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  1. I've just finished to test the scenario in H2H. And its not that balanced in favor of the axis player. I've played the allies and I noticed all 3rd armored reinforcements are -1 -2,did you chose that because of historical accuracy or balance ? @theforger
  2. @Sgt.Squarehead Can we get the British army in BS while we are at it ? 😁 @akd I'm not sure, I think there were some special forces on the ground.
  3. BTW there is an example of Hellfires been lunched much faster IRL than in the game: During H hour in Operation Desert Storm 4 Apaches launched 27 Hellfires (not F&F) in 4 minutes + 70mm rockets and 30mm Cannon fire. And I believe that the Russian Supersonic Vikhr will fire much more missiles in the same period of time compare to the Laser Guided Hellfires.
  4. The Hellfire presented in the game called simply "Hellfire". It is important in my opinion to represent the variant of the missile because the F&F Missiles are able to be launched separately, you don't have to wait until the missile hits the target thus allowing quick firing of all missiles (16 max) in less than 2 minutes instead of firing 2 missiles in 1 minute MAX, while they all hit deferent targets. What do you guys think ? There should be F&F missiles in the game ? Of course I think its not in the game because of the same reason rocket arty is not in the game but It
  5. Some one got an HD Pack for CMBS ? If yuou do, pleas consider share me your pack in Dropbox. (There aren't any HD Environment or large amount of HD vehicles in the CMMOD3\4.
  6. @Erwin I checked in CMMODS, there is some, but not all of the package.
  7. Some one has a full pack for Aris's mods in CMFB ? (Vehicles, terrain, skins etc) if one of you do have, pleas send a Dropbox link. Thank you.
  8. I finished this scenario *****SPOILER***** In my opinion the scenario is very one sided, the 28th always win because once you destroyed all the panthers ( there are 5 of them ) you basically defending against inatry capable only force with heavy tank support ( 2 platoons of Shermans and the coy HQ ( 3 tanks).
  9. I really liked the modern era, I already purchased CMBS but I dont know what about CMSF2 its is very expensive CMBS costs 60$ lush the map pack 70$ CMSF2 costs 125$ ! Almost double the price ! I played the beta to see if I like it and I do, But is it worth the money ? There is really a lot of scenarios/ formations/ factions/ maps ? Any help will be welcome.
  10. @Warts 'n' all Do not see "Fields of Tears" on the scenario depot in the FGM or in the CMFB section, can you link it to me pleas ? The "Courage Conquers" , already played it, didnt like it, I dont know why maybe because lack of armor, yes the Aachen campaign wasnt jave a lot of armor too but you thats a urban combat wich most of the time do not need tanks. And I meant to the new gampaign he is developing not the scenario, I already played it.
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