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  1. Elvis, not only is there basically no chance of these being left out at this point, your list is shorter than it should be! 1. There are two 2.5-ton lend-lease trucks included: Studebaker and GMC. 2. While it has a very Soviet name in the game, the SU-57 is in fact a lend-lease T48 Gun Motor Carriage. 3. And the jolly good old Universal Carrier.
  2. The modernization of the Russian military in game actually exceeds that of the actual Russian military in 2020, with perhaps some very narrow exceptions.
  3. The game basically treats bunkers as stationary vehicles, so the same set of rules regarding KOs apply.
  4. Target arcs only affect spotting in so much as they affect facing. They are fire control orders. A face command has the same effect on spotting.
  5. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a522286.pdf I doubt this is modeled in CM given its complexity. Thermal optics are likely just a flat bonus to vision.
  6. I thought this was funny: The surfaces of the helmet are reflective...
  7. The scenario we've been discussing actually starts cool, but thermals are generally less efficient in daytime desert conditions. That doesn't necessarily mean worse than day optics / NVGs and it depends on multiple factors. I'll repeat that individual anecdotes are almost entirely worthless for discussion of spotting in CM. There are abstractions and spotting cycles for individual units that can lead to oddities like above, but they are unlikely to persist for long or be consistently repeatable.
  8. Here are the thermal optics discussed: http://www.nitevis.com/ANPAS-13E.htm
  9. Not sure what you are expecting to get patched here? I am looking into the equipment of the Fire Support Team to determine if they should have a thermal optic in addition to their laser target designator, but that's not a bug per se. Everything else seems to be working as expected.
  10. This is from a relatively new site. They also post some interesting videos on YouTube. https://www.battleorder.org/military-organization
  11. You can also just set the scenario time forward 30 minutes - 1 hr and the LOS for units without thermals will change.
  12. Friends, Grognards, Forummen, lend me your eyes... If I have thermals and you do not, then there will be conditions under which I can actually see a target and you can only know that it is roughly where I tell you it is, possibly no more than this bearing, this distance since you also may not be able to see relevant reference points. No amount of time is going to cause you to develop innate thermal vision and see the target yourself under those conditions, well unless we are speaking on evolutionary scale time.
  13. Again, it would appear based on behavior in game to be a simple optical laser designator, probably something like AN/PEQ-1. The icon is probably arbitrary. Same is used for Russian and Ukrainian forces. Now possibly it should be something like the AN/PED-1 (I think it should be for Black Sea, but not sure in CMSF2).
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