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  1. You still have 2 more weeks until the end of the month
  2. I bet somewhere between the 15th and the 23rd.
  3. Less than a month away- when will we get the exact release date ? Or will we get it ?
  4. Not in the case of Fire and Rubble 😛
  5. @weapon2010 You can't do that, because its only works for WW2 stuff..... Also, I would like to have a "Rules of Engagement" folder for each Platoon commander and above, that will determent what the Platoon will do in ana event of a fight, fo example, dont fire that thing unti that thing happens, move at a speed of X, dont fire until the range of Y, etc etc...
  6. One thing I would also like to be implemented, is that you could put weapons and ammo back in vehicles, for example if you are mistaken taking the weapon you didn't want or you just don't need the weapons when the inf dismounts (only for weapons you took from the vehicle).
  7. Yea the replay sytem would be cool, to watch after you finish the battle in Turn based or real-time to watch unfolding.
  8. Post here your engine 5 wishlist I Would very like to know what other people want to implement in the game. Personally, I would like: -Actual Servo Stabilizer for MBTs with two-plane Stabilizer -being able to tell a vehicle with multiple heavy weapon systems (such as IFVs with Autocannons and ATGMs) What weapons to use (shoot ATGMs only, shoot Cannons only, shoot ATGMs only at Tanks etc..)
  9. @37mm Do you maybe have an HD pack for CMBN and CMFB too ?
  10. Oplot have a penetrator from the 80s (same one as the T-64BV) they can't produce APFSDS by themselves so they are keeping production of the old ones from the Soviet Union.
  11. I have entered the key code in steam and it says some one already activated the code. I could send the key code if needed so you can check it out your self, and show my Library .
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