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  1. Where are all the ads? I don't know what to buy and it's making me anxious. How does the data mining work here, do I have to manually send my data somewhere? There's also not enough outrage bait, I'm kinda addicted to feeling outraged and offended by something. It's a nice effort and I appreciate it but it feels hollow.
  2. Synchronicity and quantum mechanics is spooky stuff. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02456-5
  3. I thought so too at first since the rate of fire is very low but then again the impacts seemed big for 14.5×114 MDZ.
  4. I remember seeing a video where a Shilka in Syria was firing perpendicular at targets behind a highway, pausing whenever a truck, bus or other civilian car is about to cross the line of fire and then resuming firing. The traffic didn't even seem to slow down as they approach the stream of tracers. The human condition and so on.
  5. With the amount of exposed sensors next-gen vehicles are packing, shotgun & flechette type precursor rounds will likely be quite useful. The Jaguar is a fascinating example of expensive, fragile stuff outside armor protection:
  6. Also, from personal experiences I feel SLOW might be an under-appreciated command when moving into contact or I'm just experiencing statistical outliers. I've actively started using it more and I'm seeing great success. High-experience units moving into contact with SLOW will often spot enemies really well and will immediately return fire if engaged and don't seem to suffer from suppression as badly. It's really tricky to use since it will exhaust your troops really fast, but doing those final move into contacts manouvers with slow has proven useful. I usually used Slow when moving ATGMs, MGs, FOs and such into positions but now I've been using it to enter buildings and crest terrain into contact. Be careful when using it in the open though.
  7. There are definitely a ton of weird stuff that happens in CM, it's a computer program after all. But in long term the way CM emulates trends of reality quite well, it's not supposed to be easy to advance without taking casualties. It's frustrating when a plan and orders that one meticulously plotted doesn't go well, but atleast personally the biggest charm is that it never goes as planned, playing CM is all about controlling chaos. It's a punishing game, cruel mistress, femme fatale kinda thing like Dark Souls or Escape From Tarkov. What gamemode and tempo do you maintain? I play WEGO so waiting 5 ingame minutes to allow troops to observe and listen to their surroundings can be done in 20 real-life seconds. Advancing without taking casualties is a painstaking process, but if you methodically move from cover to cover, always maintaining excellent command & communication, always have overwatch covering a manouver element and always Target Brief the most potential threatening vectors while having a constant recon screen and support on call one can improve the odds. I can play maybe one "methodical" game in one day before it gets mentally tiring and but I can play a dozen scenarios in a quicker fashion where I take more casualties. I only recently got back to playing CM after a long break and at first I was frustrated at how I felt my troops were doing stupid stuff, but then I adjusted the way I play and I'm seeing less casualties.
  8. In the NTC 1979 scenario, your US tanks have a weaker gun and weaker armor, but have better spotting and better comms. Instead of trying to match guns with plates, seek out to leverage C&C to outspot and outmanouver your opponent. If you try to trade by sheer volume at long range, it will be statistically unfavorable. Ideally whenever an enemy tank crests or approaches in a narrow, several of your tanks will be engaging a single target with volume, or get a good ambush shot. Some simple rules: at any feasible range at any aspect any US tank is in mortal danger and can blow up at any second from an unseen ATGM or sabot. Soviet big guns and ATGMs will kill. Generally you can only afford to favorably trade at long range if you can leverage mobile TOW assets in good cover, they're incredibly accurate and deadly at extreme ranges. Otherwise, the Soviet heavy turret front advantage with T-64/72/80 vs. lots of your common penetrators will show, the 105mm gun on US tanks kind of sucks and there was a panic to replace it with 120mm. You should always be trying to outmanouver instead of outgun. Soviet ATGMs will, when properly utilized, absolutely mess up your tanks at long range. I've had great success taking out all US kit in CW with AT-3/4/5/6. I highly recommend leveraging all the mobile TOW platforms (infantry TOWs are too cumbersome, the crew will get suppressed when guiding and destroyed soon after.) The TOW is the premier long range antitank sniping tool in CW. The optics mean it spots amazingly well, it's incredibly accurate and it's rare to see anything survive a hit. It will enable you to reach out and touch things you want removed. I've had tremendous success with even the measly TOW jeep, it is so damn good as a mobile flanker in meeting engagements and other situations where you control the info space. When that tiny jeep peeks out from the bushes, it will routinely outspot especially buttoned up Soviet heavies and proceed to oneshot them while reversing away from danger. Unfortunately it seems like it's bugged and not available as single vehicle purchase in QB, only in formations. (OPFOR BRDM AT-3/AT-5s are also a favorite of mine when used similarly) The hammerhead M113 is amazingly good at trading with tanks when the range is 3km+ As always, you want to have a light infantry screen enabling all your battlefield actions. Try to maintain good comms between your tanks, tank hunters, recon elements and their HQs so your dudes will win the spotting game. Consistently winning in CM is all about thinking in terms of command and communication. The better you facilitate your Command & Control the more often you will outspot your enemy leading to outgun & outmanouver outcomes. One of the reasons I like CW so much is that a lot of kit that was rather useless previously, mainly recon stuff like BRDMs and Jeeps are quite useful now and I always buy some in QBs.
  9. What experience level infantry? I've been having opposite experiences, cursing at my low experience troops hitting the ground and stopping hunting when a stray round passes by.
  10. Down the barrel and into the breech?
  11. Well, that is rather hilarious. Wasn't very high on the checklist. Yeah, CM won't start at all without a sound device. You'll get a "DirectSound failed to initialize" error. If nothing is plugged into the audio connectors, Windows considers those audio devices inactive. When CM invokes DirectSound and DirectSound wants to communicate with audio devices to set everything up when the game starts, it cannot do so properly since they are inactive. DirectSound decides that's not cool and throws an exception.
  12. People who call PBEM outdated aren't futuristic, and are actually the true luddites. If and when WW3 comes, the internet will be one of the first things to go. A pigeon or a runner or a drone or maybe even a well-trained cat will deliver my PBEM turns. It's going to be a bit more laborious exchanging TCP/IP packets that way. Gonna take a while to get somekind of semaphore up and even then the latency and packet loss are going to be ghastly.
  13. Switching the integrated GPU off manually may cause issues. I would first try re-enabling the Intel graphics and updating their driver and other OEM drivers, the switching between different GPUs is AFAIK handled by them, then updating the Nvidia GPU drivers, overriding 3D settings in Nvidia control panel to force the game to run via the Nvidia GPU. Also have a look at the power management settings of the laptop, the laptop might be operating in power saving mode (they usually do) and not realize it should be giving the Nvidia GPU full power when CM is started.
  14. I know this comment will sound just like pedantic pontification and not be very useful, but there isn't that much technical difference between malware and legit software. The main difference comes from intent and malice. Like, a certain antivirus software was supposed to protect one's data and it turned out they were the ones selling your data. Even a cleaning software recommended in this thread has been accused of collecting and selling data. If you want to get rid of all, depending on point of view, parasitically functioning software on your computer the list of usable legit software will be rather small. It's a somewhat laborous task to try to keep a computer clean while routinely using proprietary software. Saying "build your own tools" is a ludicrous proposition and it's not an answer to the problem, but the fact that it comes up sort of highlights the required effort necessary to attempt to stay clean and pure in this world we've built.
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