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  1. It's not hard to conclude that corruption is endemic in Ukraine even from a 2 minute online sweep, including widespread discussion across mainstream publications over many months: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/10/opinion/ukraine-war-corruption.html https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/graft-accusations-dog-top-zelenskiy-aides-2023-09-19/ Ukraine is ranked 116 from 180 countries on corruption by Transparency International: https://www.transparency.org/en/countries/ukraine In addition, as I mentioned some (Ukrainian) commentators were discussing corruption allegations even at the start of the war. It was commonly known to be an issue. It's simply a matter of public record that corruption was a concern raised by the EU, as I asserted. The EU Anti Corruption Initiative is now committed to assist Ukraine Govt tackle it, as a prerequisite to membership (link below). Legal enforcement is part of the issue. That's why I mentioned shortcomings in checks and balances. All enshrined in general accountability: https://euaci.eu/news/finansuvannya-vidnovlennya-ukrajini-udoskonalennya-na-zasadax-prozorosti-pidzvitnosti-ta-dobrochesnosti Do not confound evidence with proof.
  2. The old Soviet states are particularly notorious and the problem is rooted way back in the soviet era. Big bureaucracy, low accountability of officials and processes, and little in the way of internal checks and balances. Allegations of corruption in Ukrainian govt administration were identified from the very start of the conflict - one of things that WiU (for all the stuff that he's wrong about), and other commentators did highlight. I personally considered there to be substance to the allegations for all the reasons above. But it's wrong to compare it to the west as it's on a different order of magnitude - a major impediment in fact for the progress of Ukraine's application to join the EU in the near term.
  3. In what way? Look it would be different in a fundamental way! The closer the representation to an actual violent event, a game or a drama purports to replay, the higher the personal and/or societal sensitivity to it will be. This is increased by time proximity and relationship to the victims and the experience. It's an accepted characteristic of PTSD that there are differences in sensitivity which can trigger flashbacks - by way of a direct psychological demonstration of this effect. If you cannot see this you must be in a tiny group of individuals that is unable to perceive the difference, or are unwilling to accept that there is a difference.
  4. Would it be different if Russian paramilitaries had in reality run riot through an airport lounge killing hundreds of citizens and security guards? An event of such unimaginable violence that it would be on the scale of Oct 7th attacks, or 9/11. Regardless it needs to be considered that this is not only the reputational risk of a single company at stake, Slitherine and Steam share the risk of potential reputational damage and this in turn can affect future agreements re collaboration. In fact reps from those companies may have even expressed their own views on promoting and selling the planned module. A number of factors could have influenced the decision to pull it, these included. P.S. This thread should have been titled "How cold is CMBS gonna' get?"
  5. I continue to maintain, as I stated on this thread a few months into the very start of this conflict, that the specific strategic goal here is about maintaining off-ramp conditions for the Kremlin. In other words, 'you (Russia) cannot win this war so negotiate your way out of it, when you are ready, and whenever that might be!' Such an event (perhaps an inevitability) leaves Russia with strategic defeat - for all the reasons that have been discussed ad nauseum on this thread - yet during the process of reaching this realisation, there is superlative management of risk avoiding direct confrontation between NATO and Russia. Thus Russia decides its own losing fate, rather than defeat being imposed directly upon it by decisive military action. This then is the escalation management strategy; the west maintains control of the levers but only pulls them as required to shut down Putin's options and drive Russia into an ever decreasing cul de sac. Consider the vast majority of post WW2 military conflicts undertaken by the 'super-powers', and the 'moral of the tale' is telling; assuming continuing resistance to invasion/occupation, the long term cost-benefit is so damaging to the aggressor/occupier that withdrawal negotiations (off-ramp) is inevitable. In this then, the west has already sowed the conditions for the end of the current Russian regime, simply a repeat of events following Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in the 90's.
  6. Apologies everyone but I won't be uploading the planned update with adjustments from the latest patch to this mod after all. The same applies to the Black Sea mod too I'm afraid and other mods I've been working on. Please do consider the mod now open field, feel free to modify it further and build on it as you wish.
  7. Okay I see you are a fella that just wants to debate but I'm not going to bite. I think you are right, lets forthwith consider this mod to have lapsed and the community can do whatever they want with any of the material. Unfortunately it means it won't be maintained and updated from a single source, it can be butchered as anyone sees fit. Please note there will no more updates from me to the work shared with the community. I will just be modding henceforth for my own use and pleasure. But one last thing. What has happened here is the very reason why super mods are NOT a good idea. I've seen it happen before in other gaming communities and they are problematic, not least because developers and designers wishes are trampled over and the work ends up all over the place. We can debate ethics and decorum but there is a very sound pragmatic point at the heart of this. It's unfortunate that you didn't just think a little bit before jumping. Bull in a china shop seems like a very apt metaphor.
  8. @37mm I've messaged you once and it didn't warrant a long-ranting list of counter justifications. How old are you? I'm simply asking you politely to respect my wish not to repackage my UI mod. The music is a different matter as are the full plate shots, use them as you like, but please don't repackage the mod. It's going to cause problems when the mod is updated (with multiple versions in different places) as it will be very soon - that' s because it is a WIP. It's either this or I won't be updating it with any further improvements at all and the community loses out... does not gain by having a 'super mod'. Look I'm honoured if players want to install my mod, but please just link them to it. It's not an unreasonable request and I think the community will understand my reasoning.
  9. BCS by MMP drew my interest recently (and I'm not a massive hex and counter fan). I just heard good things about it and it's growing in popularity. Battalion level with 1km per hex scale I feel hits the spot in terms of granularity as an operational level wargame (monster stacks are not for me): https://mmpgamers.com/battalion-combat-series-c-10 A strong core fan base might explain why there are plenty of exciting new development projects on the horizon for this game including one set in the Yom Kippur conflict: https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/130401/2022-bcs-statish-system But admittedly, its heart is a ww2 theatre based game series.... Perhaps slightly off topic with the following as it's strategic level with brigade level formations, but it is modern conflict, the Next War series by GMT: India Pakistan: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-461-next-war-india-pakistan.aspx Korea: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-537-next-war-korea-2nd-edition.aspx Taiwan: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-894-next-war-taiwan-2nd-edition.aspx Vietnam: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-733-next-war-vietnam.aspx Poland: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-846-next-war-poland-2nd-edition.aspx I was aware of the Poland game some time ago and is somewhat relevant to Russia's present imperial aspirations, but the Iran game (for me) looked the most interesting one out of the series. Iran: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-1011-next-war-iran.aspx I'd be Interested to hear if anyone else has already discovered these two series of games (perhaps are even players) and what their perspectives are on them.
  10. That would be amazing, if someone could provide a link and then I can copy everything to my dropbox, thank you loads... @Mad Mike I tried opening the Juvelize.btt in the editor and there's something not compatible that prevents the file from opening, so no info shows in the editor. If it's the same on your end then I guess this file is beyond resurrection unfortunately. From experience it tends to be a unit chosen in the ToE that had a code change under later game engines, so perhaps this file had units selected? In which case do you just have the map file without units, perhaps the map just stored as a back up?
  11. Thanks for your responses fellas! If you are all hands-on with the Cotentin Peninsula campaign and Arracourt is left for dead, are you willing to make public the material that was completed for it? In fact, I'm not so much interested in any completed scenarios or OOB/TOEs, it's rather scenario maps, or even better a master map, that I could get my hands on for my own campaign idea I've been chipping away at. For all kinds of reasons I suspect that the Arracourt encounters are very well suited. I could go as far as to give my word to keep any material supplied, strictly for my private use ONLY, if this solicits a kind share
  12. Since I purchased BN in 2010, it's seemed pretty clear that Combat Mission franchise was focused predominantly on producing content; one only has to look at the setup and shape (i.e. skill sets) of the BF dev team to perceive that content development WAS the commercial emphasis - since at least that point in time - and was NOT shaped by customer's views. But I'd love to hear about any market research data that BF has ever carried out that demonstrates that there was ever such a decision point (I mean perhaps it was before I discovered CM - entirely possible). Nonetheless, moving beyond this with a constructive point; would it be useful for BF to undertake some market research,(e.g. a formal forum poll) with their customer base. Not only might BF find such information useful but it might end a lot of the grumbling about 'development priorities' in the future. Maybe there's a core problem in that nobody feels that the relationship between BF and the customer is the two-way listening exercise that it could be. Let's be clear I prefer features over content but I'm not complaining about whatever BF develops. The way I see it is that BF are either interested in what the customer is thinking and they shape priorities to that (which would be great for the feature/s I'd like to see), OR BF do what the hell they want because they are simply relying on their own commercial acumen (for better, for worse). It's your livelihood at stake! But in this I'd warn that pretending that it's the former priority, when it's really only (and has ever been) the latter, might be interpreted as a tad disingenuous, which would not be helpful in maintaining good customer relations.
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