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  1. Farging Oddstralians. What's WRONG with you for living where you live? http://imgur.com/gallery/c9DYC
  2. I made sure I stomped that cigar out before I flicked it through your window, and that's the story I'm sticking to.
  3. If the Tower of Babel were made of gaming "stuffs", Berli had assembled a mighty Eff You to the Old Testament Smitesalot. Seanachai and I have excavated most of it, and it reposes in my garage. Waiting for completion, and then a mighty grabbification, After that, Ebay and its unholy dispersal and donationisms. The experience has made all of us locals examine our own piles of Crappitude, and we are besmitten by a tidal wave of incipient purgitude. What I mean to say is, check all thee the corridors of Ebay and BoardgameGeekitude, and bid on what ye may, come these weeks and mon
  4. Jebus we're all getting olde. I remember the days when I could go toe to toe with OGSF or rleete. Now I just look at my toes and think "they supposed to look like that?"
  5. Just so everyone knows, current status is this: Berli's bro & sis-in-law have all the family stuff covered. Seanachai & I and others have local stuff covered. We're going to go through his gaming stuff like a flock of seagulls on a pile of stale cheeseburgers and ebay the leftovers, and make a donation from that. That's all I have right now. Oh, and persiflage and hate, and Olde Foul Joe wears lace panties, & stuff.
  6. <serious> If we (his local crew of miscreants) wanted to make a donation to some sort of Marine fund or program in his (and his brother's) name, what's a good one? </serious> Effin' feck all you lot, and stuff.
  7. We were "social media" long before the phrase had ever been coined. Even rleete couldn't mess that up. Olde Ones know he tried though. I don't have much to offer right now except this: Dunno if Berli would've hated or liked it. I think he would've liked it.
  8. I was in Massachusetts with my family for Xmas, so I wasn't around when Berli's bone marrow rose up in its betraying dark might against him. I did get to see him once more in the hospital before those last few days but he wasn't conscious at the time. Before then, the last I'd seen him was at my dining room table playtesting a new Star Trek RPG he'd gotten with Seanachai and I, just a month ago. A frikkin' month. Welp, he didn't tolerate a whiner, so I can only state that he's going to be well-missed for all the months there are.
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