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Combat Mission: Modding tools

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Just curious: is it possible to change the size of objects, at least their visual display even if the game ignores them for LOS, shadows etc.? e.g. crate upsized to shipping container.

I also realized the simple post flavor objects in CMSF could make nice abstract minarets or factory chimneys if they could be "gigantified" (I actually dont want units entering them).

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Numpy has a matrix datastructure with built in support for calculating matrix transpose, inverse and other matrix operations. Might as well use that instead of writing my own code. As a bonus, it's one of the packages that come with Blender. If you look at the last commit, you will see that the importer script directly takes the transform matrices from the mdr object.

TLDR version

No reason it reinvent the wheel for storing/manipulating 4x4 matrices.

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I'm having issues with this. ive downloaded python 2.7 and went to the command prompt and got the interpreter. I went to your GitHub and clicked on the brz_magick.py file. clicked raw. I saw on the video that you saved it as a text file. I did that as well. but on your video I noticed that when you clicked on a folder that had the file, which was now a python file. how did you change it to a python file? I really need help bad

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On 11/11/2017 at 9:26 AM, BTR said:

You can improve or replace models, but you can't improve their function.

That's great news.
However, I'm afraid I have no modelling skills, so it'll be up to you guys to make something of this new capability. 

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@sbobovyc  - Just getting round to making use of your tools over the Christmas period and today attempted to load the import export script into Blender. However, I cannot get your script recognised in user preferences.

Could it be that I'm on V2.59 (which is perhaps 3-4 years old now) - I'm aware that you listed version 2.77 in the init. script. Is there some functionality that exists only in 2.77? I find that rather incredulous. So at least I was wondering if you could advise before I go through the time costly process of uninstalling my current version,  install new version and get it set up with my own preferences and other scripts etc (I don't think it's possible to merely update blender is it?).

Your advice much appreciated.

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On 29/01/2017 at 9:55 PM, sbobovyc said:

Thanks! Can't wait to see what he community comes up with.

Keep in mind you can use whatever tool you like to model, texture, map, etc and then import your work into Blender then export into MDR.

So I could work in Sketch Up, export as 3DS (for proper meshing) then import into this and export out as mdr ? 

There's a load of civilian stuff (eg buses, trucks) that I'd like to insert. 

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