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  1. I got beaten by the AI all the time. My typical mistake is to move my guys to building next to spotting APC or tank. AI fire couple of rounds and kills most of my team. APC and tank fire is so devastating. It's hard to find good spot to fire back before you are dead. It seems I need to learn more about modern battlefield. IMHO scenarios are more challenging and amount of artillery and air power is overkill sometimes. Looking forward to see more scenarios with infantry and less armor and arty.
  2. This is the best! Tons of scenarios from small to huge. Just perfect!
  3. RT for smaller battles. WEGO for larger.
  4. Wow. Game is lighting fast and load times are much more quicker. This morning dowload speed was good, it took only 6 minutes to download.
  5. Yes! Downloading! 500 kb/s pretty slow, with my 100 mb/s connection. But slowly getting there! (3 hours) Is it possible or legal to get torrent download for this?
  6. No 'real service' here. In Finland every man will get their time as conscript. We have reserve army here. Served my time in -93. I was air artillery ZSU-23 mm (Sergei 23mm) as corporal for my gun team, served 365 days. I fired AK-47, sub machine guns, 12.7mm machine guns, pistols, and that 23mm Sergei. Boy that was fun. I love that gun! Even more fun when mounted on truck, nice mobile gun platform. Also served in coastal artillery. Now in reserve. My father served as UN soldier back in 70's in Cyprus. And grand father served in WW2 in continuation war against Soviet Union and grand-grand
  7. I'm fine that pre-order guys get it first. You did pre-ordered, right. Good works Chris and all Battlefront guys! But still I'm itching here to get it too...
  8. Yep, my friend. We'll get it eventually.
  9. I would like digital only pre-order too. Deliver is pretty expensive (27 dollar) to Finland, Europe. Plz, release it soon! I'll buy digital only as soon as it's there...
  10. I hope I could pre-order, but I dont really need +27 dollar mail order. I only need digital copy. I was kinda hoping to play this weekend, but it seems we have to wait few days more... Bad thing is that I have free weekend today but dont have time to play next week. So for me (at least) another full week before getting this... Edit: I also have all shock forces modules and almost all CM Normandy modules. Passed Red Thunder. Now it's time to get back.
  11. Indeed. Adding decent AI is easy, but time that it takes to test and tweak scenarios is too much for me. I have made maybe over dozen custom maps. Added forces and prepared couple of scenarios, but all half done. But I'm very happy to say that I have made four scenarios for Normandy. I liked French countryside with bocage and close fighting a lot.
  12. Here's my list: 1. Triggers for AI/reinforcements - this is A MUST. It would make designing scenario easier (now, you have to guess where the human player is). So now you cant know tempo of player. Longer scenarios can be boring, if AI is acting too fast or too slow. 2. More objects. How about making larger pile of stone which can be used when large house collapse. 3. Make choices in campaign. Make short list what to to next. Example you can wait for reinforcements or attack to gain surprise. Scenario makers could me very cool campaign, where you could make strategical choices. 4.
  13. Here's one big explosion. Brummbar explodes after fired by 76mm AT-guns.
  14. Thanks! Short question. Where should I put these files? Under Z-folder?
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