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  1. I'd wish for the ability to play back an RT saved game. I don't like to play RT, mostly because I miss too much of the spectacle, the pretty lights, the thing that blew up over there or the awesome firefight my platoon won while I was looking elsewhere. I would like to play RT but be able to play back a saved game file. Or even just a way to package the finished game into a file I can play back and rewind, whether it's RT or turn-based. I really enjoy seeing it all play out from different angles. Big part of the fun for me.
  2. Ability to play on Mac is frankly what brought me to Combat Mission games. I'm pleased that CMCW runs well on my newish intel mac mini. It sure ran great on a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro (but they weren't mine, and now they are gone). Super happy about it. Gonna be up too late tonight fighting through 'Racing the Moon' scenario in the 1982 set.
  3. Are you sure? I think you can give them a waypoint, while they are still mounted, and then Acquire. Works for me. They must be mounted to Acquire. I just acquired LAW and RedEyes while a squad is inside an M113, and they both have waypoints. In an RT game (not turn based), they can Acquire while the M113 is moving.
  4. Thanks, domfluff! domfluff's list of CMCW missions sorted by date.txt
  5. I think Vin's icons explains it better, but for that mod, I think you have to choose which of several icon sets you want, and change folder names so the one you want has a z in front of its name. I might have that wrong. For the lovely NTC terrain mod I just discovered yesterday, apparently the only thing I needed to do was copy its folder into my z folder.
  6. Mitteloberunteraschenbach or whatever it's called. Or one that I'm sure is in 1982, yeah, I'm looking for a short armor fight in 82.
  7. I think one of the things I like best about wargames, especially this one, is that the chessboard is not flat.
  8. Simply adding a z folder to the Data folder seems to work for me. Vin's icon mod is the only one I've tried here. It definitely works in CMCW for me. I have only tried the defaults set up in the mod, I think. I wanted to try a different set, but the defaults seemed to be describing exactly what I want. Like you, I've had to "Show Package Contents" to gain access to these folders. Actually, I just checked mine, and I don't have to dig into the package to get to the Data folder. If you have to dig into a package often, you can make an alias to a folder inside it, and then move that alias outside the game's folders. I do something similar with the "Saved Games" folder in CMSF2 and CMCW (only titles I own). I save often, and later delete files or rename them so I remember what they're supposed to be. (But the Saved Games folder is not inside the package on my Mac.) Showing Package Contents is a useful trick I've had to use for, gosh, more than a decade. If it's new to you, then welcome to a larger world. Sometimes, good stuff is in those. Obviously, I hope you agree, it can be dangerous to change anything in a package's contents. But at least a few apps document it as a normal process for accessing preferences or making changes to an app's behavior. Situation normal. Once, I was lucky enough to find image files in an app for its interface. I could reskin it just by replacing them... but there could easily have been size limitations on the files that I didn't encounter, or color depth. I just lucked out and changed its buttons to suit me, and it worked. Other times, it didn't work and I didn't spend time figuring out why.
  9. Slammer's tanks would fire a flat-trajectory shot that travelled fast, but not fast as light (I think). Fast, though. And flat trajectories. These would be line of sight weapons. What I'd really be interested in is gaming to discover what warfare might be like when you can simulate, for example, a situation where air power's impossible, anything above ground is either armored or instantly zapped by *something*. Machines would have to hug the ground, hide, burrow. Or maybe game a situation with "laser" cannon. Or a swarm of small wingman machines that can assist a tank. A drone tender that launches and recovers drones. I get the impression that it's not possible to edit such details in a CM mod, so I'll just focus right now on those awesome 1980s battle scenarios. I'm excited bout this Cold War game.
  10. ngl, if it were possible I would already be learning how to make a Hammer's Slammers mod.
  11. The editors of Place magazine would like to issue the following redaction to our story of the Battle Of The Two Fahrbahns, appearing in yesterday's issue. Typographical errors were corrected. The Place regrets these errors.
  12. I think of the graphics implementation as a plus, for me, because I don't usually get to choose the computer I play games on. It's just whatever I had to use for work stuff, and isn't ever prioritized for 3D games. Usually a Mac. I was pleased to find I could load CMSF2 on my wife's little Dell convertible PC. I do kinda wish I could have some of that fancy shader stuff I see the Windows users mentioning, but only because I love digital graphics. The game's fine as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Finally got thru it. It was encouraging to know I still had a chance. I'm glad I mentioned it. I sometimes saved every few seconds (this is RT mode, Basic Training level) so that I could go back and see what just happened (as well as cheat like a Time Bandit, sometimes). I didn't even notice one of the aircraft kills my AA troops achieved. The Soviet air support expertly zapped an M150 a minute or two after it arrived on station. That was a dramatic explosion, but I didn't know what had caused it. Was totally absorbed. Still poking through the ashes. Fascinating. Now I'm gonna go back thru some earlier saves and watch some highlights, all the pretty lights.
  14. I do a lot of checking and rechecking, maybe too much. I wish I could assign keyboard and/or mouse controls to the Up/Down movement that's driven by the mousewheel. I've got no way to emulate that, but plenty of keys not bound to anything. It would make life within the game's render box easier. I'm using a Mac that was built for video editing, and it handles these graphics just fine, as far as I can tell. I was more surprised by the way nearby objects are clipped when the camera comes close (I love zooming in on an in-flight rocket, then unpausing and watching it zoom, that kinda thing).
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