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  1. Hey All, I'm keen to give this game a shot. I keep mulling over buying it but am hesitant to pull the trigger given my preference for ww2 titles. I understand a demo will be released at some point, is there an ETA on when it will be released? Or, will a demo not be released sorry? Thanks, Almac
  2. Hey Kohlenklau, I apologize, I missed thanking you for sending the drop box link and the images above. Thanks for helping me out. Those look really cool. I dig the bottom one. It has that worn in rough look, that makes a lot of the CM vehicles and equipment look so cool. I appreciate your insight.
  3. Hey Mark! What is happening man! Yeah so it isn't the sides that caught my attention. It is the front. It looks cool from the sides. I just added the side photos to round things off. I'm not using any mods, it is just the base game, nothing fancy. What do you guys think?
  4. This is what I was referring to. I have a new computer that is more powerful than the laptop I used to take the pictures but the same thing happens. I noticed it in RT and FB. Two fantastic titles I might add.
  5. Yes, for sure. I'd appreciate your help. I will post a picture here as soon as I can.
  6. Hey Everyone. I hope you are all keeping well. In my RT-FR, and in another combat mission game I have, the Waffen SS helmet netting looks funny, like it is a glitch. It looks different from the German Army helmet wiring. Does anyone else have this same issue? At first I thought it was glitching due to map size etc, but the more I test, the more I realize it is a more pervasive issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to rectify this? Thanks, Almac.
  7. Hey Dave, That is great, thank you. I appreciate the insight! It sounds like a title that would be a blast to play. Thanks!
  8. on average, how big are the maps? Is there a lot of infantry battles? I'd appreciate any insight. I'm on the fence about buying this but am leaning more and more towards purchasing it.
  9. Yeah for me modern is anything with ATGM etc How would you guys describe the game? What do you think? Is there a lot of infantry battles or mixed arms? What title is CW most comparable to?
  10. Hey will a demo be released? I'm keen to check it out. I am a major WW2 fan of battlefront product but kind of fell off the modern stuff. It is definitely an era I am interested in though. The peer to peer battles, I won't feel so bad about casualties like SF2. Thanks,
  11. Hey, Thanks for confirming, I checked out your link. It is like double the performance in most categories. That gives me confidence it is a good buy. Thanks for the personal testament as well. One more thing Heirloom, what settings do you play on? All you guys are great, I appreciate your help. Thank you,
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