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  1. Hello! Just a couple of things I spotted when messing around with ugly halftracks. The U304(f)-3 (the command variant) is missing it's internal textures and the U304(f)-10 (the 37mm Platoon leader variant) has the gunner and passengers sitting in the floor of the vehicle rather than on the benches. Nothing game breaking or anything like that. I'd post some screens, but apparently I've run out of space.
  2. In some rare cases parts of an infantry unit will stay in place. I think the reason could be a vehicle on the edge of the map while these people dismount. Save file: dropbox link
  3. Sadly we still get bridge bugs from time to time and personally I want to get to the root of the problem so we can solve it once and for all. Or as much as possible. I know it will be hard, but challenge accepted I have set up a "test arena" of bridges and vehicles to study bridge bugs and try to analyze why/when they occur. So I need some volunteers to run the test and provide me with saves, screenshots etc of bugs and I will complile it all somehow. This is the base test and it is for FB. I might tweek it further on depending on what hypotheses I want to test. There might also be a test
  4. I'm going to go ahead and report this as a bug: When issuing a HUNT comand to troops, they do not stop moving immedaitely when fired upon. Only if they spot an enemy unit, or if their suppression meter starts to fill up. This makes he command quite useless and causes unnecessary casualties because troops will keep walking forward as the enemy enjoys some free target practice. Before any of you start to get creative with explanations why everything is working perfectly, please refer to the 4.0 manual: HUNT Infantry - this command maximizes the unit’s awareness for poss
  5. Hello, I have some memory of perhaps some similar issue like this relocating to building entry by infantry being talked about in the past. I discovered this some time ago while playing a PBEM of the scenario MG Lonsdale's Block. I have tried to replicate the problem on a "blank" new scenario file but the problem doesn't present itself. At this stage the problem just seems to be specific the actual MG Lonsdale's Block.btt file for some reason. There are two four-story buildings types that happen to both face west. In the editor they are termed Independent Buildings>
  6. As you can see on the picture, the second floors texture is completely missing on several buildings. The map is: Rough-hills (544 x 1344) 302 Meet.btt No mods, version 2.13.
  7. As title says, after reloading the cover of the PK machinegun (I don't know if PKM or PKP) stays open in some cases and the infantry fires with it like that.
  8. I just bought and downloaded Fortress Italy bundle with Gustav Line and Rome to Victory. After install and entering the authorization code (which said all of the modules were unlocked), I go into the game. Right on the main menu page, it says I'm missing files: v110c gustavline.brc v112.brz v200brz v210a.brz v210c rometovictory.brz v210e rometovictory.brz Do I need to redownload the installer?
  9. CMBN 4.02. I was playing a battle last night, and some of my units lost the ability to Face(G). One was 4th Platoon leader unit way in the back with the mortars under no fire and no danger that I could see. I could tell it to move in all the normal ways, but not Face (G). A couple of other units also lost the Face ability. Am I missing something obvious?
  10. In the scenario Editor, the German tank crew are armed like the Canadians. Under the German single vehicle tab, the Leopard 2A4 and the Leopard 2A6 crews (both armored and machined) , they have C8s.
  11. I have been playing a CMBN 4.0 QB. During this battle I've noticed several cases where all members of a team (like German HMG team or panzerschreck team) do not move to next waypoint. Some soldiers move, but some stop and won't follow. This "stopping place" seems to be near a very steep cliff. So it seems that the cliff prevents soldiers from moving to direction where they should be , and the game cannot find a longer route to next waypoint. Here is one example. example pic
  12. I'm not sure how the potential bugs should be reported, so I'm just going to post here. The mortar fire mission in my CMFI game is completely off target. To the point that I'm thinking, it could be a bug. The spotter for the mortars is a HQ unit. The spotting rounds were falling very close to my units, but I though it wold be corrected. Is it a intentional simulation of military SNAFU or could that be a bug?
  13. In CMBN v4 I've noticed that most tanks etc can spot and shoot through bocage. But for some reason some units like German Marder III cannot. They can only spot, but either they can't shoot or it is rare (because the enemy kills them first). Is this a bug? I haven't tested all similar tank hunter vehicles, is this same thing happening with them also.
  14. The Ukrainian Artillery Observation Vehicles (MT-LBU 1V14) in Mortar Batteries can't call artillery, it doesn't have laser designator either. The same is true if you pick this vehicle from "single vehicles" list. But the same vehicle at the battalion level seems to work just fine (call strikes, has laser designator). As far as cost goes, the battalion MT-LBU costs 120/360, the mortar battery MT-LBU costs 100/300. Is this intentional or a bug?
  15. So, I'm busily recording the big grand finale of the next TTP video, and I came across some very strange behavior: When ordered to cross a section of cleared minefields, infantry seem to actively avoid the clear sections, and wander outside the lane. Having run into a minefield, my M4A3 reversed, and the Crab went forward to clear the mines. At this point, I figured I'd cross a Team, so I placed a movement waypoint one AS short of the lane, and the next waypoint directly across the far side of the lane, much like you'd plot a bridge movement. The Squad Leader, in his i
  16. As the title says. This was taken in CMBN but pretty much every title I own has had this problem since the 4.0 upgrade. Didn't bother to report until now. Don't know if it was reported by anyone else. if it was regard it as moot.
  17. I have a German halftrack with extra ammo. I can select acquire command and the ammo type appropriate to the halftrack machine gun - I think - (7.92 AP). The stored ammo amount is decremented but the amount of ammo available to the gunner does not increase. Either this is not allowable and I should not be able to select the acquire button or the ammo should be incremented.
  18. Im guessing this is a bug, not sure if its known though. Im playing the second battle in the Foiling Fustian campaign, and the AS42 scout cars with 47mm AT guns show up as available on map artillery assets. Clicking the artillery asset icon highlights the unit on the board. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
  19. Atm I am playing a lot of mp games against my brother (not pbem but turn based via hamachi) and we discovered some annoying bugs: 1) german mgs lose their weapon in the second round. there is no deploy button anymore, even not greyed out. If someone wants to download the savegames from the first and secon round you can do it here: First Round: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pupvpyrqb75bl3a/Arnhem BRidge 1.bts?dl=0 Second Round: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xf62le8tksptfy/Arnhem BRidge 002.bts?dl=0 Regarding this bug I discovered if, when you are in the first round in turn bas
  20. I'm in a CMFI QB where my 37mm L/54 M3A1 towed anti-tank guns don't appear. I only know they're there because I see four (4) crewmen and get the AT Gun unit description when I click on them. I thought I recalled this as a known bug but my searches for it come up empty. I am using the Aris 37 57mm AT Guns mod but the problem occurs with and without mods. What can someone tell me about this? Is there a fix? Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  21. as you can see when i'm opening up any vehicles in CMSF, tank commander feeling the air XD how can i fix this?
  22. Hi. This is my first post here but I am playing a game where there is a bug or something and wanted to know if others had experienced this. I am in a QB and there are some buildings which are on the map, but the armor can see through and shoot through as if they were not there. I have been able to spot an enemy tank with ground forces that should have been fully obscured behind a row of buildings. One of my tanks shot an enemy tank and hit it direct broadside through a building (the rear of the tank was exposed but that is not where the round hit, I thought it could be a minor glitch unti
  23. Today I accidentally found out that the wego system works different in two player mode then in single player mode. In two player Lan wego mode you can click a unit and see the moving line and can move the dots around during the 1 minute playback. Its stupid because when you made a plan and everything goes wrong you can shorten the moving line and prevent further damage during playback?
  24. Hello, I recently purchased CMFI with Gustav line bundle and 3.0 upgrade. I think I upgraded correctly to 3.0, v 1.20 is shown on my welcome screen, which is correct from what I read on forum here. I stumbled upon weird halftruck gunner position - you can see it in attached picture. I first stumbled upon this in second battle of advanced US training campaign. There were two SPW250 (or 251, I am not sure). Both of them had gunner with no helmet in what I guess is default modelling position. This happened to me again in different battle. You can see a picture of US halftruck with two g
  25. The house may have been destroyed by artillery, but this gunner doesn't seem to care: I don't know if this has been reported already. Save file is available, PM me.
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