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  1. I can confirm this. After upgrading to 22.8.2, game UI and rendering are broken.
  2. @Lucky StrikeAmazing work. I hope to get to porting the Blender plugins to 2.80 around Christmas. The metadata is editable from Blender and I will rely on the community to figure it out and tell me.
  3. Just happened to see a newsletter from Matrix games about this. Congratulations to Battlefront and I hope it leads to bigger things in the future!
  4. I am slowly porting the Blender plugin to 2.80. There were substantial changes to the API and I have a lot less free time these days, so it will take a while.
  5. Blender 2.80 removed the internal rendered, so you will now have to learn about BSDF and node based shading https://imgur.com/a/UWc7r3k
  6. In my experience, skinned meshes take a substantial amount of time to reverse engineer. Adding to the difficulty, CM does the animation on the CPU side instead of in the GPU shader which makes this even more involved. It may be that I never get around to it.
  7. From user reports and my reading of the Blender 2.8 API, the Blender plugins will not work on 2.8. It will be sometime before I port the tools, so for the near future Blender 2.79 is the latest version that is supported.
  8. To get started with texture mapping in Blender, checkout the "UV Editing" view in blender. You can change your views by clicking on the left drop down in the (1) box.
  9. @Aquila-CM We are going to have to sit down one day on Teamviewer and get to the bottom of this problem you encounter with deleting faces.
  10. Aquila-CM's excellent work motivated me to release the metadata update. The infantry file format is different than static objects, and though I made some progress reverse engineering it I would like to finish up mdr first.
  11. @The Steppenwulf I did some experimentation, but I don't have anything conclusive. One of these days I will get all my notes together and put them out, but for now it's best for people to experiment and share what they find. The meta data is the key to getting custom vehicles fully working since it contains data for wheels and suspensions.
  12. New version 0.9.2 of the Blender tools has been released. The importer/exporter now support what I call "metadata". For example, import bush1.mdr from CMSF2 with the meta data import enabled and you will see that the "trunk" object has custom properties.
  13. I am glad the tools are getting some use. Been really busy with real life stuff, so I never got around to figuring out how vehicles work. For the more advance users of Blender, you can import what I call "metadata" by checking a box in the importer. The data will show up in the object tab, under "Custom Properties." You can tweak things and when exporting the model also export the metadata. For example, I deleted the UAZ's canvas cover and had a fully working vehicle. The metadata could also be edited and exported, facilitating reverse engineering of its meaning.
  14. Good call, the previous save games are in the hundreds of KB.
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