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Found 4 results

  1. It's been a shamefully long time (it was finished years ago) but here be The Steppenwulf's UI mod for SF2. **It's currently awaiting authorisation so you'll have to be patient and keep trying the download**
  2. 37 selected Flavour Objects that I made for Black Sea have been combined and renamed within the SF2 editor as required to be available within SF2 Some textures have been reworked to fit within the Syrian environment. FO have been added to empty slots within the Map Editor and so the naming conventions in most cases are a little odd. Download https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7737 Read Me Additional Flavour Objects for SF2 Additions to the FO as follows Aircon 3 – concrete barrier 4 – spray tank on wheels 5 – Disc rake 6 – picnic table 7 – fork lift truck 8 – rail buffer1 9 – rail buffer2 ATM 2 – kiosk1 3 – kiosk2 4 – loaded pallet 5 – stack of pallets 6 – pallet on trolly jack 7 – large aircon unit 8 – vending machine 9 – electrical box Log 3 – concrete pipes spilt 4 – concrete pipes stacked 5 – concrete pipe Shelter 5 – wooden pitched roof 6 – green plastic roof 7 – pillars and arch 8 – busstop Bin 7 – large yellow bin empty 8 – large yellow bin on side 9 – large yellow bin full Pallet 4 – pallet trolly jack (no pallet) 5 – handcart1 6 – handcart2 7 – handcart3 8 – handcart4 9 – handcart5 Barrel 3 – 3pipes standing 4 – 2pipes standing with base Telephonepole 4 – concrete telephone pole 5 – raised barrier 6 – basketball hoop 7- rail crossing X P
  3. Hi guys I hope you are all well during the holidays! I am a 'newcommer' to the CM series and war gaming in general. I have been a gamer all my life, and love strategy games and especially tactical oriented games. I have played both, BN, FB, BS, FI and now I have taken the jump into what has to be the most interesting of all the Combat Mission settings imo, Shock Force. Even though I own a lot of the CM games, I don't have a lot of experience with them. I don't believe I have much more than 100 hours total, and I am definitely not a veteran or pro yet. I do however feel that I have surpassed that initial learning bump and have come to grasp with a lot of the games deep mechanics (c2 network mechanics still elude me somehow). The reason I haven't played every campaign to completetion in all of the titles yet, is that I quickly loose focus during the major battles of especially some of the ww2 titles. So far the scope of the vanilla shock force 2 campaign is right up my ally. I'm having a blast! I love the setting and the asymmetrical warfare and small to medium sized battles. So here is my question. Of the three expansion packs, which one would you recommend? Which one has the most value for money and the most interesting campaigns and scenarios? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've updated the general Combat Mission page to include a section on SF2 (scroll to the bottom). Feel free to correct if necessary. I'm editing on mobile so typos are wont to creep in. I'll create a separate SF2 main article page next. That will have the released screenshots etc.
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