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    rogue189 got a reaction from The_MonkeyKing in Inaccurate Mission Briefings   
    I have been playing SF2 for awhile now and have noticed that there are briefings do not accurately reflect what is actually delivered in game.  For example in the Semper Fi Campaign mission Highway 2, the briefing (specially the tactical map) stated that I was supped to receive 60mm mortar support immediately and a CAAT elements after 10 min.  However, I didn't get any 60mm mortars and after 30 min, the CAAT had not showed up.  I also noticed in scenarios like Baker 1-1, the briefing started that you would receive a second platoon of reinforcements, but the game notes stated otherwise.  I found myself wondering, "where are they!" as I was playing.  Are these bugs?  Am I just being impatient?  Are they briefings that slipped through quality control?  Is this an attempt to say, "no plan survives contact?"  I don't mind if it is, but I just want to know if I should or should not expect additional reinforcements.
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    rogue189 got a reaction from melm in Marking Mines?   
    I never expected the mark mine button to be a magic mine detector.  Rather, I believed that if I moved my engineers to a suspected mine field, I could get them in position then click mark mines. My expectation was that they would spend the next minute or two looking for mines.
    I did notice that my group did detect one mine, but there was nothing I could do about it.  It made me assume they only mark mines and not disarm them.  But I also noticed that the engineers don't always detect mines in their location.  I had a squad in one position of the suspected minefield for about 3 or 4 minutes.  No mine detected, so I moved on.  BOOM!  My stryker found a mine right where the engineers had just left.  Is this a game mechanic?  A bug?  or did I do something wrong?
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    rogue189 got a reaction from waclaw in HQS 2.2 - Black Sea - Shock Force - Afghanistan - FINAL   
    Thank you!
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