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  1. The Steppenwulf

    Iron mode

    Are you sure you haven't toggled smoke on and off across the modes. It won't be the difficulty level, more like something inadvertent you've activated. Smoke effects, trees ..I 'd say they are prime candidates. Refer to hot keys in the menu for the respective toggles.
  2. The Steppenwulf

    New Scenario: Tactical Operations Center

    WelI I wasn't thinking about H2H play in my enquiry since I was aware that there are some innovative game contraptions implemented that might render H2H altogether inappropriate. If that's not actually the case and if I'm right to infer something more from your statement above; is it that there could be some specific rules introduced for the Red player in a hypothetical H2H game that would restrict how the game plays out; ie rules that might specifically dictate how hot the game develops?
  3. The Steppenwulf

    New Scenario: Tactical Operations Center

    I've yet to get round to playing this scenario but out of interest for when I do; I wondered how those that have played, feel about this potentially played as a coop game (with the implicit slight limitation that saved PBEM moves has in this respect). I can just imagine that, with all the advanced planning, record keeping and coordinated action that this scenario appears to demand, how joint-planning (with a clear division of forces under command naturally) might enhance game play even greater than MOS has already achieved. Indeed has anyone actually tried playing this as a coop already? Thoughts, views?
  4. The Steppenwulf

    Which to Buy?

    Indeed. By the time a newcomer has played all the demos everything should be patched or at least SF2 will be released! I'm coming at this from a position like most players (I would suppose) where personal spending funds are not inexhaustible - most people cannot just buy everything. Information about the game's "limitations" (including any issues) is overwhelmingly important in the process of making a choice. I rarely purchase games straight off the bat for this very reason. Anyway I digress... so where are the demos at?
  5. The Steppenwulf

    Which to Buy?

    You got to love the appeal to "honesty" there! Well I'm not in BF's pockets and cannot be termed a fan boi, so here's a proper rationale for you. The CM2 games are never on sale - that's BF's policy. So it doesn't matter whether you buy a game now or in six months, you'll still have to ante up! Except that of course you will miss out on 6 months play (I think that's Ian's argument). But then why would anyone want to own a game that does not play how it should play because it needs patching, may as well wait till it's patched right? Maybe you'll fall into the CM game camp that doesn't think it makes any difference (who must be obviously missing something seriously major about the game, or are being completely disingenuous), or else you find it's a game breaker (when you come across it) and find the game unplayable as a result. Well you got to ask yourself one question... is the risk for the cost of a premium priced game worth it? Since the issue seems not to affect Black sea or likely Shock Force 2 (though we'll have to wait and see about the latter), it's clear that the newcomer would be better off playing safe and investing in the games that do work (as we expect) in version 4 at first, and just hang fire until the ww2 games are patched! On the basis of the reasoning outlined, I think that's sensible advice and that's the advice I would give to a friend. I'm confident many others here would agree.
  6. The Steppenwulf

    Which to Buy?

    What no one has mentioned is that the ww2 games latest engine version needs patching and for many players (including myself) is actually unplayable until patched - no I kid you not! We've been waiting for the patches for over a year and it's quite likely that Shock Force 2 will be released before we get the patches. Furthermore, with the latest ww2 game versions I don't think you can do, what some have resorted to, which is revert back to the earlier game iteration. For this reason, if I were advising myself right now, I'd buy a modern title and look at the ww2 titles once the patches are released... could be waiting a long time with BF yet... who knows!?
  7. The Steppenwulf

    weapons mods

    Yes but you'll have to do the modelling work and texturing yourself: see here for the tools:-
  8. The Steppenwulf

    Email not accepted for reset password

    UPDATE:- Problem resolved now
  9. The Steppenwulf

    Email not accepted for reset password

    Log in on new portal won't accept my email: d.brackenburygreen@hotmail.co.uk I get: d.brackenburygreen@hotma Tried to register a ticket but it does the same, so I'm stuck, hence this. Thanks in advance
  10. The Steppenwulf

    Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!

    Yes I saw typos too : Base Module/Overview - "orignal " x4
  11. The Steppenwulf

    Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!

    I absolutely love the in-depth explanation provided about the game engine and game mechanics. It's under features in the menu if you haven't already read it. I'm really sure this will go a long way to helping promote the quality of the product and boost sales. I get excited just reading it! Great stuff Battlefront!!
  12. The Steppenwulf


    It was a popular aircraft on the vintage ww2 airshow circuit:
  13. I don't think anyone has done this but wow yes it would be invaluable info, not only for scenario designers, but also for players at the start of games. One thing related to this is the extent of rain, the effect on ground conditions and the impact on chances of bogging.
  14. The Steppenwulf

    Matrix games exciting new release

    Having checked out the demo, it's Combat Mission in 2D. A cold war gone hot combat theatre is interesting over combat mission, but nothing else about the game can compare favourably.
  15. The Steppenwulf

    Matrix games exciting new release

    But from Bf's perspective, it's an advert, regardless of your good intentions simply to raise awareness to fellow gamers.