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  1. Many thx. Look forward to adding these two to my library.
  2. They are not going to stop until they fully control all of eastern Ukraine.
  3. Sorry guys, I dont buy it. Wolfpack tactics with 2 boats and a tug? LOL. Yeah, right. Also, curious how you know the names of those on the UKR ships. I have a hard time believing he would give away two of his 6 gunboats to create such an incident. There has to be far cheaper ways to do this such as sending out just the tug and ramming the first Russia ship that tries to interfere with passage. I will stick with my original analysis,UKR was not prepared for the RUS move which was obviously going to happen sooner or later and as such was stupid for putting its sailors in the position of having to defend themselves without the means, a plan, or backup. Those are petty cool little ships when fully kitted out and with properly planned backup they could have created quite the problem for Russia. Of course that probably would have created a hot war which is what Russia wants and in the end would not have turned out well for UKR. Russia is clearly spoiling for a fight so it can expand on its Crimea seizure and is slowly constricting UKR until it has to give up or fight. UKR is in a bad spot for the most part due to the west screwing them on the nuke deal.
  4. Do the Ukr gunboats have guns? With the tensions slowly escalating over the last few months you would think that the UKR would have to have known that RUS would do something like this eventually. Either plan to defend yourself or do not make the move.
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