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  1. The Steppenwulf

    Humvee 1114 vehicle's icon

    Cross installation in CMBS folder!
  2. The Steppenwulf

    Combat Mission: Modding tools

    Could be a number of things and the message will always tell you what the issues are (on export keep the mouse on the message to read it), but you could try applying "rotation and scale" to the object - it is a required step. The other thing is the texture. You won't see any object without a skin. If I recall correct there is rule with the mdr format that the object children must be lower case and I think there must be single parent for the object. You'll find that sbob outlined all the requirements in the tools read me supplied so please go check all this. I should add for interest that I've successfully got a pack of various objects working in game (in various states of completion) and I promise to release once I get time to finish everything. This is one of those projects that I spend a few weeks on holiday indulging and then unfortunately it gets sidelined when work commitments bite back. But I do have 3 weeks holiday for Christmas so I should be able to invest some more time working on this.
  3. The Steppenwulf

    Bug report - missing modular building damage texture

    Yes it is the Demo so please disregard! I'm sure it's been fixed!
  4. Sure but this discussion is about how to limit the clock as a parameter not increase its importance/consideration for the player?
  5. In which case I'll draw the conclusion that I am definitely getting worse! 😄 Even so, this does not apply for multiplayer games only sp right? Yeah I don't get this either, but if it's immersion we wish to enhance (which is what most CM players would want) then giving designers the scripting means to raise or lower the bar that trigger a general surrender would be a useful editing tool and add great variation to scenario design.
  6. The timer in the current game engine is a necessary evil. Consider how a game could actually end without the timer forcing a points calculation?! One could capture all objectives and the game would still not end! However for me, this begs a question and a nagging idea. Was it not the case with earlier versions of CM that at some point in a battle, the ratio of points acquired become so imbalanced that one side (*the computer side only) is forced to capitulate (not local surrender but game end capitulation) !?! That does not seem to occur from version 3 engine onwards at all - it always seems to go down to the clock now?! If "forced surrender" were reinstated as a editable scripting mechanic (for mp games as well as sp), it could be employed to force a game end without time being an important parameter! For example, providing the designer with editable scripting tools to vary the "capitulation ratio" would help move scenario designer away from the clock and towards battles that terminate way before the clock has run down. This hypothetical capitulation formula could be adjusted by the scenario designer by merely selecting an overall force morale variable (not unit morale) which dictates the extent to which the ratio tilts before forcing general capitulation: A higher morale force obviously having more staying power than a force with very low morale. This would increase immersion which is what I'd suggest lies at the heart of this observational-complaint!
  7. The Steppenwulf

    BFC - Time to Rethink the 'Roadmap'?

    I think this would only affect one modular component of the engine code. You've still got all the calculation tables (movement and ballistics) and under the hood coding for all other aspects of the game that could be transposed into a new game engine - theoretically. I wouldn't say though this is where the bulk of the work is anyhow, it's designing and creating a new game environment and developing a tool kit to build the environment. Then you've got to amend all the game interactions to tie into the changes made to the new game environment. The most complex coding changes I would think would be developing new collision data - assuming CM3 would be a fully destructible environment, not merely decals. That means changes to model data, and overhaul of all the animations (I question of BFC have anyone that even touches the animations because they really are dated), well the list goes on....
  8. The Steppenwulf

    News and Music Mod (plus splash screen)

    Great mod you made for Black Sea Music Blimey. I wondered if you have something planned for SF2? For that matter; I've never heard your offering for Shock Force as mentioned in the thread. Would it be possible to upload and offer a link?
  9. The Steppenwulf

    They meant september of next year!

    Thank you Steve for taking the time to respond to all the points. It is appreciated!
  10. The Steppenwulf

    They meant september of next year!

    Where does Steve state that customers can get a refund? Moreover where does it state in Bf's sales policy that customers are entitled to a refund? Yes I think we've gone over this earlier in the thread and that is why I am arduously making the point that there are deficiencies in the way this whole matter has been handled. It's simply a crap way to do business. Here's how BF can put that right in future: i) sort out the payment system so there is capability for 'delayed capture' ...or ii) amend the sales policy to reflect capacity for refund during the preorder period An acknowledgement of this would cover all the points.
  11. The Steppenwulf

    They meant september of next year!

    If you were to state that it won't be ready until 2019, that makes a big diff in practical terms about how many people will cancel their order. Stating that the game is days rather than months away might yield a different response. Either way the present position is that you are holding customer's money for an indefinite period of time! Do you not feel as a company that there is some responsibility that comes with taking money from customers as prepayment? Especially that is, when you had initially provided an indication of the release window, which has now been exceeded?
  12. The Steppenwulf

    They meant september of next year!

    1) There is no problem with not committing to a release window... so why did you offer one? You made a rod for your own back by doing so - don't blame customers for not being 'rational' as a result. 2) Opening up for preorders, when the customer is not actually charged until the game is released (as many companies do) is a perfectly acceptable practice. However currently you have customers money in your back account with no update about receipt of the goods ..... and you do not recognise that this is a problem? This is not 'irrational' on the part of the customer to be slightly irked about your lack of consideration regarding this issue!
  13. The Steppenwulf

    They meant september of next year!

    The trollers are those who cannot assimilate basic facts and knowledge but persist in failed arguments. Or else they offer snide comments because they realise they have no effective counter arguments. You have demonstrated that you fall perfectly into both these categories
  14. The Steppenwulf

    They meant september of next year!

    Exactly! Prepayments are generally used to generate income for a business in advance of shipping. This allows the company to meet overheads, such as staff wages and prevent a cash flow problem arising. BF are not offering prepayment discount as a kind gesture - it benefits the company in its development of the product. How naive to think otherwise! "Suing" BF- doh!! What contract law is effectively supporting is a buyers right to seek a refund from a seller if delivery of the goods within a reasonable period fails. I never thought I'd ever feel this way with BF, but I am very close myself to requesting refund on SF2, though not because of the delivery issue. It is in part because of BF's continuing failure to provide an update about the lapsed release window and being forced to check back in to find out what is going on, and having done so, I read yet more dismissive, intolerant and disrespectful responses (from the same defenders of BF) to the valid views and concerns expressed on this thread and elsewhere on the forum. Worse, it doesn't help that they repeatedly misunderstand or demonstrate a lack of listening skills and reasoned thinking when compiling their responses. And whether BF like it or not, these members are perceived as representing the position of BF and speak with authority about the company. If anything is badly needed going forward, it's that BF require a competent and strong communications person to represent them, and then those members that are so disastrously filling the vacuum presently, can take a well-deserved back seat!