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CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

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The fire from the Sherman puts a hole in one of the King Tiger's track guards and sends nearby Volksgrenadiers scrambling for cover. However, that is all that it does.



It is the King Tiger's turn to fire.



So fast does the shot cross the distance between the two adversaries...



...to find its mark.



As so often happens in war, bravery is not enough. Luck is not on the side of the Sherman crew, who perishes to a man.



To be continued...

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The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken.  Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps. 

Now part two: As all that gunfire was going on with the two American half-tracks, two more half-tracks were coming up the road behind them, making four in total. Right when the first firefight wa

Posted Images

With the Sherman a shattered pile of burning metal, the King Tiger and its accompanying infantry push forward again.



Slowly, they approach the Jackson's position. A small team of GIs still holds the building protecting the Jackson. Should the Volksgrenadiers take the building, the Jackson will almost certainly fall prey to a panzerfaust or death by close assault.



But luck has smiled on the American side. It seems that the fog of war is holding the Germans in its grasp. They appear to be unaware of the Jackson and its little ambush team. Unlike the Panther, The King Tiger does not hold behind flank protection. It moves ahead of its protecting infantry.



And that is a mistake that no amount of thick frontal armor can remedy.



The Volksgrenadiers, looking on in horror, belatedly realize their mistake and charge the position.



The remaining crewmen bail out of the King Tiger as the Jackson's machine guns rip into all who approach.



A large threat has been eliminated, but there is no time to relax. The German force is not close to spent and the day is still young.

The End?

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29 minutes ago, Heinrich505 said:


  Really nicely done.  Love the screenshots.  Glad you got CMFB gifted to ya.  See what you've been missing? 



Yes, I do. I'm very impressed with it so far. I hated to wait on it, but on the other hand, now I get to start things fresh with the 4.0 Upgrade in hand. Also, I just finished a re-reading of A Time For Trumpets, so I'm in the perfect state of mind for diving in. 

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The Jackson and its infantry screen successfully defend against the Volksgrenadier's close assault attempt. In so doing, the infantry team is put out of action. The Jackson isn't even allowed the comfort of another living American machine for long, as the jeep in front of it suddenly explodes from a massive enemy shell.

What kind of beast could be peering through the darkness and smoke, hunting for them now?



The kind of beast that would cause a top of the line American tank destroyer to run for cover behind the carcass of a burning King Tiger.



This kind of beast!


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Here's how things stand (don't want to get into a full AAR, but I couldn't resist dipping a toe in):


I occupy one VL (Cobru) and need to take the other VL (Noville). The enemy holds Noville and needs to take Cobru. Right now, 3rd and 4th Platoons of infantry are engaged and 1st and 2nd Platoons are in reserve/defending Cobru. The previous image posts were taken of action that took place at the NW edge of 4th Platoon's area. That attack looks stalled/repulsed with heavy casualties for the VG and the loss of a KT. US infantry casualties there have been light (some of them were TD recon elements and the XO acting as advance dismounted scouts) with one each Sherman, HT, and jeep destroyed.

3rd Platoon was probing forward on the wooded center hill when the Panther showed up over in 4th Platoon's area. At the NW edge of the center woods, a squad from 3rd Plt stumbled on some VG heading for their area. The VG inflicted some casualties and 3rd Platoon fell back to the friendly side of the road. Unfortunately, the Panther had moved to an interdicting position for any further retreat. The bulk of the platoon then hid in the woods just South of the center road, while the squad that had tangled with the VG took positions in buildings at the East edge of 3rd Platoon's area. Alas, the Panther TC had sharp eyes and inflicted some casualties on the men in the buildings. Luckily, though, the rest of 3rd Platoon was able to stay out of sight over in the wooded area.

However, the expected thrust against 3rd Platoon from the previously spotted NW VG did not materialize. While the enemy attack in 4th Platoon's area was being contained and reduced, the elements of 3rd Platoon that were not trapped in buildings by the Panther were able to get across the road again and start probing NE. As they did, a new VG thrust was made where the arrow is at the NE edge of 3rd Plt's zone. That was met by a forward screen from US elements S in Cobru. The US took a few casualties (including a Sherman TC) and mortar teams fell back, but the VG were also thrown back by the elements in Cobru. The probing elements of 3rd Platoon then took up defensive positions to meet any renewed enemy thrusts, while 81 mm was called in on the VG's position there.

By that time, the Jagdtiger had shown up and locked down the Jackson into its current hiding position behind the dead KT. A prolonged standoff developed and the US CO called in 105mmm on the Jagdtiger. An early round killed the JT TC, but two further top hits failed to take it out. The fire mission continues (single on harass). To prevent any VG from close assaulting the Jackson, 105mm VT harassing fire was called on the German approach route and continues.

An attempt was made by a scout team from the men of 3rd Platoon trapped in the buildings (the one route that avoids the Panther's eyes) to probe NW down the village road to get behind the JT, but was immediately met by fire from VG at the bend in the road leading to the JT's rear. Luckily, the scouts made it to safety in another building (westernmost icon in Plt 3 area).

Aside from the Panther, JT, and dead KT, enemy armor continues to be heard but not seen. Recent sound contacts suggest that German armor is moving to support a new thrust at Cobru through the center between the wooded hills NE of 3rd Platoon's area. Unless it is supported by more KTs or JTs, it is unlikely to get far. However, a flanking maneuver to the extreme East is also possible. The 2 M12 GMCs and a TD are there, along with some supporting infantry in buildings. Those units can probably cream anything that comes down the road East of the wooded hill, but infantry AT weapons from the woods there present a danger not to be ignored (there is an MG covering that, too).

As for enemy strength, one VG company is likely shattered, but there is at least one more, maybe two. There is also the JT, along with at least one Tiger, one Stug, and IIRC a PIV. The plan is to let them attack, beat them up, and then try to take Noville.

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The Germans attempting to push towards the bottleneck bridges finally commit the Panther. It turns the corner in an attempt to take out the Jackson. A quick draw ensues, which is narrowly won by the Jackson.



It has been a costly fight for the Germans here. The Jackson, nearly out of ammo now, has been the hero of the day so far. With the elimination of the overwatching Panther, some infantry elements of 4th Platoon are now free to protect the Jackson with small arms and to maneuver to try and flank the Jagdtiger along the building line for a close assault. -If they can brush aside any Volksgrenadiers there that is.


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I decide to shift one of the reserve Jackson TDs in Cobru over to the far right flank to help protect against any attempts by the Germans to make an armored push there.



The newly arrived TD drives past grunts keeping a vigilant watch from the second story of buildings overlooking the wooded hill on the far right.



The TD joins the armor already in place there. I must say, I'm hoping to see the GMCs in action. Even if the Germans push with ultra-heavy armor, these babies may shred it if they can land the first shot. If...



Meanwhile, 3rd Sq/3rd Plt (the guys trapped in the buildings), has been freed for small arms fire by the death of the Panther. They see some VG moving East behind the hill to the North, presumably to join the attack assembly building up at center/right behind those hills. They decide to fire up the VG.




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The Volksgrenadiers stop and return fire.



The firepower of the VG rattles the already shaken men of 3rd Squad, who decide to fall back. No casualties are taken on either side.



On the center wooded hill, the rest of 3rd Platoon exchanges fire with a thin line of VG still attempting to probe forward. Fire from the VG sends 2 American bazooka teams hoping to ambush armor scattering back to safety. However, 3rd Platoon's MG gives the German infantry a postcard marked "Return to Sender."



"Take that, baby!"



The Volksgrenadiers are driven back by the MG fire and take casualties. They flee to safety on the enemy side of the hill.



No German armor has been spotted, but in the closing seconds of the turn, sound contacts point to a shift in the German approach. It looks like they are going for the far right flank after all.


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After the Panther ceased to be an overwatch threat, I took the risk of extending the target arcs for some of the infantry teams in 4th Platoon to let them defend against short range pushes by German infantry. I also cancelled the 105mm VT on the area to conserve ammo for later. I only did this for teams that seemed to be out of LOS of the known Jagdtiger.

Now that the building that was hiding it is gone, the second Jagdtiger has LOS to the units that I gave the clear to fire to. They only managed to get off a few shots at VG before the second JT let 'em have it with a well-placed round (I added the fire point to show where the shot came from).


I lost 4 out of the 6 members of an MG team on the second floor with light wounds to a man in the 4-person Veteran rifle team on the first floor. It could have been worse, and the MG is still intact. 4th Platoon's other MG team still has three rifleman, but the gun itself was knocked out by the Panther early in the battle. This means everybody in this clump of buildings is locked down again with point-blank target arcs for anybody attempting to actually enter the buildings.

I was tempted to shift the 105mm arty from the 1st to 2nd JT, but decided to cancel it instead, as the building beside the 1st JT could collapse any second. That might offer side shots on the first JT to some of my tanks/AT guns in other places, but could also open up my forces in the area to being ravaged by the JTs and/or being locked down on a wide swath.

The view from the new Jagdtiger as the shot hits:



This complicates things. The second JT is in an overwatch position on the first, meaning if I want to flank on the street side behind the 1st JT, I have to take out the 2nd JT first, along with pushing out any VG in the area. I don't have the map open, but I think the doors of the building to the left of the 1st JT are all streetside and I don't have any demo charges. So, sneaking in on my side through the back yards of the line of houses may be difficult. Even if I manage it, the 2nd JT will kill anything in the building in short order if it is still around, as well as perhaps thwarting any close assault attempts if it sees my guys before they can take out the 1st JT.

So, the plan is to try and get armor and protecting infantry flanking along the street (coming from where 3rd Sq/3rd Plt is now) to take out the 2nd JT, then proceed on to take out the first from the rear/side. Will post pics later of the approach and unit choices.

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Panther finally killed by 2x 76mm M4 after being used as an anvil by 3x75mm versions. I count 14 hits (maybe 15), which from memory include 2 penetrations (both 76mm) 1 partial with spalling from a 75 (the lower front hull hit), and a bazooka hit on a skirt...Don't go up with the front armour with a door knocker! And I was mostly under 300m, often under 200!


I lost 3 of the 75mm M4 to this one tank (although to be fair, one of them was actually hit by a 'faust in a wood as I attempted to flank it!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/lz33n3g642hy7hk/75mm M4 vs Panther.png?dl=0


oooh I love this game...

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