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Wow! Almost fourteen years!

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Just noticed today that it's almost fourteen years since I first discovered combat mission :)

It's pretty incredible that I keep coming back to this place over the years.

And how far the game has come!

Back when CM:BO was released, it was not exactly the peak of graphics, but the mechanics under the hood more than made up for that.

And with CMx2, we have both the graphics and a better engine under the hood :D

I just have to say, I love you guys at BFC!

Thank you for 14 great years of torment and joy metered out in 60 second doses :)

And thank you for imprinting on the naive 23 year old me how much can happen in the span of a single minute.

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Sjeesj, you're right. 14 years! I remember downloading the beta demo (back in late 1999, was it?). After looking at it for a bit I thought, 'you've got to be kidding me,' and promptly deleted it. Tried a second time a few months later. and the rest is history. :)

Remember the original 'night of the refreshing monkeys?' Didn't we crash the board's server back then? Ah, good times...

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This means we are 14 years older too :eek:

Started in 1999 too but couldn’t remember my account name a few months later. But I was hooked up enough to create a new one after a year.

CMBO, CMBB and CMAK, after that we had to wait for years to get a follow up. And now we have more than we ever could dream of.

My secret dream is still to see the Operation mode back, and my favourite battleground.... the Eastfront.

Who knows ;)


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I started with BF when they were BTS playing Actung Spitfire and Over the Reich. I still have and very occasionally play them. Put much more time into CM titles though, been installed on every system I've owned since release. I have in fact managed to keep the exact same install/setup for each game from PC to PC over the years (touch wood that continues) so I still have some ancient screens of things like the 232 clown car (or was it 223?? I can't remember).


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BFC has been around for more than 14 years. This thread is really a celebration of Oddball_E8 posting on the forum for 14 years ;)

Heh, not much to celebrate there :P

And just for fun, I looked up the first post by me I could find in the archives:

this may be a stupid question but here goes.

i once had a ricochet that went at an absolute 90 degree angle. ie strait into the air. will it ever come down or does it just dissapear?

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