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Found 2 results

  1. The Battle of Arracourt was one the largest armour clashes of the war. Elements from three fresh Panzer Brigades formed a spearhead that struck George Patton's US 3rd Army in the Lorraine region of France in mid-September 1944. CCA of the 4th Armored Division faced the counter attack across the rolling hilly areas around Arracourt from the 19th of September before petering out in a stalemate by the 29th of September. The US advance to the German border was halted for the time being, but at a cost of most of the Panzer reserve fresh from August production runs within Germany. The battle also solidified the 4th Armored Division as one of the premier forces of the US Army of World War 2. Fun Fact: Mid-September operational Panzer strength across the western European front was estimated to be around 671 Panzers and StuG's, of which 390 were committed to the Lorraine fighting around Arracourt, compared to only 114 at Arnhem. (Zaloga) The Lorraine campaign is somewhat overlooked within mainstream wargaming in favour of the more diverse array of forces for the concurrent Operation Market Garden to the north. This common interest in the armoured clashes in eastern France brought @Holdit, @Rinaldi, @Mad Mike, and @Ithikial_AU together to create a range of scenarios covering the main engagements from this period. Please note this is just four guys from the CM community and nothing to do with a BF Battlepack release. The team is working away on some big maps and battalion(+) armored battles fought between CCA of the 4 Armored Division and Panzer Brigade 111 and 113. Plans - 8 Scenarios - To cover the fighting from the 18th of September (2nd Battle of Luneville) through to the fighting at Juvalize north east of Arracourt on the 23rd of September. - Master Maps and Quick Battle Maps - From the scenarios above to allow you to 'slice and dice' in the editor for your own fights. - (Possible) Campaign - A linear campaign option from the US point of view to track losses from CCA for those wanting more of a challenge. - (Possible) H2H Multiplayer Campaign Tracker - Separate external setup (likely MS Excel based) to give the MP crowd a tracking system for those wanting to fight through the entire series of battles with their regular opponents. - (Possible) Mods - A few mod-tagged mods to give it a bit more of the right 'feel'. (We need to check with the mod authors closer to the date). Release: When it's done! However, Rinaldi already has a battle up for testing over at The Proving Grounds, get it here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-battle-for-normandy/duel-in-the-mist-2-0/ Feel free to ask any questions below and one of us will be along to answer them soon. Other than that please see a few preview pictures to make you hungry for tank on tank action. Oh and I hope you like fog. [Incomplete] South eastern approach to Luneville. Can the 2nd Cav "Pattons Ghosts" stop the Panthers and Panzergrenadier attack? From the other direction to give you a sense of the scale of this map from @Holdit.
  2. Hello everyone, as promised in the preview thread; here is the much belated AAR preview of "Duel in the Mist", one of the scenarios that will be part of this community-driven package. Needless to say, everything in the scenario is technically still a WIP and subject to change. A few pre-emptive answers for the curious: Will this be for H2H? It won't be geared or tested as such, but I will be giving the Axis side a fully fleshed out mission briefing for those who want to take a crack Will it be playable both sides in SP? Tentatively a yes; three AI plans have made the 'final cut' for the Axis, and I am mulling over the idea of putting in at least a token AI plan for the Allies. Regardless, this is meant to be played Americans first. Now, without further ado. “Once and For All” A D/AAR prepared for Battlefront & SimHQ September 20th, 1944. Although neither side are quite aware of it yet, we are 2 days into what will eventually be known as “The Battle of Arracourt.” The first two days of this meeting engagement have been defined by mutual confusion, poor weather and tenuous contacts between units. The Americans, flush from a dramatic envelopment of the ancient city of Nancy after a hard fought crossing of the Moselle, are eager to expand their bridgehead on the River Moselle, and indeed some of George S. Patton’s lieutenants are lobbying their bombastic commander for a push to the River Saar and German’ys little industrial heartland, secondary only to the Ruhr. However, others preach caution. The tyranny of logistics is rearing its awful head, the natural result of a month long advance which saw the systematic destruction of Army Group B and the severe mauling of Army Group G. The Germans are exhausted and tired, but the Allies are almost equally so after their pursuit. The stage is set; the 4th US Armored Division, whom helped seal Nancy off, have just concluded a series of raids into the German’s rear and are now covering the bridgehead while the Infantry mop up. This operational pause has given the Germans, already beginning to recover, the opportunity to launch an operational counteroffensive to throw the Americans back across the Moselle – which will surely become a formidable natural obstacle when the autumn swell begins. While the 4th Armored Division gears up for a renewed advance, they will find their plans rudely interrupted by a series of alarming German tank thrusts. Situation & Briefing: It is now 1500 hours, September 20th, 1944. I am Lieutenant-Colonel Abrams, commanding officer of the 37th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division. A matter of minutes ago, after briefing my Company commanders and establishing liaison with the attached infantry, my strung out column began concentrating in Lezey. Now, we are getting ready to move out due East, in defilade, to a point north of the town of Ley. From there, the Battalion (+) will begin its attack by turning South. The overall situation remains unclear to us, but it is clear that attacking towards the canal will compel the enemy to retreat or risk being split or enveloped. The terrain in front of us consists of rolling hills and agricultural fields, with two narrow and claustrophobic villages: Ley, and Moncourt, in our path of attack. We have pre-registered fires and briefed the men, and are ready to advance cross-country. The terrain is well known to us, the Battalion had elements in this area less than 24 hours ago and we have the luxury of foregoing a terrain and map reconnaissance as a result. It has rained intermittently through the morning and the day dawned with the same, dense fog as it had on the 19th. Visibility has improved, however, but it remains a gloomy and dark day with damp ground. Visibility is rated at 1200-1700m in the light fog that lays over the terrain. Despite the saturated terrain, we’re confident that the terrain is excellent for cross-country movement. Objectives: Combat Command A has ordered you to advance towards the Marne-Rhine canal and sweep and clear the area ‘once and for all.’ It is evident that the attacks from the enemy yesterday are far more than local actions and CCA wants the division’s flank and rear clear. Obviously then, destruction of enemy units is our primary concern. We must DESTROY all enemy encountered (Up to 2000 points). Given the nature of the operation and the desire to resume offensive operations towards Saarguemines, we are strongly expected to PRESERVE our combat power, that means ammunition (50% - 500 points), lives and material (>15% losses – 1500 points). However, in planning the attack with my Company leaders, I have assigned intermediate objectives based on key terrain. Ley and Moncourt, sitting astride Route D22 offer excellent assembly areas, the enemy is likely to be holding both in some strength. It is necessary to occupy both (250 points each). High ground and its reverse slope to the East (our left) provides a potential assembly area for counterattacking enemy and may enfilade our maneuvering elements. I have therefore deemed it necessary to occupy this high ground for security (500 points.) Above are two different angles of the Key Terrain of the high ground objective overlooking Ley. Even with the fog and moderate visibility you can see why Abrams was keen to anchor his flank by seizing it. They're imposing and the valley formed between the two hills are excellent ways to filter down an attacker's flank. Luckily I have the tools to both advance strongly and secure my flanks, with a powerful taskforce at call... Order of Battle: I am in command of a Battalion (+). It consists of my own command; the 37th Tank Battalion (which forms the nucleus of the force). Attached is 10th Armored Infantry Battalion (-Company), C/704th Tank Destroyer Battalion and the entirety of the 94th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (18 guns). Anti-Tank, Tank-Destroyer and Engineer elements have been left behind at the assembly area of Lezey for rear security and as an emergency reserve, given the fluidity of the situation. At hand, therefore, I possess: · Headquarters, 37th Tank Battalion (Lt. Col. Abrams) (incl. Battalion 81mms) · A/37th Tank Battalion (Capt. Spencer – 9 tanks) · B/37th Tank Battalion (Capt. Leach – 13 tanks) · C/37th Tank Battalion (Capt. Lamison – 13 tanks) · Headquarters, 10th Armored Infantry (-) (Lt. Col. West) · A/10th Armored Infantry – 90% effective strength · C/10th Armored Infantry – 90% effective strength. · 94th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (16 guns – satisfactory ammo) ____ More to follow...
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