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  1. Thanks guys, this was the aim of my scenario design
  2. Hello GhostRider, Great you have adjusted the scenario :). Do you have a link please? Jaws
  3. Thx Bandwagon, I watched Chaos and really enjoyed. It helps to read about the hotkeys to manipulate the graphics. Further you turned off the trees and that’s why you were confused why the TD's didn’t see the Kingtigers. Good job! This is how it ooks with trees on
  4. Wecome and I hope you enjoy the game as we do
  5. Never engaged this problem. I will report this Beta testers forum.
  6. 1st mission on Iron. Spoiler: Nice map and I love this setup Too many Russians imo. Normally it would be a 3 to 1 ratio for the attacker. But in CM it could be 3 to 2 ratio. Since the Russians are located in 10 plus buildings it’s not doable to destroy them one by one. And supress all buildings. The BMP helps a lot but is not enough. My advice; Ads some mortars(with smoke) and swap the MTLB for another BMP. Reduce the Russians with at least 33 %.
  7. When I downloaded it with Google Chrome it failed 2x. I switched to Internet Explorer and downloaded it in one try
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