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  1. I posted this in the Cold War forum, but I will put it here too. The game will not override the save file when using the same file name. No matter how many times I try to save with the same file name, it will not override the save. I have to save the scenario with a different file name each time.
  2. I started playing the American campaign yesterday, but found that the game would not override the save file if I used the same file name. I accidently started with a real-time game, but then switched to turn based. I played the first mission for about 15 minutes and kept saving with the same file name, but when I reloaded the game, it was back to turn one of my real-time game.
  3. There is nothing simple about reinstalling these games. I installed the big update to SF2, but the game won't launch. Will it work if I go back an install the engine 3 or do I need to uninstall the big update then reinstall it? As much as I love the Combat Mission series, I have always hated Battlefront's system for moving the games from computer to computer. Moving games on Steam is easy, Matrix games is easy, but I need to know the proper order to download and install my games with Battlefront. ugh! I really wish my order page at least said which game was which instead of order#, order
  4. I got a new computer and need to reinstall the game. How do I do that? Last time I need to be given access to all the game files from the repository to reinstall. Can I just go through an redownload from my order history? If I do that, do I need to download everything all over again in order or can I just do the latest update?
  5. I have considered taking the big town first, but haven't figured out a good way to do it. The map seems to lend itself to going after the top left town first since it has good overwatch positions. I once tired to use the ford near the starting position to attack the big town, but it ended badly. In the end, I have always fought the map the same way, but have never had much success in finishing the fight. Usually by the time I have taken the first two towns, my force is too depleted to effectively take the big town.
  6. Good to know. I have been having trouble with this scenario. I have been watching Usually Hapless's videos anything to use his advice to improve my gameplay. But I'm stuck on the small town in the top right, hand order of the map. I haven't found a good way to use overwatch and fire support to get my guys in town without taking a lot a casualties. To make it worse, the Russian artillery keeps moving with my group, making it difficult to have a rally point. I need help!
  7. Hmmm. Does that make the drones useless? If I spend the time AA hunting with the drones and they get shot down before my strike arrives, what is the point of having them? There are two Tunguskas in this battle and both are far enough back that the game will be over by the time they are found and eliminated by my ground troops. To be clear, I'm not trying to argue. But if the drones are to help the commander understand whats ahead, do they serve any purpose if they can so easily be killed?
  8. I posted on this once before, but it was a long time ago. What is the best way to keep drones alive? I know the easy answer is to kill the AA fire, but what can you do to minimize their exposure to AA? I loaded up Cry Havoc! and each time I launched the Raven during setup, it was generally shot down less than five minutes into the game. I usually put it over objective Honeybadger in hopes that it wasn't directly over an AA gun. Sadly, sometimes, it didn't even spot anything before it was shot down. When I got a Shadow drone, I waited the 6 minutes for to arrive over objective Honeybadger
  9. Also, some of my US troops don't have uniforms in certain scenarios. They have the web belt, boots, and helmet, but their uniform is all black.
  10. I loaded up my CM:FI and discovered that I don't have any exterior grayhound models. I can give commands and the "vehicle" responds appropriately, but I have three guys floating around in the air driving around their invisible AFV. Is there a fix for this?
  11. I just got a second computer monitor for Christmas! But I have not run two monitors on a home system before. Can CM display across two monitors? If so, how do I set it up?
  12. Really? I never do the scenario design stuff so I don't know how those rules work. I should probably thumb through them to understand the game play better.
  13. Can the vehicle immobilization rule be changed in a future patch? When SF2 released, I thought this was a good move to make immobilized vehicles unavailable as it reflected the fast drive through Syria. But I noticed during my first run through the TF Thunder Campaign that it seemed like vehicles are more prone to getting bogged than they were in the original SF. It was frustrating to have my Abrams or Strykers get immobilized through bogging in the first couple of missions, then not have them available for some time. I understand not having a vehicle available if it loses a track, wheel,
  14. I have a question, why is it so easy for drones to get shot down? As I understand the rules, the stealthy drones are supposed to be difficult to spot as long as they are not used to attack. However, my experience seems to be the opposite. Whenever I deploy a drone during the setup of a mission, it is usually shot down within the first 5 minutes. If I get a drone to last 10 minutes I feel lucky. I have been working on improving my game play started up the Bridge of Kharalyk. However, my RQ-7B Shadow was shot down within the first 3 minutes. My understanding was that this a a more diffic
  15. Thank you for the response VSL Veteran. I wasn't mad about any of it, just surprised mostly. I have never attempted to contribute to the SF or SF2 community but is there anything I can do to help? Typing is not too hard, generally, and I have no clue as to how to create missions.
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