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  1. It doesn't just have to be eye candy. The winter map can be prepared accordingly, e.g. using terrain where the army will move as in deep snow, i.e. marshy terrain, sand, etc. I was thinking about something like this for CMSFII.
  2. Aragorn - Yes, it's very simple. I've done it. Send me message and your e-mail
  3. Color photos from the Warsaw Uprising https://wiadomosci.onet.pl/warszawa/100-lat-polsko-kolorowe-zdjecia-z-powstania-warszawskiego/b3nj83q https://metrowarszawa.gazeta.pl/metrowarszawa/56,141636,22185599,kolorowe-zdjecia-z-powstania-warszawskiego-to-nie-to-samo.html
  4. I tried converting the map from CMCW without any changes with hexedit but it failed. I think you need to remove all Flavor objects and some buildings.
  5. There is also a problem with choosing Valentine. I also cannot find a formation in which he could be ...
  6. There is also a problem with choosing Valentine. I also cannot find a formation in which he could be ...
  7. Where can I find PzIIIM and N in the editor? I only see PzIIIG ... Are they available on their own or only within a unit?
  8. Replacing the 3D MG42 model with the Maxim model is very simple. But it does not solve the problem of the high rate of fire and reliability of the MG42 and the opposite characteristics of the Maxim. In my modification of the Finnish mod, I used a mixture of Germans and Guard Russians according to the armament characteristics best suited to real Finnish weapons. Voice files can be a problem with this approach.
  9. The addition of the Warsaw Pact countries will also allow you to play interesting Red vs Red scenarios. CMCW covers the period of unrest in Eastern Europe and the introduction of martial law in Poland. I remember those times. It was close to a revolt against the Soviet Union.
  10. I think 100% there are absolutely no Romanian mods. Lets do it!
  11. Poland, Czech and Hungary should be included in the new module. Not only the Soviet weapon was used, but also its local modifications as well as completely own designs. E.g Polish modification of the T-55 https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-55AM_Merida Polish armored personnel carrier SKOT, much better than the BTR https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/SKOT Hungarian FUG https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/FUG and PSzH-IV https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/PSzH-IV Czech rifle vz 58, which had nothing to do with Kalashnikov. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karabin_Sa_vz._58
  12. Some Hungary mod screenshots. I replaced some of the 3D models with more similar to Hungarian weapons. But it can be done better. https://imgur.com/Yw9m7J3 https://imgur.com/xbROMWA https://imgur.com/yzDd9Qj https://imgur.com/odYDern https://imgur.com/iFRU4Y2
  13. I use Finnish and Hungarian mods, which I have modified myself for my needs. I use the free GiMP program which has most of Photoshop's features and opens Photoshop files. I can help you create mods a little.
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