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  1. Many thx. Look forward to adding these two to my library.
  2. They are not going to stop until they fully control all of eastern Ukraine.
  3. Sorry guys, I dont buy it. Wolfpack tactics with 2 boats and a tug? LOL. Yeah, right. Also, curious how you know the names of those on the UKR ships. I have a hard time believing he would give away two of his 6 gunboats to create such an incident. There has to be far cheaper ways to do this such as sending out just the tug and ramming the first Russia ship that tries to interfere with passage. I will stick with my original analysis,UKR was not prepared for the RUS move which was obviously going to happen sooner or later and as such was stupid for putting its sailo
  4. Do the Ukr gunboats have guns? With the tensions slowly escalating over the last few months you would think that the UKR would have to have known that RUS would do something like this eventually. Either plan to defend yourself or do not make the move.
  5. Absolutely beautiful. Nice work on the mods. My only question is why isn't the brits shooting back?
  6. I do not understand what is taking so long. There cannot be more than 8 guys and maybe a couple of semi-armored thingies alive and not performing medic services. At this point turns should be as frantic as a chess match with 30 seconds on the timer.
  7. Good lord folks. How long after CM1 did we wait for CMBN? I had two kids, 1 house. 1 condo, 5 cars, and 3 jobs while waiting for CMBN and they still did not include my favorite part (operations). They will release it when it is ready and we will be happy with that. It is not like there isn't 1000 hours of content you probably have not played with another release. Go play a campaign. I am 15 hours in to the first scenario of the main CM RT campaign and I have 50 minutes of game play to go and still need to touch the final 2 lines. It can wait (at least until the next east coast major sno
  8. I joined a ladder a few years ago as a way to get pbem opponents and was immediately hammered with request to play because people thought me as a newbe would be an easy victory. After 2 or 3 rage quite me for some reason or another I gave up. I swear some people think they are getting paid to win. This is a game and is suppose to be fun; win, lose or draw.
  9. Steve - Thank you for the quick response and good luck getting it going soon. More snow forecasted for Sunday and Monday and would love to spend the time playing a new game or battle pack.
  10. Hey Cpt - Sounds like great fun. Send me a PM if you ever want to try it 2 player.
  11. I am sure this has been answered a dozen times, but what was wrong with the old store front? It worked for all of the other games and modules?
  12. Add me to the list of lurkers enjoying the show. I only saw this AAR yesterday and have been racing to catch up. My only comment is that the smoke seems wasted. I would have tried to hide the mortars some place in overwatch and used them for direct fire in to the cemetary and/or trees outside of town. I never can figure out LOS in AArs so I am not sure if this would have been possible.
  13. By far the best idea ever. I would love it with move commands as well. I cannot tell you how many times I double click a unit to figure out its group and then give a command or remove a command) by mistake not to the unit but the whole dang platoon/company. I then have to go back and painstakingly figure out who was effected and redo their command or worse have an entire company marching in the wrong direction....
  14. Careful, you are getting dangerously close to an Operation or Campaign Layer with that heresy.
  15. I think they should simply be cheaper to procure allowing you to sprinkle them around more freely thus better hiding where you are really at. My major issue is that troops frequently dont get in foxholes and stand in front of the fortifications. If this is simply a visual thing and doesnt impact game play OK but it does drive me crazy.
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