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CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

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The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken.  Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps. 

Now part two: As all that gunfire was going on with the two American half-tracks, two more half-tracks were coming up the road behind them, making four in total. Right when the first firefight wa

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In a PBEM battle my friend went heavy in tanks for his force pick.  As a result he has been using crews from knocked out tanks in the role of infantry.  The below event made me laugh (I'm sure he did not).  A tank crew, after having the tank destroyed, was able to find an MG42 and get back in the fight.  And then ................ LOL.   Maybe one of the other crewmen will pick it up.  I dare them.......... :D






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Sergeant Ganani is just barely holding on.  Both the LT and the Top Sergeant are down.  The LT ordered him to take over before he passed out.  The enemy fire was too intense and he had to cut and run from the foxholes where his bleeding friends were lying.  He ran…somewhere towards the left flank, partially gripped by panic.  Then he ducked down for cover.  It seemed like every enemy bullet was seeking him out.  He is out of breath. 

He feels like his head will explode – there is gunfire everywhere, total chaos.  He hears the screams of the enemy and those of his fellow soldiers.  It is one big terrifying horror movie, and now he gets to be the director.

The squeak and squeal of tank treads are everywhere.  They are not US tanks – the only tank they had in this corner of the damned haunted forest got knocked out early.  He sees it about 20 meters away.  They are on their own.

Off to his left he hears that idiot Charlie, blathering on about something.  Holy Crap!  Now he remembers that Charlie is the loader for a bazooka team – they must have relocated to this area before the Krauts attacked and everything went to Hell.



New York Mike Lanford is the bazooka gunner.  Concentrate, he tells himself.  There are German tanks everywhere and he’s only got Mike and Charlie to cover this side of the command post.  He has to calm down and get a grip. 

“Mike!” he calls in a half-yell, half whisper.  “Look alive, New York, tanks on the way!”



Mike Lanford is from New York; well, Brooklyn to be exact.  New York is over on Manhattan, where all the beyootiful people live.

He is trying to shut Charlie, his loader, up.  Charlie is not good for much of anything except loading a bazooka.  He is one of the most annoying human beings Mike has ever met, and even worse still, the cur is from Fort Lee, New Jersey.  As he thinks back on this, Mike spits into the frozen snow in front of him, an unconscious reflex.  New Jersey…Ugh!

He still can’t believe that he got stuck with Charlie on account of a frigging dice game.  He threw damn box cars, lost the throw, and part of the deal was that he would be assigned Charlie as his loader.  The guy has been his damn albatross ever since.

Charlie idolizes Mike, for some odd reason.  And, his one redeeming feature, in Mike’s world, is that the guy knows bazooka rounds, and can set the wires and load the bazooka like lightning.  He just can’t keep talking, especially when he is nervous…and he is REALLY nervous right now.

“Mike, whatarewegonna do?” His voice is a high pitched whine, cracking with fear.

“Shaddap, you Moron.  You’ll bring the Krauts right on us.”

“But Mike…”

“Shut da fok up, you dolt,” Mike hisses, kicking snow in Charlie’s face.

“Hey, Mike, you know I hate it when you throw snow on me,” retorts Charlie.  Mike sighs.



Then he hears Ganani.  He gives Charlie one of his murderous looks and Charlie shuts up.  Ganani is half calling, half whispering.  Yeah, tanks.  He KNOWS that!!!  They are all German.  Tell me something I don’t know, he mutters under his breath.

Yes, here we go again.  New York out to save the freaking world.  Typical, Mike thinks to himself.

A German panzer is now working its way through their minefield.  Several tanks got mired in it, but this one must have lucked its way through.  Mike can hear the Sergeant again, now yelling that a tank is bearing down on them.  Yeah, no kidding.  Stupid engineers – can’t even do a proper minefield, he thinks.

Charlie starts slapping Mike’s leg, squeaking about tanks.  “Does everybody gotta be an idiot in this war?” he questions out loud.   “Charlie, LOAD!” he roars.  This flips a switch in Charlie’s brain, and instantly he is all business, slipping the rocket into the bazooka tube, fixing the connections, all with frozen fingers.  Mike is impressed, but he won’t tell Charlie this.

Mike feels the double tap on his shoulder.  He refuses to let Charlie smack him on the helmet as a signal that the weapon is loaded.  It is demeaning, and, Charlie doesn’t know his own strength.  One time Charlie playfully hit him in the head and Mike saw stars.  He never let Charlie do that again.

Mike lines up on the enemy tank.  It is, what, maybe 60 – 70 meters away?  Easy shot on the range, he thinks.  Damn, he hates meters.  It should be yards, not meters, he mutters to himself.  The Krauts use meters.  Frigging blockheads.  Civilized people use yards.

Charlie quickly reminds him that he’s probably only going to get one shot at this.  The enemy tank is now turning to face them, and Charlie squeaks that the tankers can probably see them right now.  Mike bites down hard on his lip to keep his concentration and fights the urge to drop the bazooka and punch Charlie.

He lines up his sights, corrects for a slight elevation, and then smoothly pulls the trigger.  The bazooka roars as the rocket rips from the tube.  Mike silently wishes that Charlie might have accidentally strayed directly behind the bazooka as it fires – yeah, that would be interesting; he smiles to himself.



The rocket is on the way. 

“LOAD,” Mike yells, and apparently Charlie was careful enough to avoid the back-blast of the bazooka, as there is no wild screaming behind him.  He feels a second rocket being smoothly and professionally loaded into the weapon.  He is well aware that the rocket exhaust fumes have now given away his position, making Charlie and him prime targets for the Krauts.

The rocket runs true.  The tank is moving slowly and the rocket intercepts the front armor of the steel beast. 



The driver of the tank sees the large puff of white smoke from the forest edge ahead.  Instantly he knows what it is.  He has no time to yell a warning.  He will never see the rocket heading right for his tank station.  He only has time to turn his head and look at his friend in the machine gun seat.  He sees his fear reflected in his comrade’s expression.



Mike sees the tremendous explosion.  Charlie screams out “A HIT!!!”  Here it comes, Mike says to himself, as he steels himself for the inevitable.  Instantly Charlie is giving him a bear hug.

“Get the fug offa me, you Moron!” he yells.  “There are more tanks out there.”

Instantly Charlie disengages and stares fearfully in the direction of the burning tank.



Sgt. Ganani feels a wave of relief at the flames coming from the German tank.  At the same time, he now sees another tank, bigger and with a smoother silhouette, partly shielded by the farm building.  WTF!  When are they going to run out of frigging tanks? he wonders.

“New York,” he yells, “Another one just to the right."


Mike hears the Sergeant but he can’t see anything there, because the tank he just blew up is smoking so badly that it is obscuring vision around the building.  

“Charlie, Shut it!  We ain’t oudda dis yet,” he cautions. 

“Mike, we got anything to eat?  I’m starving…”

Mike drops his head to the snow and sighs the sigh of the damned.


The war goes on.



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A snap shot by a panzerfaust gunner gives Sgt. Neubert and his crew a close shave.  The 'faust misses by maybe a foot and a half.  The gunner is out of the picture to the right.

There is always one smart guy, and his hands are up; his comrades got pasted moments before with a 75mm HE shell.  The shrapnel missed him.

The war goes on.


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"Hey Sarge, lookit that.  Pretty as a postcard."

"Shaddap, kid.  That there is the Valley of Death, there are plenty of shadows down there, and you better fear the evil cause that's where we're headed."

"Geez Sarge, ya didn't have to get all Biblical on me.  Spoiled da moment...Owwww!!!"

The kid gets a swift kick to the melon by a size 12 combat boot.

Some of the scenic views of this game are amazing. 


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What a Christmas! In addition to the 4.0 Upgrade releases, a CM buddy pulled a super-Santa on me and gave me CMFB (was holding off as money is tight right now)! I'm really loving it and grabbed some screens of my first battle, taken before the Upgrade was installed.

So, here's a little micro AAR segment for 'ya (I'm the Amis):

Through the falling snow, Volksgrenadiers crest a hill and begin their attack on the village.



A mix of overwatching heavy and medium German armor fades in and out of view, forcing US armor to hide in ambush positions.



In the village, the most forward American scout team opens fire while another calls in artillery on the advancing Germans. The enemy thrust quickly reveals a commitment of company strength at this one point. The Volksgrenadiers, using bounding fire, rapidly dispatch the first US team. The other holds fire and guides in the arriving spotting rounds. It's a race against time, with the Germans rapidly closing in on them.



With spotting rounds still off-target, the team's time runs out. To their horror, they are spotted through the window by...a flamethrower team!



The GIs call off the arty only seconds before jets of flame kill every man in the team. The Volksgrenadiers push forward into the village, towards a bridge that bottlenecks the main road.



The previously spotted Tiger moves forward to join a StugIII.



US tanks and infantry continue to hold fire and wait in ambush around the bottleck area.



Some German infantry pushes forward, but is cut down by the defenders. A hiding Jackson covers the closest ambush point to the crossing as a Panther pushes forward. Alas, the Panther holds position out of the Jackson's LOS, effectively shutting down the American infantry in the area, as well as pinning various defending tanks behind their buildings.



To be continued...

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The Panther continues to hold and LOS is lost on all other German armor. The Jackson cuts down any infantry that tries to push past the Panther. A number of minutes go by and a Sherman decides to move forward into overwatch of the bottleneck bridge to provide anti-infantry support to the Jackson, which is quickly losing its infantry screen to the infiltrating Volksgrenadiers. The Sherman is out of LOS of the Panther. However, a new, even bigger threat suddenly emerges--a King Tiger!



It's big. It's mean. And, it's hungry!



So close and yet so far. The Jackson cannot help.



The world stands still for a few moments as the tank crews peer into the distance and make their decisions.



The Sherman TC decides that running is not an option. If he's going down, it's going to be with guns blazing. He opens up on the King Tiger.



To be continued...

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