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  1. 2 useful blender tips for face normals: Before you're done with a mesh, do Shift-N to make all the normals match. It'll probably guess right the first time. In the Solid view mode, enable face normals so you'll see which way they're pointed. Do that every now and then, and do it right after you do a Shift-N. You'll either see a mesh that's fuzzy with little blue hairs, or you won't. If you don't, do Shift-N again.
  2. I don't claim to know anything about it, but from where I sit, there's no reason to believe that anything Putin does is because of his feelings, or pride, or anger, or fear. I think his moves are carefully considered, strategic, & cunning.
  3. Let's see if this works. Yep. I think I figured it out. Long story short: the URL you used is one that points to a web page, with several images. Each one of those images has its own URL. I right-clicked an image, copied the link location, then in this message window, I clicked "Other Media" and used that approach to stick your image URL in. So, this is just one of the images.
  4. Cold War (era) songs that put me in the fighting mood: Reign of Blows - XTC Bombs Away - The Police Cities in Dust - Siouxsie and the Banshees Songs from the era that make me want to sue for peace: Stand Or Fall - The Fixx Red Skies At Night - The Fixx This World Over - XTC The album Paranoid by Black Sabbath and the song House Burning Down by Jimi Hendrix have always led me to picture scenes of war.
  5. In the USA, at about that time, 83 to 84, there was a book going around arguing that US estimates of Soviet strength were exaggerated. Apart from the old story about the need for tankers 5'4" or shorter, I recall much was discussed about the poor quality of machinery, training and maintenance. I vaguely recall it. I wrote my first college research paper for English 102 based on that book, since I was reading it anyway for fun. Personally, I felt they probably didn't have a shortage of short tank crewmen and if it came down to it, they'd just cram your tall a__ into the tank anyhway and say mov
  6. I was up too late last night and it wasn't the only night that I almost woke up my wife because I busted out laughing a few times at The_Capt's banter.
  7. Not in my case. I am not commenting on this battle (I have nothing to offer anyone here about tactics). I watch with rapt attention. This thread has kept me coming back to the site day after day.
  8. oh, my gosh, I didn't realize that. I am doing that from now on! I'm not a great tactician, but I have fun. When I get a game, I eventually want to see ALL of it, so I really appreciate this tip!
  9. I always thought the Merkava was most beautiful -- sure looks like a bada** to me. From Mk I on, they just keep looking more bada**.
  10. I used to play on a team in Arma's predecessor, the mighty Operation: Flashpoint. The attraction, for me, was the active modding community and the openly available tools. The inbuilt AI just isn't interesting to us here; I can't say how it compared to its peers because I didn't play them. Trying to make a few mods, like a Merkava, led me to meet up with a group of players, the QSF, great bunch of folks. I enjoyed how the game (and its best mod makers) tried hard to be a sim, not an arcade game. It modeled the ballistics, for example. Being hull-down mattered. I had a great time, be
  11. I liked Twilight 2000! I've been waiting for a turretless Abrams variant like the one in TW2K, where the crew stays in the hull and only the gun(s) and autoloader are above the hull. I hope to see Bradleys. This was the fight they were designed for. Would like to game with them in the Fulda Gap scenarios.
  12. I am very excited about this Cold War game and look forward to it very much because it is actually the game I've always wanted. Ever since I read the paperbacks of The Third World War and Team Yankee, I wanted to game this out dozens of ways... including a what-if like, what if NATO had adopted the S-Tank widely as a defensive option, maybe as a trade-off for a concession in arms reduction treaties? What if NATO struck first? What if neither side could dominate the skies? I got back into wargaming during quarantine, specifically inspired by news reporting of government planners using wargam
  13. I destroyed static tanks with them; these are t-54 or t-55.... well, t-fiftysomethings.
  14. Since COVID quarantines began, I've gotten interested in wargames again, remembering my dad playing them on the dining room table on weekends (he and his friends played Tobruk, for example). Saw lots of interesting stuff, but not much for a Mac. Then I rediscovered Combat Mission after reading reviews on sites like wargamer.com. I had one of their games years ago, called Beyond Overlord, I think? I recognize the visual style and turn-based format. While playing the demo, I felt like this was the best kind of wargame for me, a lot like the old bookcase wargames. I'm having a lot of fu
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