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  1. besides its all fiction. Adding a Russian Module doesn't mean you are in cahoots with the Russians.
  2. Are here any good tutorial videos on UV mapping? Im working on some things and i cant get it right unless i learn how to do it. like the NVG mounts on the ACH or goggles.
  3. Nevermind i was able to get ahold of it. Im looking to bring it to SF2 wish me luck! ill upload Screenshots when i have them.
  4. Is there anyone who has the Ranger Mod file for SF1? I want to try and recreate it for SF2.
  5. 0% is what i personally would like to achieve. i know it wont happen every time. but i try to find alternative ways to beat each scenario. Even if ive played it a million times
  6. 0% Vehicles can get replaced but im very careful with my infantry and air assets
  7. i got it to work for the Marines but the Army it just turns the harness black
  8. Cant wait to use it! Glad to see my Mods being put to good use lol.
  9. Im assuming you're using GIMP. Im installing it now.
  10. Is there a way to remove items off the infantry? For example. the ammo harness
  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have a quick one. is there a way to get the uniforms from ARMA 3 into SF2? as much as i would love to change the physical appearance. i know we cant. but at least the skin
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