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  1. Hey Dave, That is great, thank you. I appreciate the insight! It sounds like a title that would be a blast to play. Thanks!
  2. on average, how big are the maps? Is there a lot of infantry battles? I'd appreciate any insight. I'm on the fence about buying this but am leaning more and more towards purchasing it.
  3. Yeah for me modern is anything with ATGM etc How would you guys describe the game? What do you think? Is there a lot of infantry battles or mixed arms? What title is CW most comparable to?
  4. Hey will a demo be released? I'm keen to check it out. I am a major WW2 fan of battlefront product but kind of fell off the modern stuff. It is definitely an era I am interested in though. The peer to peer battles, I won't feel so bad about casualties like SF2. Thanks,
  5. Hey, Thanks for confirming, I checked out your link. It is like double the performance in most categories. That gives me confidence it is a good buy. Thanks for the personal testament as well. One more thing Heirloom, what settings do you play on? All you guys are great, I appreciate your help. Thank you,
  6. Ok, thanks Erwin, I will take that into account. Good call out. This is the computer I have right now: ASUS VIVOBook laptop. AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.10 GHz. When I bought it a year ago, I didn't play games, I just needed it tp run Excel and other valuation software. I bought it to do work and then I started screwing around with games on it. The opposite of work. This is the computer I'd like to buy now as mentioned above. Solely to play games. I just put it below for convenience. I think I can work on getting 1TB SSD and upgrading for $250 to I7. But
  7. Thanks for getting back to me everyone. z1812 that does look like an awesome computer and I hear what you are saying about the I5. I think that it makes a lot of sense to get it right from day 1, especially given how quickly tech evolves. I understand that CPU governs PC performance as you mentioned and taking into account what MikeyD said, I looked at the performance of a laggy level in CM and found that it utilized 5-8% of my CPU 47% of my ram and 94% of my VRAM. Are any of these metrics representative of the game running on the wrong graphics card? Or of some other type of other error
  8. Would this computer not be able to handle stock CM content? Like the battles and campaign missions on balanced settings? I appreciate you guys breaking it down for me. I am just looking to make it work and look half decent. All feedback appreciated. I have to track down the recommendation z1812 sent as it went to the home page of Bestbuy. How much should I aim to spend?
  9. Hi All, A gaming desktop sale is currently on and I saw a Dell G5 series computer retailing for $1,299 down $700 from $2,000. The computer has these specifications; 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-10400F processor Windows 10 Home English NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 16GB, 1x16Gb, DDR4, 2666Mhz 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD + 2TB SATA 7200 RPM HDD 3.5" Are these specifications sufficient to play size huge campaigns and battles on balanced settings? My current computer lacks the power to handle these maps and I am unable to play a lot of CM campaigns and battles . I'd a
  10. Hi, I was told that all campaign maps are available in the quick battles menu, is this true? I have been playing operation epsom, a fantastic campaign, and I was trying to find the maps or similar maps in quick battles but was unable to do so. I am unsure if the amount of quick battles is so high that I can't locate them or that they don't exist there to begin with. Could someone confirm? I'd welcome any recommendations for quick battle maps. I am a big fan of the newer maps that have darker grass coloring. I appreciate your help! Almac
  11. That is awesome. It is amazing how many maps there are in these games. When I compared FB and RT, have to point out that both are jammed full of content. The emphasis on producing real world maps is also huge. They can be played a 100 different ways. The most fun is thinking up a plan, executing that plan and making adjustments as needed. When you take into account the terrain, equipment, and soft factors, the game is operating on a whole other level.
  12. I heard talk about comparing game sales. Look at the content of FB vs RT. FB has way more content. I think FR will really fill out RT and allow it to compete with the other titles on a content basis. I think both are great, but when selecting titles people want to maximum the value per $ of their purchase. That's my hypothesis. RT still has some of the best maps and action I've seen. No matter what way you cut it, it's a killer series. Figure me this, the campaign maps in combat mission are some of the best. Would it be possible to release a campaign pack where all the campaign maps a
  13. Does that mean that by the time the game is released, the beta tester have played through it like 5 or 6 times? What is the difference in regions in the quick battles section? I have changed between different regions but never noticed a difference. What am I missing? I noticed that anti tank infantry have a hard time spotting tanks, has anyone else noticed this? How do you cope with the dynamic? I can't wait for fire and rubble. The new uniforms and equipment look awesome. It looks like the game's atmosphere will reflect the stage of the war. I think red thunder will really be
  14. I'm going to try something different here; I don't think it will come out today and I have a bad feeling about tomorrow. See if that swings the pendulum to a release today or tomorrow. I think that 6 years developing anything would become a pain after a while, especially with so many set backs. I bet Battlefront wants to release it and move on just as bad as we want it. I get the sense they really dig what they do so, I'm sure their keen to share it. BFCElvis always seems pretty amped about fire and rubble. I think it is the lack of transparency or visibility as far as when i
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