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  1. I was able to figure it out!!!! thanks a million
  2. I'm asking where you get it from and what's the process of getting it on the uniform texture.
  3. So I'm trying to put the final touches on my Army Ranger Mod. Only thing I'm missing is the Ranger Patch. Can someone show me how that's done? like how it was done with the Regular OCP/ACU patches. After that I plan on doing Combat Patches. Just so all the troops aren't slick sleeves lol
  4. gonna go grab a RedBull and get to WORK!!!!
  5. HOLLUP!! i watched that video.... show me a modern military unit who still moves like that
  6. I hate the hunt animation. Instead of the low ready their weapons need to be shouldered.
  7. Im going to bed now LMAO!!!
  8. I didn't know there was an HQS 2.4 I've still been using 2.2 I didn't see it on the mod site though.
  9. I’m waiting on battlefront to come out with American-Afghan war version
  10. Will Helo landings be possible this time around?
  11. well i was asking for a remodel of troops if possible.
  12. Where do I start 1. Helo landings 2. Shouldered weapons when issuing the hunt feature 3. Plate Carriers w Combat Shirts 4. Different type of units (Rangers, SF)
  13. Are there any new campaigns in the works? I’ve played all of them to the end and would like to see something new.
  14. i want to play the Art Of War campaign but i cant download it
  15. so dropbox wont let me download the Cam files for some reason. can anyone help?
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