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Found 22 results

  1. For the first time I caught such a bug, when the AI of tank cannot choose its target to defeat. Perhaps this is a rare bug. CMBS v 2.15 save file
  2. To be honest, i was tolernated so many times about this issue. Once a time, my men(veteran) weren't suppresedm , they have a good view for shooting ,no block, the enmey tank is just about 30-40meters far away. After shooting about 9 rounds, they still can not hit the targer for even once. No matter your men are sit in the plain or the high floor, they can never hit the target. Just now, i 've suffered on more time, the same map, another location on a floor, the enmey's tank just drive by the house about 20meters far away, and they still can not hit the target, the round even do
  3. it is quite stupid, when your troops are at a high ground but with staright plain, usually they will just prone on the edge of the hill. I mean, it is a very good place, good cover good view, but this game just make them prone at a dangerous place without cover or anything else. can't u just move back a little when they are at such a possition? The same about the roof, some times u need to shoot the rocket lancher, however , for the IS, they are low on skills to shoot the target even within the 50 meters, somtimes you didn't hit the enemy and pine down yourself, but if they stand abo
  4. Before discussing this crucial problem, i have to claim that this is not a topic about wrong tac or mere nonsense bull **** words about this game. From Us and Us marine to Nato forces, i have done lots of tests about Rocket launcher -whether they are able to shot the target from a relatively normal ranges which are within 300 meters. The results really shocked me for real, however, their terrible behaviors that can not even able to shot a target loacted 200meters far for over 50%(from green to veteran), these results remind me about some soliders talked about the training concering the Ro
  5. Hi, I have had reason to be inspired to create a SP scenario that will feature the player as the attacker. It has occurred to me that there are some basic game concepts that I deal with as a player that I do not know how or if are they dealt/are made to be dealt with by the AI. I know there are things like "AI plans" and "AI triggers" now in the game, but I'm just looking for a basic run down on how the following things are typically dealt with by scenario designers when managing/scripting the AI. - Off map artillery: I am guessing the AI doesn't call in a fire mission whenever or where ever i
  6. Hi guys, I mainly play PBEM versus my buddy and also like to play quick battles against the computer. However, the computer player never seems to do anything. It doesn't seem to deploy tactically and it makes no attempt to move any units or vehicles. It will call down arty strikes, but that's as aggressive as it gets. Units will react as normal when spotting my units and will shoot or retreat, but never anything else. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I've tried playing at various difficulty settings and nothing seems to change.
  7. So from some long experience with this game its become clear to me that the accuracy of tanks and AT guns are way too accurate once they are zeroed in. The AI will aim pixel perfect on the same spot every shot, only the gun accuracy itself will deviate the hits. Here is some tests i did with and without cover infront of the tank (hull down). The lesson here seems to be that a tank with enough armor SHOULD NOT go hull down cus its a death sentence due to how AI aims and mixed with the unreal zeroed accuracy the main gun will get knocked out very quickly. Tiger 2, behind a 2m hill (hul
  8. I can't get the new (4.0 Engine) withdraw or Facing orders to work properly. Most of the time vehicles will stop at their destination order map zone and turn their back on the OpFor. Then when it is time to withdraw they spin the front hull towards the OpFor, as they are suppose to, and back away. They seem to want to face their next destination order which means turning their back to the OpFor when the next order is withdraw. Also the infantry never seem to face the OpFor as they withdraw. I have tried about everything I can think of. Facing and withdraw cancel each other out so tha
  9. I'm sure this has been answered, but searching for this topic just turns up a ton of (interesting) discussions of RL tactics. I know what this command does - targets for arty - but what are the mechanics/limitations/possibilities?
  10. Are there any articles/threads/AAR/dev blogs that can explain the AI in combat mission in detail? I am looking for something quite in-dept, as I am aware of the basic levels of AI like tacAI. operational AI and strategic AI. But I would like to delve deeper and understand it better.
  11. Purchased the CMBS Battlepack. Haven't played for a while and this first mission in the US campaign is reminding me of how this game frustrates. If a gunner in a Stryker is shooting at a target, but then is fired upon by the enemy, he should duck back into the vehicle to stay out of harm's way. But the AI does not do this. The gunner will stay out in the open until he is killed/wounded. Anyone agree that this should be changed? Another thing is the attacking behavior of the enemy units. In the middle of the mission, two enemy jeeps came rushing towards my units. They ended up drivi
  12. One thing I've noticed with CM games, is that the AI is not reactive. For example, I'm playing the "First Clash" battle in CMBS. Three enemy tanks approach my front line. One is knocked out. The other two proceed to advance in the next turn and are promptly knocked out. I've experienced this many times. I've never attempted to create a scenario myself. Is it simply because the scenario designer decided that the tanks were going to advance full throttle regardless of whether contacts are made? Is it possible to create scenarios where the two tanks do instead what is rational (e
  13. Is there any difference in the AI (playing against it in single player) depending on the turn system? I am specifically interested in only this one, not on the other differences.
  14. I have seen this situation in many of my turn based battles, also in game engine version 4.0. In turn planning phase I give my tank a Face order, let's say turn 90 degrees Then during the 60 second movie this tank starts turning and while this is mostly still in progress a dangerous enemy unit appears, like infantry with AT weapons or enemy tank. Despite this my tank continues turning AND cannot use its gun before turning has finished. Often this means the enemy unit kills my tank which just keeps turning its hull instead of defending itself. the improvement: IMO once this dang
  15. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being terrible and 10 being perfect, what is your opinion of the quality of the AI in the Combat Mission series (engine x2)? My opinion after many hours logged with CMBN and CMBS: 7/10
  16. If anyone already thought of this or asked this question already and I missed it...sorry. But I thought there was a way--for instance: When Enemy armor triggers phase line Allied reinforcements enter... Etc. What say you all?
  17. Hello all, I would like to know if it is possible to define when created a scenario, some units in the allied side as computer control instead of human control. (like the ones defined in the opponent side) I would like to have just some units controlled by the user, and the others that are controlled by the AI, but not sure if it is possible or not. I saw that you can define plans for both sides, but not sure if for the sides of the players, the plan is following for his units. Thanks and regards !
  18. To all scenario designers: Let's say there is a mechanised platoon and I wish to assign the vehicles of the platoon as a separate AI group (separate from the infantry squads). Is it, nevertheless, possible to start with the squads mounted on the AFVs, order the latter to dismount at some point, and only then assign separate orders to the infantry AI group? Or do I have to start everything dismounted the setup phase? Thank you
  19. A couple of threads have prompted this poll. I hope that: a) it works (it's my first poll ever anywhere; be gentle with me ) it has some use or entertainment value. BFC is convinced that nobody would pay an economically sustainable price to make spending a lot of development time on AI improvement to the detriment of new features. I'm thinking that if the game is largely feature-complete (what's missing? Flares and proper nighttime illumination sources; environmental fire; mast-mounted vision equipment... can't think of anything else immediately) and they're working on a UI improve
  20. I'm interested in Red AIs for the two biggest maps. Lots of AIs. I like Quick Battles, I like building my own force, and I like playing U.S. So if one of you geniuses built lots and lots (more is better) different, scattered, diverse, weird, huge, wise, foolish, uninhibited, classical, strange, standard, completely unhinged Red force OBs and AIs, life would be grand. Use all the points. Follow the doctrine or break all the rules. Call in the airstrikes or dig the infantry in. Order a cavalry charge with the armor or set perfect ambushes. I have demonstrated rather clearly that I ha
  21. Hi all, I can't seem to get "Can Trigger" orders to work, specifically the following example: AI Group 2 is supposed to exit its setup zone and secure a farm complex, then wait to advance until AI Group 3 appears on map as reinforcements and begin their advance on a different farm complex. Group 3's second order is set to "Can Trigger," and Group 2's second order has the Group 3, Order 2 trigger listed as "Wait For," and then they have order three, like so: Group 2: Setup (exit between 0:00 and 0:30), Order 2 (wait for Group 3, Order 2, exit between X and Y), Order 3, Order 4, etc.
  22. Hi all, and hope this isn't a repost -- My luck is that the M25 CDTE guy is the first to eat it when squads take casualties, and I noticed that the weapon seemed to never get salvaged, despite it being a "RPG/Panzerschreck" level force multiplier in terms of the firepower of the squad and what it can kill. Does anyone else notice this, or is it just my bad luck and the game simulating the weapon being damaged?
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