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  1. Indeed, that's an interesting observation because my initial suspicion was that it was a win 10 update underlying the issue. I'm apt to blame win 10 updates because I've found they are a general cause of computing problems. I've suppressed that conclusion because logically to me, it makes more sense that it's GPU code. Still my gut instinct is that it's windows 10. Just not sure what the connection would be with Win 10 interacting with OpenGL.
  2. Thanks for both these responses. I had tried Radeon's own screen capture utility also, but that didn't work either, but it's possible I guess that I missed something if it works for others. xbox game bar tried also, as above - may be need to experiment more if it's working for you. That said, pasting anything into Corel from clipboard (tried that and didn't work) is still a daft workaround in any case. I just don't understand why Corel (my preferred and long used screen capture method because I can immediately edit the pics) no longer works in CM. Never had any problems with this in any game for over 10 years. OBS studio is the one application I overlooked and didn't try, probably because I've hardly ever used it for anything. This does sound promising so shall try this next. Thanks again!
  3. Never had any issues before but now can no longer take a screenshot in CM. Works in any other non OpenGL graphics engine game. Corel Paintshop is my preferred screenshot app, but cannot take any shots even using inbuilt windows 10 apps or snip&sketch. I suspect it is OpenGL support with my GPU software (AMD Radeon R7). Would be good if anyone could confirm. Also it cannot be a coincidence that since I've realised this I've also been getting a slight freeze at times in game. As if the GPU is lagging to process the graphic. As I say, no issues in other games (steam products) and graphics settings are set to moderate > medium high. Any ideas?
  4. I'm sure you are both right - I did some limited testing of armour and artillery myself after I posted this and I experienced no problems. However I do recall having experienced some issue with smoke at some point, but I can't quite put my finger on specifics. It may have been tank smoke screen launcher in fact - number of discharges - and might have been in BS or SF2. And it's entirely feasible it's just a one off bug rather than across the board. Obviously I'll revisit, if/when I stumble on it again.
  5. There are other problems with smoke use in BN (probably other CM families too). If you call in HE artillery rounds, once fully expended, any smoke rounds the artillery piece possessed are then lost. I think the same happens with tank smoke rounds too. Inadequate really... and I'm sceptical that BF have a great deal of will to fix these sorts of things, it's all about selling more content, instead of fixing and improving on gameplay and features.
  6. That's interesting and challenges my understanding. I've done some testing which led to me to the opposite conclusion, but certainly in light of your test there, it does look like you are right. Thanks for posting!
  7. I have no evidence in my experience of extensively experimenting with FOs that this is indeed the case. They are eye candy, nothing more.
  8. Just to be clear, Cold war will not have any new features it states on the main BF page that it's game engine 4. From the article posted: Our intention is to add a number of other new features that enhance gameplay,” Grammont said in an email. “What these features are in detail I can not say because even I don’t know. The inference I draw from this, is that any feature upgrade has not actually really been considered. I believe if it had, Steve would already know more. Consider also, it would be a bad marketing move for 2021 module releases to snuff out the 'future features' candle. Hopefully there will be something forthcoming regardless of what the current plans actually are. In that, my hope is simply that we get H2H campaigns (I've been begging it since Black Sea), it's a well overdue feature and compared with many other requests - which will require lots of dev time to implement - it's not very onerous to give us this option..
  9. Why does the UK need to 'remedy enforcing VAT on domestic products'? That is not the case! But anyway... from the linked article: A government spokesperson said: "The new VAT model ensures goods from EU and non-EU countries are treated in the same way and that UK businesses are not disadvantaged by competition from VAT-free imports. The net effect of the new VAT model is that the UK consumer will be discouraged from making purchases outside the UK. Do you agree? The word protectionism is not so narrowly defined as merely imposition of a tariff or charge levied at imported goods, it can take many different forms including simple policy decisions - anything in fact that serves to restrict imports. Do you agree (because it's not apparent this is your understanding from your statement at all.) Regardless, on this basis the new VAT model serves that end and is clearly intended as such. Therefore to describe the action as a 'protectionist' move is not misplaced or a misunderstanding given the context and present circumstances (as pointed out by another member).
  10. Yep I think that's a interesting 'what if' question too, but as I say the Govt don't care about the actual cost (directly to the British taxpayer in increased HMRC overheads, or at the feet of the consumer with inflated costs on software/digital products) when there is a matter of political expediency at the heart of this particular venture.
  11. ^ I don't think any of what you've written there is really correct. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with international trade agreements. The UK Govt is merely trying to close an hitherto advantage enjoyed by non UK/EU traders who've been dodging paying VAT to HMRC. Whether it proves cost effective is one question. The other is - as I have pointed out - there is almost certainly a deeper political motive. How will the UK voter evaluate new 'global Britain' come the next UK election? Demonstrating that it has been a success for UK trade (esp trade balance) is everything to the Govt that's implemented the Brexit project.
  12. Whilst the raw intention of this policy is to ensure the UK collects all due VAT, which clearly wasn't happening before (and is correct). It seems to me that there is a political motive on the part of the UK Govt by enacting this at the point of Brexit. The whole idea being essentially protectionist by taking away an advantage some imported goods were enjoying. That is consistent with the whole political nature of the Brexit venture - ultimately to prove that the UK is somehow better off as a result (and that is almost certainly not going to prove to be the case). So this is really the big story here - the fear the Brexit leading Govt have - that the Brexit project is not perceived (by the time of the next election) to have been to the country's advantage. Given the fact that there are so many well-reported trade disadvantages from leaving the EU, covering this up by introducing measures that they hope will make it look like a success story is an obsession.
  13. I'd suggest in general it allows producer/publishers to generate some return on the product prior to actual release. Given blockbuster games esp there is enormous overhead with no return on the product until release. That could be 2/3 years of staff salaries with absolutely nothing to show for it. For same cash-flow reasons, it could also offer some flexibility (from publisher to developer) with the release window by extending some staff contracts so they can squash bugs/complete features/add polish etc.. Thirdly perhaps the larger publishers can get a picture from pre release orders what the projected sales of the product might be, given that they will have lots of data to compare sales with. Perhaps there are correlations between pre purchase figures and units shifted 6 months post release. Most games on pre purchase carry a discount for the customer, DCS modules for example are always discounted during pre purchase window. With regard to BF, I believe the pre purchase SF2 bundle was discounted. I wouldn't have pre ordered otherwise.
  14. Speculatively, it would not surprise me if a detailed data output tool feature was implemented for the MoD version (given the requirement for post evaluation & analysis in mil training exercises). Does not mean the community will get it though - rather sounds like the very thing Steve refers to in his OP:
  15. I consider a bunker in a building to be a workaround too.
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