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  1. IR (thermal) is simply not working on LAV-AT-A2. Reported.
  2. There are no anti-armor precision rounds in CMSF2. There is only 155mm near-precision Excalibur with unitary HE warhead.
  3. From 1943 on sub-units of MGs and mortars were generally parceled out to brigades as “brigade support groups,” e.g.: https://www.saskatoonlightinfantry.org/during-the-war.html
  4. It's a company demonstration vehicle, not military. Rheinmetall Challenger 2 LEP hull offering with 130mm turret.
  5. Seems more of a well-orchestrated demonstration than a serious tactical exercise.
  6. Hedge I think gets used most for manicured gardens / parks in country houses and urban settings, so might keep that in mind if you are wanting a drop in conversion.
  7. Were there troops on the ground anywhere nearby? CAS procedures tend to significantly slow down engagements and limit the number of weapons employed at a time.
  8. Reported this. It seems the gunner is in the commander seat and vice versa. Thus with only two loaded, it can fire, but the gunner is not in the seat tied to reloading the RWS.
  9. Hi Jimbob, on the Steam forums you noted that all of the Brit module content is grayed out, not just the campaign.
  10. Did you dismount the AT team while the gun was being reloaded and leave the vehicle with just the driver?
  11. Just seems to be some extra ammo on the A team of the Scout/Sniper platoon's squads regardless of weapon selection in the editor. This isn't always apparent, as several options give the squad a mix of 7.62mm and .50cal rifles, and when you split those the appropriate ammo goes with the appropriate team. However, if the squad has only 7.62mm rifles or only .50cal rifles, then the A team has some extra ammo of the opposite type. I will log it.
  12. There is an asset in the campaign that is in both of the modules, which causes both to show green dot.
  13. They will switch to small arms when moving, I believe. Javelin is not shown on back when not in gunner’s hands (because it is not really a single item, but two components that are combined).
  14. I believe it would show as grey in the menu list if you were actually missing something needed to run the campaign / scenario.
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