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**** ROW IV (part 2) ****


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A note to Mac users: I receive a lot of turns (RoW and otherwise) that are mailed from Macs and are incorrectly attached.

While my main mailer is able to sort it out some of my preprocessing is not, in particular the exception that my spamfilters lets any PBEM move right through without further check doesn't work.

If you PBEM from a Mac, please make sure:

1) that it follows the Internet line ending convention which is CRLF, and not only CR as it is native to Macs. The examples I have seen do it right for the body but not for text attachments such as PBEM moves. This is the case for Outlook on Macs (how can anybody be so insane to use that blunk of security hole on a Mac?).

2) some of the Mac turns I receive wrap the turn into a new ASCII wrapper which is making it bigger and impossible to recognize for my pre-mailer scanners. It is unneccessary as a PBEM turn is already 7-bit ASCII. This is the case for - TADA - MS Outlook on Macs.

Again, it isn't catastrophal because my actual mail program gets around this but it is costing me time and may delay things, e.g. when turns end up in my spamfilter.

If you need a rant why Outlook is bad to use anyway because it is full of security holes please request it by private mail. I really don't get why Mac people use it?!?


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