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  1. Site is back up now in case anyone cares. Going to live as long as the host supports the underlying tech, which might not be too long . . .
  2. Not sure what happened--I think I forgot to pay a bill and the host screwed things up. Anyhow, the cavalry has arrived and hopefully the site will be back up shortly.
  3. Thanks Wyatt. I already have the "Mechanized Forces" available for scenario searches on TPG (under Allies forces type and Axis forces type), so that will be available at TSD (among many other variables). The TCP thing I have tied in via a search for "Best played as (Axis vs AI, Allies vs AI, two player)". So I think that I have that covered already. </font>
  4. Sounds great. One suggestion which I think has been very effective over at B&T: Add a category/tagging system. And allow searches on that. For example, Joe visits B&T. He wants to play something TCP with Bob which has mechanized forces. So he searches for battles that have two tags: TCP and Mechanized forces. If properly structured this can be a very handy and extensibile system. GJK, drop me an email for full technobabble . . .
  5. This is a massive loss for the community. Hopefully something can be salvaged. Thanks for all you have done for the CM world, good admiral. Best of luck at the new job, and we all look forward to version 3.0 in the future.
  6. Enjoyed seeing this interpretation of the Cecina Tiger vs. Sherman engagement. For anyone interested, the accurate historical details that RawRecruit based his cartoon on can be found on my web page: http://www.752ndtank.com/cecina.html This page now includes some new Signal Corps film footage of GIs inspecting the wreck of Tiger 221 a few days after the battle. Bob </font>
  7. I've chatted with Keith about something similar - a way to export scenario playtest discussions/reviews from TPG over to TSD easily. I had thought of a small, encrypted text file that you could attach to a form post when adding your scenario to TSD but security is an issue here. You're really opening yourself up if you allow outside appends to your database like that (obviously) and having Keith manually do all those appends or merges isn't going to work either. There just doesn't seem to be a way to have it automated -safely. </font>
  8. The designer has no control over the formation of reionforcements. About the only thing one can do is to try and break up the groups so that they don't get too jumbled. Furthermore, as indicated above, one can make every attempt to put them in an area where they are not arriving under fire. This is all easily disturbed by the act of playing the game. Players might well have troops where they are not 'supposed to.' That said, an honest effort should be made to bring them in behind some sort of full masking cover.
  9. I would definitely like to be asked permission before anything of mine is posted. Do you have a list of filenames?
  10. Quite, quite wrong. It tells a count of the units. Note that this, too, can be skewed, since things like trenches count as units. So a company with an extensive trench system can rank as a "false" huge. WWB
  11. Points are kind of immaterial. For example, I can have a 5000 point battle with a mere handful of units, if the units involved are veteran Panthers and T34/85s. On the other hand, I could have the better part of an infantry regiment. If you really need the totals, just look in the editor.
  12. A few points: 1) WWII era, low-scale maps are hard to come by, especially if one is not willing to spend serious cash. 2) Unfortunately, CM has nothing in the way of terrain types between unpaved roads and open ground. So many designers use upaved roads to represent, say, cart trails. 3) What maps I do have (thanks to the US Library of Congress captured docs collections) indicate that there was a fair amount of habitiation in Russia. Especially where fighting was taking place. 4) Fighting tended to revolve around highways and rail lines, which tended to have more population. Battle
  13. What were the point totals? Do you have a screenshot or a savegame? WWB
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