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  1. Thank you sbobovyc! - There is no rush - Blender 2.79 is fine. Any idea when you will be able to look into the soldier models?
  2. Just found this link with thousands of amazing photos from the war. Most were shot by US trained Mujahideen from 1987 to 1989. https://archive.org/details/afghanmediaresourcecenter?&sort=-downloads&page=6
  3. I put some of MikeyD's plain skins here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/itey35y36be8r/Plain_skins
  4. You could use Sbobovyc's modding tools for Blender: Import the model to Blender and save out the exact UV-grids. This will let you know where and what everything on the texture is.
  5. Interesting - I had to test this. Seems leftclicking and dragging across the map will place flavour objects along the line with spacing between object being decided by the speed of wich the mouse is dragged. Look at the attached pic. A greatly different amount and space between the rows of telegraph poles. I only changed the speed of travel of the mouse.
  6. What do you mean Sgt.Squarehead ? - This is a refreshing and fact based article, as opposed to most of the single view mainstream media's so called news.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/sep/27/10-myths-about-afghanistan
  8. Supporting a rework of CMA. I would definately buy CMA2 if it ever sees the light of day. The Soviet - Afghan war is just a facinating theme to me.
  9. Just found this guys youtubechannel. It contains an older, but excellent documentary with UK-veterans interviews focused on Operation Bluecoat. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHCGsNeL9Cbx2dq1a3X9FUA
  10. Niedergekampft would litteraly translate to "Downfight" IE the enemy is struck so effective that he is rendered unable to fight effectively for the duration of the engagement. In NATO mission task terminology Niedergekampft would roughly translate to Defeat. Difference being that the Germans used the term down to the lowest level while I believe in NATO its not a task verb used below a certain echelon. (I think Batallion).
  11. Mord, again your results with these portrait mods are really stunning and I think a lot of it is caused by your attention to detail and thoroughness.
  12. Excellent explanation for your design decisions Mord. You really do put a lot of effort and skill into these pieces of (pixel) art. Its quite interesting work, but I know how hours can fly by in front of PS when moving pixels. I did a few of these weapon and rank icons for the Close combat series of games. - They are 41x12 pixels M1938 DshK.bmp And rank insignia icons measuring 33x28 - This an 1.lt from the communist army of DRA. 09 1.Lt.bmp
  13. Again, very nice graphics work! - The attention to detail clearly shows. I still have some constructive criticism on the s.pzabt portrait: The jacket is wrong for a panzer man. - The waffenrock was used for parade, but then with litzen and not the panzer deathshead. - The black panzer wrap would be the standard field attire for panzer men as you know. Another thing that seems unatural for a crewman to wear is the straps across his shoulders. - Inside a vehicle these will snag up. - My suggestion would be to remove the straps if you do decide to keep the uniform as is.
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