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  1. Yes I've also been thinking: If we were to sacrifice 2 pigs, 5 sheep, 12 chickens, a cow and a policeman, maybe Apollo will be appeased and Covid and all the world's current problems will miraculously disappear? Just sayin....🌞
  2. I created and finished a large map of the St Denis Le Gast (Roncey Pocket) area years ago. I then got slightly bogged down with the OOB (it's guesswork re the fleeing Germans trying to escape the pocket) and then altogether fell out with the idea of creating faithful historical scenarios. In almost all cases they do not seem to be conducive to really interesting game play - competition format has so much untapped potential in CM! Anyway If there is a Cobra scenario interest group (even better a cooperative of content dev), it might spur me on to go back to this and get it finished !?!?
  3. Yes I've done this. Your instructions are correct.
  4. Quite! 😏 And it's not just WEGO that CM gets right. If Gravitem hit the spot (on balance) more than CM, I wouldn't be playing CM!
  5. Two player campaigns! I just don't get why (comparatively) the easiest thing to implement and the change that would bring maximum joy to this game for most of the more serious players, still isn't a feature. Granted with the size of CAM files, Head to head campaigns would not be best served up as huge packages of lengthy sequences of scenarios. But a campaign with a mere 4 or 5 scenarios would still be engrossing progress from the present play limitations. Come on BF!!
  6. If you put a defensive work model inside a flavor object (with the right order selection) and join the objects, the new object (which is still a flavour object) assumes all the custom properties of the defensive work model. It is however a pointless exercise because it's not apparent that there is anything to gain by doing it, at least from my experience. Nevertheless, my point was related to my attempts to understand how hard cover operates in Combat Mission. My conclusion is that it is hard-coded by object. More precisely the GE processes hard cover as identified by the name of the .mdr file. This makes sense since we know that all vehicles have different armour ratings. Extend that to all hard cover so; different type of buildings, walls and defensive works will all use the same method. I appreciate the point that placing 'hard-cover objects' without textures is the best way to replicate hard cover. Well... the only other way would be to take a flavour object and rename it as if it were an object that is recognised in the code as an object with hard cover, but then you'd access said object in the editor as a building or a vehicle. But that is purely theoretical and besides, hardly seems worth messing around with objects to this extent.
  7. You are correct, I just tested tagged models to be sure and it does work! With regard to the cover aspect of flavour objects (specifically hard cover), I have spent some time running tests. Placing a wall, building or defensive work inside a flavour object does not appear to result in the flavour object taking on the cover aspects of the object. So much so that I believe that code governing hard cover is hard-coded into those particular objects and it is probably identified by the name of the .mdr file (for example only bunker.mdr will have the hard cover properties of a bunker). Any cover and concealment properties that may be experienced with flavour objects are governed by the soft cover code that apply to terrain & doodads (i.e. number of objects in an action square). Naturally I could be wrong about all this too, I'd be interested to see any tests that challenge my present deductions, or cast a better light on this.
  8. I think that tags only work with textures, not models. If I'm right this is not possible.
  9. City road signs... as opposed to highway signs, which are stock in SF2 & BS:-
  10. Unfortunately there are no bump textures for flavour objects, which without, will not provide the desired effect.
  11. Yes I agree, definitely the way to go with this and one small option problem solved!
  12. Concrete barriers are only in Black Sea right? Is this what you mean because they can be added no problem if it's felt that they have a place in the Syrian theatre? What sort of concrete barrier are you referring to though? In the first pic below is the stock barrier in Black Sea, 2 & 3 flavour objects in my pack are simple length extensions of the barrier (for use as highway central res), 4 is planned to be included as a military style road barrier (these are perhaps limited to Russia/Ukraine theatre?, I've not seen any pics of them elsewhere, but could be wrong!) And 2, 3 & 4....
  13. I've seen pics of the temperate colour in use in arid region (perhaps Afghan?), though I agree for use of these objects in SF2, the desert shade is the most appropriate. On a similar note, I've also seen pics of Ukranian forces using Hesco barrriers very recently ... so perhaps the temperate texture version can go in the Black Sea flavour package?! US forces would feasibly have shipped them into Ukraine, even in Black Sea's fictional politico-military context?!
  14. So.... with Hesco Barriers it occurred to me that they are not likely to be ever used in ones or twos but only as part of a larger fortification. So I dumped the idea of just having individual barriers as flavour objects and instead created full bastion walls as single objects.Below are screenshots of what we have. Not sure what looks best though the temperate or desert look?! I must add a big caveat about these particular models; as I discovered some time ago, large objects come with issues that I believe are so bad that they aren't perhaps a good idea to actually use them (Aquilia has noted the same in his recent posts but with some neat innovative workarounds). That said the meta data values that sbobovyc script is now able to identify, offers a way forward to resolve these issues. I plan to apply some time to this and we shall see what can be discovered.
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