do know how to search things out - scary, eh?). Anyway, I hope to release one scenario a month and we'll see how that goes for the rest of this year. Oh, by the by, all my scenarios are now exclusively on The Few Good Men site. I am using my own site for other things now. Thanks again for all the help over the past few months. I know I've been a royal PITA and I'm sorry about that. Onwards and forwards.
  12. The only thing I can think of is to lower the camera then angle it up a bit. The text should appear floating above the terrain/obstacles which may make it easier to see. Sometimes too I'll toggle rapidly just to look for changes that might catch my eye. Other than that, I'm not sure, but from what you say, it's probably hidden under a deployment zone.
  13. No, only for the Germans. I've quadruple checked that none of my guys are designated [R*] and they aren't.
  14. So this time I removed the trigger altogether and I'm still getting the notification. Is it possible I have a mod in there somewhere (I have several installed) that could be causing the notifications? If it is possible, then I'll start removing each mod one by one to see which one it might be, so all I need to know (if you know) if it's a possibility. Thanks.
  15. Ok, I stand corrected. Thinking about what everyone is saying about not being able to trigger reinforcements and what you said about the timing idea, I ran a test where nobody entered the building. Sure enough, the reinforcements showed up anyway. So, there goes that idea. It must be a timing thing. Now, I'm still left wondering why I'm getting the notification though. I didn't touch the trigger that was supposed to have triggered the reinforcements and yet I'm being told that they are on board. That doesn't make sense. I'll retry it again in Elite Mode just in case I screwed that up too, but it was seeing that in Elite Mode that prompted me to post this question. Anyway, back in a bit.
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