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  1. Two player campaign e-play would be enough for most!
  2. @Bootie How long approximately before you're happy for creators to sign up and add new content to cmmods4?
  3. Rubalcalvas problem loading mods several times a day would be totally solved by tags yes/no?! Therefore I wonder, is it a worthy idea, as a community, if we developed a standard set of accepted tags. This could be accessed as a shared auto-updating online document linked somewhere visible from the forums or cmmods, and each tag containing a brief description of its use/content and provide a direct link to the mod pack concerned). This way mission creators could consider already listed tags and their pack content for inclusion in a scenario, or alternatively, designers might want to use a standard pack and amend it slightly in which case they'd "register" the new content with a "sub-tag". A completely fresh build of modded files would use a new main tag and could be registered by the creator. From the players perspective the z folder would just be a set of usual stock mods (without tags) but a zz folder would be full of folders each labelled by its registered tag name and full of the tagged material. If this became a standard practice, it would become a standard community tool and would make for a better experience all round (both modders and users). Anyone see why this is not a good idea? Or what the pitfalls are? Otherwise the only thing preventing such a grand solution is a bit of community effort and cohesion!
  4. 😂 Might just have earned yourself a well justified ban there!
  5. 😆 Shipped to UKR from UK for target practice only... UKR military had better ideas!
  6. I've not touched Normandy for over 18 months now because of a broken game in a stock campaign = broken campaign. Got to be honest I would never have purchased the rest of the Normandy family if I'd known it would take this long to get the issues fixed. I've played half a campaign of the CF and MG modules as a consequence. Considering the cost of these games it begs some serious questions about value!
  7. I just had a quick look at the various Syrian helmet textures; there does appear to be what looks a like a netting overlay texture, complete with netting normal map, but this doesn't appear in game on any of the models I looked at. Unless I've overlooked the specific truppen sporting them, this netting texture, or decal isn't functional. smod_syrian_helmet-reserve 1.bmp smod_syrian_helmet-reserve 1_normal map In general I think the helmet skins do not seem to be of the same quality as some of the later CM ww2 textures, furthermore the later helmet skins are easier to mod because of how they were mapped. Despite the difficulties new helmet textures can be created from scratch. Just need to open them up in blender as I have done then remap and reskin them.
  8. Further to Frenchy response above, it may well be that you have created maps with a negative bump texture, it's easy to get it wrong. So you'll have to play around and experiment to get it right. Scouring the internet for art tips and tutorials is always recommended because the info is out there if you look for it, but ultimately the key to a polished mod is simply sweat, grind and sheer persistence!
  9. You can have multiple files of helmet textures, so the strong white netting intermixed with others, I think would look fantastic. Need to get the colour of the netting right first, then you can create a fresh bump map with settings for a strong bump effect. Similar netting with a good bump effect will exist on some modded CMBN US helmets so it might be worth checking out what they look like as textures for comparison. You might have to do some digging to find these textures, they were done as far back as 2012, and in some cases probably don't work in CM anymore because models were renamed or even reskinned. Free normal map (bump) software: http://www.crazybump.com/ The apparent lighter green colour helm in the pics above I think is partly explained by the effect of higher contrast pics. Unfortunately there are no specular or diffuse maps in CM that would ordinarily give metal that natural shininess in the game environment - this is why most metal objects look dull in CM. Not pretty!! If you have a good image editor and try experimenting with higher contrast settings, you could something much better though. Again go look at some modded photo-realistic German and American helms textures for BN. Can't speak for the other CM families because I don't have them unfortunately...
  10. Currently I have a UI mod for SF2 in the works. I wanted to release it before now but I'm trying to go one step further than the BS mod and improve on some things. I hope to get it to a place where I'm happy with it in a month or so There'll also be an update to the BS mod since many aspects of that mod have evolved since the last version. Here's a screenie shot from my SF2 version (by way of preview) of what you'll get.
  11. This video about the development of AI's L96 Sniper Rifle recently went up on Youtube. Great background info on the British sniper weapons depicted in Shock Force - more videos to follow! :-
  12. Yep me too - I think all will help me for background info with an idea I have for modding.
  13. I'd be interested in seeing this - are you able to post it or upload document please?
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