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  1. Anyone on this thread looking for an opponent and would like to play Normandy please hmu. I prefer to play Wehrmacht and medium to large scenario battles, all modules owned. I prefer an opponent who has CM helper for mutual convenience. Hope this doesn't come across as too demanding, I will prove otherwise as a fair and generous spirited opponent. My turn rate is minimum 1 move a day (frequently 2), but I'm relaxed about the pace of returns, as long as there is commitment to finish the game and not leave it hanging as some do. hmu
  2. 21st Century aircraft are the perfect weapons for waging limited warfare from distance and have plenty of future development still in them - in both respects they trump fighting vehicles. UK has an aircraft capability deficit. UK is also in need of half a dozen fast, high tech patrol vessels to patrol and protect its waters post Brexit. It's about balance of priorities and utility and the real politick of future conflict.
  3. I agree that this is the issue with QB's. I'm one of those players who wants something between the scenario and the QB battle experience, but why I avoid QBs. I suspect I am not alone in this. As pointed out by another contributor, scenarios can be replayed for the intellectual challenge. This is exactly where I am. The way I see it is that this experience can be achieved by varying forces and how these forces are used - but replay of the the actual map and terrain is fine. This can only be served adequately by playing H2H (for Ian's reasons indicated), but currently H2H scenario gaming doe
  4. I'm happy to be involved to some extent or other. My work commitments peak and trough so how much time I have will vary. Perhaps the best place to start is producing a list of basic questions about game design that are needed to brainstorm? For example, do you use hexes, or some other system for dividing up the map? Implications of this governing rules for movement? Implementing rules for line of sight (I note that ADC2 already has los built in)? Indeed do you need los if a bespoke recon rules system is developed (which appeals more to me but requires some imaginative thinking)? Methods fo
  5. I just had a very quick 20 min skim read of the vassal module designers guide: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/File:Vassal_3.1_designerguide.pdf This is the sort of thing that might serve the purpose I've proposed above: Random Text Button A Random Text Button can be used to randomly select a text message from a list defined beforehand. One use for a Random Text Button could be to roll for results on a chart and then report the results to the Chat Window. However, such a chart roll may not have any modifiers applied. No modifiers we might think is problematic, but a workaround would
  6. I could be conflating somewhat with Tabletop Simulator on Steam. That certainly does have fully programable and animated AI. On the other hand, I'm sure that there are some modules in Vassal that have fully automated rules and tasks. So that's all the actually needed here, don't need fancy animations. it's just writing some rules that automate reactions. Theoretically though, the language and log files Vassal uses are written in Java (I think) so in theory it's possible to run an application outside of Vassal that processes the save files and outputs appropriate AI responses. Probably no
  7. I'd be interested in participating in a MP campaign, especially one that is created on Vassal. Long thought this would be the best platform for an operational CM game because it offers the flexibility to evolve the mechanics and rules over time. Perhaps from my experience of WRG tabletop wargaming as a teenager and some computer games these days it seems to me that a non linear CM campaign game is best suited to lots of auto responses built into the mechanics. For instance those potential engagement situations that don't actually transpire into engagements due to counter manoeuvres, passive re
  8. Don't know whether milestones might be put to good use but here's the method I used for a BN map a long, long time ago. Same method will apply to FB's milestones assuming there are flavour slots free.
  9. Well everyone evaluates on this basis to some extent or other. I mean regardless, it's a general advertising principle that you have two minutes as a pitch to sell your product, computer games a salient example. Two minutes of CM 'action' are not playing to CM's strengths as a game. Put simply if you worked in sales and were asked to sell chess, how would you do it!??!! Yep I am referring to the 1% (or how many you want %), the figure matters not, the point is simply about maximising the games selling power regardless of how many it reaches.
  10. And this links in with the graphics quality evaluation, also in turn to the GL video posted by Umlaut above. CM games will do best on steam if marketed cleverly; indicating in 2 minutes flat what the punter is going to get out of it. That is, specifically, an authentic tactical (and historical) experience. The entire movie spectacular as a marketing approach without an accompanying tactical (and historical) narrative will unfortunately serve these games no justice on a platform where many subscribers do not look more deeply at what a game offers, and instead make trigger purchases based
  11. here German side - there's just the single infantry unit that takes casualties, near the buildings overlooking the US dug in positions in front of the windmill and hamlet. I suspect the problem is the ditch, which is not processed by the game as representing "cover".
  12. Unfortunately I've just discovered on my first play with the new patch that this isn't the case. Morale seems now from my observation to be overly brittle. Put reg infantry under fire so they become rattled and then they'll scoot all getting mown down in the process. Yes okay no more running towards the enemy, but it makes little difference if scooting is in the open. Exposed equals death! Very frustrating indeed after having waited so long for the patch. I suspect others will start to observe this coding behaviour soon enough and reporting on these forums the same!
  13. Yes I've also been thinking: If we were to sacrifice 2 pigs, 5 sheep, 12 chickens, a cow and a policeman, maybe Apollo will be appeased and Covid and all the world's current problems will miraculously disappear? Just sayin....🌞
  14. I created and finished a large map of the St Denis Le Gast (Roncey Pocket) area years ago. I then got slightly bogged down with the OOB (it's guesswork re the fleeing Germans trying to escape the pocket) and then altogether fell out with the idea of creating faithful historical scenarios. In almost all cases they do not seem to be conducive to really interesting game play - competition format has so much untapped potential in CM! Anyway If there is a Cobra scenario interest group (even better a cooperative of content dev), it might spur me on to go back to this and get it finished !?!?
  15. Yes I've done this. Your instructions are correct.
  16. Quite! 😏 And it's not just WEGO that CM gets right. If Gravitem hit the spot (on balance) more than CM, I wouldn't be playing CM!
  17. Two player campaigns! I just don't get why (comparatively) the easiest thing to implement and the change that would bring maximum joy to this game for most of the more serious players, still isn't a feature. Granted with the size of CAM files, Head to head campaigns would not be best served up as huge packages of lengthy sequences of scenarios. But a campaign with a mere 4 or 5 scenarios would still be engrossing progress from the present play limitations. Come on BF!!
  18. If you put a defensive work model inside a flavor object (with the right order selection) and join the objects, the new object (which is still a flavour object) assumes all the custom properties of the defensive work model. It is however a pointless exercise because it's not apparent that there is anything to gain by doing it, at least from my experience. Nevertheless, my point was related to my attempts to understand how hard cover operates in Combat Mission. My conclusion is that it is hard-coded by object. More precisely the GE processes hard cover as identified by the name of the .mdr
  19. You are correct, I just tested tagged models to be sure and it does work! With regard to the cover aspect of flavour objects (specifically hard cover), I have spent some time running tests. Placing a wall, building or defensive work inside a flavour object does not appear to result in the flavour object taking on the cover aspects of the object. So much so that I believe that code governing hard cover is hard-coded into those particular objects and it is probably identified by the name of the .mdr file (for example only bunker.mdr will have the hard cover properties of a bunker). Any cover
  20. I think that tags only work with textures, not models. If I'm right this is not possible.
  21. City road signs... as opposed to highway signs, which are stock in SF2 & BS:-
  22. Unfortunately there are no bump textures for flavour objects, which without, will not provide the desired effect.
  23. Yes I agree, definitely the way to go with this and one small option problem solved!
  24. Concrete barriers are only in Black Sea right? Is this what you mean because they can be added no problem if it's felt that they have a place in the Syrian theatre? What sort of concrete barrier are you referring to though? In the first pic below is the stock barrier in Black Sea, 2 & 3 flavour objects in my pack are simple length extensions of the barrier (for use as highway central res), 4 is planned to be included as a military style road barrier (these are perhaps limited to Russia/Ukraine theatre?, I've not seen any pics of them elsewhere, but could be wrong!) And 2, 3 &a
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