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  1. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzewr2wvd3opm5m/Detours Ahead.btt?dl=0 Category: Semi-historical Type: Allied Probe Weather: Light Rain Wind: Medium, from W Ground: Wet Map size: 640 x 2000 Map by: JonS - requires Battlepack; just a touched up QB map. The scenario is a 'typical' vanguard mission that British, Canadian, Polish and American armoured/recce units would have done an untold amount of times during the pursuit across France and the Low Countries. The map in reality emulates terrain along the Albert Canal in Belgium. However, the terrain is not dissimilar to the canals and topography around the Channel Ports, particularly Dunkirk and Beruges. It was in that location the lead units of the 1st Canadian Army crossed the border into Belgium in early September. I chose to do a 'what-if' encounter rather than a full recreation of an action because, frankly, I CBA. This of course provides me with considerable artistic licence. There are 5 AI plans of varying quality (by design). I am particular interested in feedback on: The impression/playability of the battle; The challenge level as you viewed it; and Your view on final point distribution, which currently is the least tested. One for 'tread-heads.' This mission should require Commonwealth, Market Garden and the Battlepack.
  2. “A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh?” “Is your wife a…’goer’… eh? Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Nudge nudge! Know what I mean? Say no more…Know what I mean?” “You don’t frighten us, English pig dogs. Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called ‘Arthur King,’ you and all your silly English K-nig-hts.” “Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.”
  3. Had a quick look through my dropbox/cloud/DMs etc to see if maybe Bloody Bill had also sent me a copy via some other means but no, this one is a complete mystery to me as well. Sorry for going 0 for 2 here.
  4. This one was rough around the edges and should never have been published in its current state. Sadly I don't have access to it, it's on a hard disk somewhere back in Canada, gathering dust. I never uploaded it to my cloud. Sorry, 37mm.
  5. God every time I see this it gives me the will to not ball a client out for one more day. Just pure gut laughter every time.
  6. So glad to see the newer crop of forum members getting to see the three ring circus
  7. It's been a long pandemic for everyone. Also firm confirmation that Steve is in fact real and not an AI that congealed from bits of dead HTML code.
  8. I wish I could read the AAR without its author constantly having to swat away some silly posts
  9. Was able to reproduce it myself, Aragorn. Seems to be a genuine oversight - SS do not have any Heavy Panzer units from June-Aug '44 in either "Soviet Union" or "Eastern Europe" location parameters.
  10. Uh oh! Would you happen to remember the details Warts? I'm planning a replay of this soon, so I'm hoping I can unpack and patch it personally for myself. The above bug not withstanding I would recommend Amiens Tonight, if only for the lovely change of pace from the usual CMBN campaign. If you want something mechanized and 'slash and dash' then this campaign definitely gives it to you in the final portions. I loved it, JonS really outdid himself. If commanding a sizeable armour and motorized force is not what you're looking for, I would recommend Operation Deadstick. It's about the eponymous operation to seize the bridge over the Orne-Caen canals (Pegasus). It's based on ASL so it has a few design decisions I found personally curious (re: troop quality that can seem artificial at times), but its otherwise fairly historically accurate and played really well.
  11. Hope you don't mind if I chime in? I found this scenario a challenge but not insurmountable. Like yourself my initial movements were on the left, along the rail line. I made good progress at first but got caught up on the bunker and while I was able to work a T-34 forwards I could not keep the German infantry heads' down and had to withdraw under Panzerschreck fire. I kept a unit there to take pot-shots at the Germans and shifted my efforts to the centre-right. I remember concentrating my maxims in the orchard (with the wood fence) which was decent cover and allowed me to put grazing fire all along the trench line, as well as on the forested hill. The AT guns were able to put direct fire onto the hill as well and I shot my SMG units and engineers onto the hill and poured through the gaps in the wire. Flamethrowers took massive losses but a team worked its way up to the bunker and I had my break in. From there I was able to route an entire rifle company through and break into the second obstacle belt, forming a base of fire in the captured trenches. I was then able to direct accurate mortar fire on PaK guns and work a few OT-34s forward to engage. I lost two T-34s doing this, one getting destroyed whilst bogged (of course) I did get lucky with the StuGs however and knocked them out from hull down positions. I do think strikes up the flanks can work but a thrust down the centre would require more off map support than what is provided, even though that route has the most gaps in the obstacle belt for you to work your way through. The recon was able to infiltrate quite close and use the anti tank ditch to identify targets though. I lost quite a few of those men running back and forth to Battalion HQ to report, but the information was worth its weight in gold for the close attacks.
  12. I flipped through the campaign notes, and unless I missed it, they didn't list the designers and testers' names. So, whoever you are, my hat's off to you. It was the first campaign in a while I found legitimately difficult. I loved it. I thought it was an excellent depiction of the type of hastily improvised Pak-fronts the Germans would concentrate and lay across an allied mechanized thrust. You could feel mission-to-mission that you were fighting an enemy desperately trying to prevent a breakthrough or blunt a flanking thrust. There was always a great deal of opportunity for mounted manoeuvre, with use of artillery and masking fires, and the time limits encouraged a surgical attitude. I did a lot of bypassing and leapfrogging (often under light fire) of my units through one another to try and meet the timetable. Nor do I think the timetable was artificial: you're doing an armoured thrust up an enemy's flank, speed is key and the campaign captures that. I also appreciated being in command of a relatively untested unit. I'm somewhat familiar with the actual fight for Cellano and I do remember reading the German unit was about as fresh as the South Africans facing them, and it showed. I never felt the difficulty was artificially heightened by suddenly encountering some random, fanatic, Heer unit. The casualties seemed realistically proportionate as well. The lack of resupply and reinforcement made it quite the administrative challenge too. I spent a lot of time deciding which unit was up front or would be the main effort, trying to spread out echelon consumption and casualties. Most of the platoons were combat effective to the end, even if some were glorified squads. Needless to say, the maps were all gorgeous. If anyone wants a good little combined arms battle in complex terrain, and practice busting concentrated pak fronts, I definitely recommend.
  13. Great spiel, and I do agree. I just was wondering aloud why you felt the need to go down into the mud with him re: the mom's house "jokes" when you had a perfectly valid point otherwise, but that is your prerogative. But I'll contribute: I actually think Buzz has a point as well. We pay out the nose for these games, you are entirely entitled as consumers to demand the kitchen sink. PBEM, PBEM +++ or whatever the hell buzz phrase they are using, an actual peer-to-peer lobby system. Demand it all.
  14. Congrats on the retirement, hope you get to enjoy the free time to the fullest.
  15. Not in Education, Employment or Training, which certain ignoramuses assume everyone who isn't working themselves to death and is under the age of 65 must be.
  16. Irony: we loves to see it babes. I truly enjoy the wonderful debate of extremes we have. In one corner, in the blue shorts, 'everyone who plays PBEM is a geriatric' versus the red corner, 'everyone who disagrees with me is a NEET.'
  17. It's not uniform but it can happen, its always up to the designer. I've played the BS campaigns several times (I know, I know) and I've had a different experience every time, but whether that's because of different AI or different tactics on my end is another matter.
  18. Actually given how I feed my men into L-shaped ambushes like a mindless butcher I believe it's fair to say I am not invested in the game enough. Sadly I must defer to 15, 000 hours of testing :^)
  19. Now that sounds right up my alley; and Cromwells definitely need more love and attention in CMBN.
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