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Combat Mission: Modding tools

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I will make this special version publicly available for a limited time here https://bobovych.com/nextcloud/index.php/s/DWPbWtJplWF3C1Q

If you have a previous version of the plugins, uninstall them and install this version. Import a vehicle into Blender. For example, I have been using UAZ-469 as a test case. Try deleting the canvas and exporting the model. View the vehicle in the game, have it move around to check that wheels still work. How wheels and tracks work is the last major piece of the puzzle that needs to be solved. Next, try adding a mesh, camo net or big radio, to the vehicle. 

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On 4/8/2018 at 5:05 PM, Firehead said:

Any chance that this will be able to open the actual soldier models anytime soon? or am I just doing it wrong? It refuses to see anything outside of object models.

Can you provide any insight as to why it isn't accepting my textures?

The mdr tools only support static objects. Show us your texture files, maybe we can debug them.

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I've been fascinated by this topic. Like Long Left Flank I am more interested in buildings and flavour objects. @sbobovyc

Having modded some buildings I have added the CM2 MDR plugin to Blender and started bumbling around with 3d objects, not particularly successfully. Then I discovered readymade Blender objects.  Hey ho! A quick workaround. I opened a simple rowing boat in Blender, it all looked OK. I exported it, firstly it failed several times - but the error message flashed by too quickly to read.  Then it exported an mdr file.  I called it atm5.mdr, put it in the Z folder and booted CMBS.

I was hoping to find a grey untextured little boat on the grass in the scenario editor.  No good.  Looking in the MDR file with Notepad ++ it is only 4 bytes and says Nul Nul Nul.

Obviously something went totally wrong: I am using Blender 2.79 with sbobovyc's plugins.   Any ideas anyone please?

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Could be a number of things and the message will always tell you what the issues are (on export keep the mouse on the message to read it), but you could try applying "rotation and scale" to the object - it is a required step. The other thing is the texture. You won't see any object without a skin. If I recall correct there is rule with the mdr format that the object children must be lower case and I think there must be single parent for the object. You'll find that sbob outlined all the requirements in the tools read me supplied so please go check all this.

I should add for interest that I've successfully got a pack of various objects working in game (in various states of completion) and I promise to release once I get time to finish everything. This is one of those projects that I spend a few weeks on holiday indulging and then unfortunately it gets sidelined when work commitments bite back. But I do have 3 weeks holiday for Christmas so I should be able to invest some more time working on this.

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Thanks @SteppenWolf@sbobovyc  I didn't texture the thing.  Doh! I thought it would just turn up as a grey shape. So much to learn! I am likewise hoping to do a bit of work on this over Crimbo, when the mince pies and reruns of It's a Wonderful life have palled.  If the lure of Shockforce 2 doesn't pull me away: "Go to beautiful foreign countries, meet interesting and exotic Jihadis....and kill them."   OT I dunno if you have noticed, some sites are calling those lovely people, "Orcs" - I thought that was amusing.

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@sbobovyc@The Steppenwulf

I had another go at this - without much success. I put a texture onto the original Blender cube. So I hoped to make a crate as a flavour object.  Probably need some scaling.  But I can't get as far as the MDR file.  Unfortunately I cannot save the error message console, so I screengrabbed some of it.  It said there was no MESH?


Cube image

Error message: https://www.mediafire.com/view/tae3a3pxhgpth0b/Blender-error-msg.jpg/file

Can't even get the images to insert, sorry.

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Hi @The Steppenwulf  Thanks for your kind offer.  Here it is.

I had to link it at a file drop, as I seem to have exceeded my allowance:     Wooden Box V5

I am a complete noob at this 3D modelling lark so any help would be much appreciated. I am quite handy with Photoshop, so I am sure creating textured images will be much less of an issue. I also think I set the Blender preferences to a metric scale so I could work out how big things were, but I can't find how to do that.

As I realised that Blender creation is probably out of my league I downloaded two industrial chimneys (fully textured) and a shipping container (untextured) from Blender modelling sites which I was hoping would be easy to turn into MDRs for use in the game.

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This is just rough mock up mind, so you get the idea.

Okay so firstly you did not have a manifold object it had no inside only an outside. Even a very flat object such as a sheet of paper has more than a single material point on each side. Your texture might work for a poster on a wall where you cannot view it from another angle, but otherwise a 3d object has to have form.

Secondly you needed to triangulate the faces: select the whole mesh - edit mode - select mesh from the menu - then triangulate faces. -CTRL T is the shortcut.

Thirdly remember that all models need naming after stock models (otherwise they won't be read and loaded into game). By exploding the relevant .brz you'll access all the models and find out what you can use. I named this one aircon3.mdr, which  isn't a natural home for an industrial chimney flavour object, but I did this just to get it in game to take a screen shot as above. If you get as a far as releasing any flavours, I think it would make sense to coordinate our work together, so that we are using an agreed catalogue of slots (as far as that's possible). I'll pm you further about this when i find time to create a pdf of shots of my own flavour pack. I haven't done an industrial chimney (it's a good idea by the way), but I have created other objects which you need to know about - otherwise we'd just be duplicating each other and duplicating the stock slots. I'm thinking about the community using them for creating scenarios really. 

Finally remember that textures must be .bmp image file. A .png is only useful for your .blend model in blender but not one exported as .mdr.

Hope that helps
Mr Wulf

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3 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

If either of you could see your way to making some more civilian vehicles, I'm sure they'd find a lot of use.

Various half finished models on my hard drive though most are unlikely to make it to fruition.
Half-finished German BMW motorcycle, a bus, a lorry, even a train coach, but they'll never get completed because I would never have any spare time to do anything else.

What is feasible are at least one more similar vehicle to the civ cars and turned on their side/turned over and burned out. I think the latter examples I have had in game and looks great, but there was just a stretched texture that really needs a complete remap.  All takes too much time I'm afraid. 

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