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Aris Vehicle Thread...

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Nice job, as always :)

If you google "Tigers in Sicily" you will find some interesting pics.

AFAIK most of the 17 Tiger in the island were plain Dunkelgelb, but it seems at least one of them was cammoed. Numbers were small and painted in red or mid size in white outlined in black, similar to the HG ones.

The only surviving Tiger, ferried out of the island (there is a pic of it), was in plain Dunkelgelb and was numbered 222 (small numbers in red) IIRC.

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Great Fuser!

A question: Do you plan to finish the remaining CMBN vehicles not yet touched by your brush when 2.0 comes out?

Hush ! hush ! He's only just got back, don't scare him off :)

That Tiger looks superlative !

Just looking at that picture of the Marder in the BigDork-Tiresias AAR and it's crying out for the patented Aris-Dirt.

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