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  1. The other possible insight/advantage a player might have gained is from having played a scenario before. This must happen a fair deal - though less perhaps in Normandy with its sheer quantity of content. In most cases it's probably accidental since a player might not realise until the game has started. The best policy is always to be honest about starting a game that you are already acquainted with. All said and done, for me CM is not a game where winning or losing is particularly important. I think most of the community approach it that way too? It's a shame that there are some players (a minority) who treat it like a high stakes poker game!
  2. @37mm- You are right, I read this wrong. Please accept my apologies!
  3. No I observed the AI behaviour in 4.0 - a long long time ago and not played BN for two years as a result. You are all playing catch up 😩
  4. Yes it's a good point to highlight and is a major drawback. Can anyone confirm that stock flavour objects do affect incoming to some extent, or not at all? I could port these into SF2 but given the limited flavour slots (more limited than BS), is it useful to use the slots up with so many different vehicles? How useful are BMP's etc for scenario creation, esp given the fact that they can be put in any scenario as a destroyed/abandoned unit?
  5. I've opened threads for my "newbie" mods. These modifications are all thanks to sbobyvic's "newbie" blender import export scripting skills and it is only due to this extremely skilful "newbie" individual that I have been able to create these 3d mods for the community. All this work is humbly dedicated to "newbies"... regardless of your talent or humility! Steppenwulf's adapted SF2 flavours: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/135033-steppenwulfs-modded-flavour-objects-for-sf2/
  6. Thought I'd open a new thread for previews of Steppenwulf's modded flavour objects for SF2. I'm going to open one for Black Sea also, over time I'll cross port all stuff (where applicable) for both games. These packs will become available for download as soon as CM Mods IV becomes active.
  7. Does this read like a classic 'holier than thou' statement... or what?!
  8. Yep this is easy, I'll get packaging everything up as soon as I get an hour. We're still waiting for CMmods 4 to activate though. Been waiting for weeks now to upload my new Sf2 UI mod.
  9. Various half finished models on my hard drive though most are unlikely to make it to fruition. Half-finished German BMW motorcycle, a bus, a lorry, even a train coach, but they'll never get completed because I would never have any spare time to do anything else. What is feasible are at least one more similar vehicle to the civ cars and turned on their side/turned over and burned out. I think the latter examples I have had in game and looks great, but there was just a stretched texture that really needs a complete remap. All takes too much time I'm afraid.
  10. This is just rough mock up mind, so you get the idea. Okay so firstly you did not have a manifold object it had no inside only an outside. Even a very flat object such as a sheet of paper has more than a single material point on each side. Your texture might work for a poster on a wall where you cannot view it from another angle, but otherwise a 3d object has to have form. Secondly you needed to triangulate the faces: select the whole mesh - edit mode - select mesh from the menu - then triangulate faces. -CTRL T is the shortcut. Thirdly remember that all models need naming after stock models (otherwise they won't be read and loaded into game). By exploding the relevant .brz you'll access all the models and find out what you can use. I named this one aircon3.mdr, which isn't a natural home for an industrial chimney flavour object, but I did this just to get it in game to take a screen shot as above. If you get as a far as releasing any flavours, I think it would make sense to coordinate our work together, so that we are using an agreed catalogue of slots (as far as that's possible). I'll pm you further about this when i find time to create a pdf of shots of my own flavour pack. I haven't done an industrial chimney (it's a good idea by the way), but I have created other objects which you need to know about - otherwise we'd just be duplicating each other and duplicating the stock slots. I'm thinking about the community using them for creating scenarios really. Finally remember that textures must be .bmp image file. A .png is only useful for your .blend model in blender but not one exported as .mdr. Hope that helps Mr Wulf
  11. The texture image has not been packed with the .blend. Can you attach the image you used as a texture.
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