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  1. Its Modern Combat. so the soldiers should use modern movements. Hopefully in the next patch.
  2. just going to say it. I HATE THE HUNT FEATURE!!! Would it be possible for them to have the troops have there weapons pointed up instead of low ready? Especially when going into a building. because when I'm hunting for the enemy, I'm going to make sure that all i have to do is turn that direction and fire my weapon.
  3. I did the rolled sleeves using photo shop. I would attach a picture but for some reason the site wont let me.
  4. so sometime ago I started working on adding more infantry units to the battle. it took me a while to figure it out because I never knew how to use gimp. So far I've added the 10TH Mountain Division. I've worked on combat shirts, belts, updated Camelback, black gloves, rhino mount (still trying to figure out UV Mapping to turn it black) new boots, IR strobes on the back of the ACH, Rolled Sleeves, and combat patches. ill post the drop box link and you guys let me know what you think. honest feedback please. If you like it let me know what other units i should add and i will add them https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eiykk9j50epl4gt/AABYRbGfwwYDX2A40MPCH-yta?dl=0
  5. the helmet I'm speaking of is called TACP its mostly used by Special Operations. i tried to post a photo but the size was too big. but yes i will contact him after work. let me know if you need me to PM you what i have so far.
  6. I've also been trying to add Silencers to the weapons. I would parent the object onto the barrel. Then I would save the file by replacing the file like I would do if I were replacing a weapon. but when I open the game the weapons are missing entirely. what might I be doing wrong?
  7. So im almost done with my 75th Ranger mod. the last possible thing i could do is replace the ACH with the TACP helmets that are currently being used. the problem is i have no clue where to find a 3D model and i still suck at UV Mapping. can anyone out there provide assistance? this is something ive been wanting to bring to the game for a while now.
  8. I was able to figure it out!!!! thanks a million
  9. I'm asking where you get it from and what's the process of getting it on the uniform texture.
  10. So I'm trying to put the final touches on my Army Ranger Mod. Only thing I'm missing is the Ranger Patch. Can someone show me how that's done? like how it was done with the Regular OCP/ACU patches. After that I plan on doing Combat Patches. Just so all the troops aren't slick sleeves lol
  11. gonna go grab a RedBull and get to WORK!!!!
  12. HOLLUP!! i watched that video.... show me a modern military unit who still moves like that
  13. I hate the hunt animation. Instead of the low ready their weapons need to be shouldered.
  14. Im going to bed now LMAO!!!
  15. I didn't know there was an HQS 2.4 I've still been using 2.2 I didn't see it on the mod site though.
  16. I’m waiting on battlefront to come out with American-Afghan war version
  17. Will Helo landings be possible this time around?
  18. well i was asking for a remodel of troops if possible.
  19. Where do I start 1. Helo landings 2. Shouldered weapons when issuing the hunt feature 3. Plate Carriers w Combat Shirts 4. Different type of units (Rangers, SF)
  20. Are there any new campaigns in the works? I’ve played all of them to the end and would like to see something new.
  21. i want to play the Art Of War campaign but i cant download it
  22. so dropbox wont let me download the Cam files for some reason. can anyone help?
  23. besides its all fiction. Adding a Russian Module doesn't mean you are in cahoots with the Russians.
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