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Found 3 results

  1. (Budbaker has his comics… but I’m not an artist so expect memes) Welcome to the Fire and Rubble German DAR as I take on BFCElvis and his pesky Soviets in a very late war May 1945 urban engagement in Berlin… and it’s somehow snowing. The war has effectively ended but my guys didn’t get the memo, so our adhoc combined arms force is going to push forward into no man’s land one last time. The mission is a simple meeting engagement. Secure Objective Jägermeister and Objective Berliner Weisse, while holding our own starting Objective, codenamed Vodka. The Soviets deploy around Jägermeister
  2. I want to avoid confusion from the start of the original thread to this one, since it's technically a different scenario. Much is the same, but I'm doing it anyway! SITUATION Thanks to the successful battle and crossing of the canals near Pryvitnoe by 2nd Battalion, we have been tasked with exploiting the gap in the Ukrainian lines. We have one final barrier to cross before the total colapse of the Ukrainian defenses occurs on the southern flank: the river Dniepr. Ukrainian forces are dug in deep alon the major crossings near Kherson and 1st Battalion has encountered
  3. Time for another adventure in Southern Ukraine! Best read while humming Strauss. We return to the same AO at dusk the day of the invasion. The Russian advance has been amazingly swift. By the end of the first day, Kherson is already under threat of Russian forces. The Ukrainian defence is in shambles and is prepared to make another heroic stand at the small town of Prydniprovs'ke just to the west of Kherson. From the briefing: SITUATION Thanks to the successful battle and crossing of the canals near Pryvitnoe by 2nd Battalion, we have been tasked with exploiti
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