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  1. While the tank might (emphasis on might - current trend indicate otherwise) become less and less prevalent on the battlefield, there will always be a need for some form of mobile firepower under armor.
  2. How my call for fire went down: Me: So how'd I do? NCO: Good. Me: What I get? NCO: A 90%. Me: Why not a perfect score? NCO: We can't give everyone 100s, dude. Me: Oh. Everyone else in my squad got a perfect score. I also thought it was funny that we didn't call in fire or shoot AT-4s at any old tanks. I'm 95% those rusting hulks were the M60A2 Starships the Army ended up hating so much they condemned them to being shot at by inexperienced numskull cadets for half a century. Purgatory for tanks, basically.
  3. Lol, thats more like it! In a similar vein, we had a squid in our squad. He only had the navy blueberry uniform, and stuck out like a sore thumb during our FTX. Another dude thought it would be a good idea to buy a ghillie suit for said FTX. It wasn't. Because...I don't know. Probably because I wanted an excuse not to study last night. 155s would have been cooler for sure though.
  4. I remember that fire... The range still hasn't changed much either.
  5. I should probably stop skimming posts and read them fully.
  6. Ok, I only skimmed the article, but here's my input: I don't think Russia is going to risk nuclear escalation because we HARM'd an S-400 battery. Maybe due escalation beyond that event, but not because we blew up a SAM battery. Further, the author makes some claims that could be debatable. Like stating that Iran+Russia+China are some shadowy cyber superpower that can destroy the west at a drop of a hat. I know that the Russian doctrine with nukes is looser than the west, but again, I just think its a little abrupt. Just my 2 cents.
  7. War is Boring has good article on that troll account... https://warisboring.com/a-falkland-islands-twitter-account-is-argentinas-biggest-troll-947e4e0027d2#.608sjv1cg
  8. That's just mean, man. I always thought it was just the task force guys from the 10th Mountain and air assault school that relished making us do the rocket, but I guess everyone likes to make fun of it. *sigh*. And it sounds like I should have lived in the northwest. My state schools didn't have any of that. And I sure wasn't going to the Citadel. USMA may suck in some ways, but I think that the Citadel just sucks all around. Not by the graduates it produces by any means, but just the lifestyle. Pay to get hazed? No thanks. But then again, to each his own. I thinks this forum may tie with my MS100 class for military skills learned. Well, maybe not skills, but interesting things that will come in handy should I get armor.
  9. I had a ROTC dude in my squad for summer training. Made me question some things too. "You can go parties?" ""You have more than one attractive girl in your classes?" "You can sleep in until 11?!?" I could go on. On the other hand, the South Hudson Institute of Technology lets me study military history, and ride in Black Hawks, for free. It depends on what you want. I don't regret my decision in the slightest. Neither is better or worse as a commissioning source - you just have to know what your getting into. One has some pretty cool opportunities and funding to take advantage of. The other has plentiful girls, alcohol, and lets you have a social life. I heard a story that ROTC guys actual do better in flight school and stuff. Reason being that after 4 years of college they are partied out, and at least know who to handle their alcohol. South Hudson Institute of Technology grads, on the other hands, do not usually, having been confined to castle Hogwarts for four years of their life. They consequently go crazy with poor results for their classes.
  10. *runs and finds knowledge book* "She walks she talks she full chalk, the lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is highly prolific to the nth degree." That's lowly plebe knowledge anyway. @Codename Duchess
  11. Shh...nobody is supposed to know what that actually is. @Codename Duchess
  12. I am 98% sure that the NSA has at least some semblance of a dossier/profile on me (or at least IP address) due my google search, interest in military bases on google earth, and the fact I have ORBATs of the US military on my hard drive. I would actually be worried if they didn't.
  13. For the game itself, I'm not entirely sure. I've always figured that the bright red cross meant 'knocked out' and it could be repaired at some point down the road (beyond the games scope, of course) ; and the dark red cross meant it was done for. I've never been entirely sure though. Maybe experience levels may have something to do with it as well - a rookie crew would be more likely to bail out after a thunder bolt whams the turret; more experienced crews would be more confident in their tracks. I'm sure the resident tankers on this thread will explain this thoroughly, but this is what I understand on how it works in real life. There can be several different levels of 'knocked out'. Maintenance shops crews classify tank casualties in different levels - 'A' could be an hour back at the company maintenance shop (track blown off, engine malfunction); 'B' could be back at battalion (more extensive repairs, like engine overhaul maybe?), and so on and so forth. The more serious the damage, the higher it has to go. Gun tube bent? probably brigade (just a guess). Tank caught on fire and burned so hot it melted the road wheels? Back to Anniston Army Depot stateside. Tanks - at least M1 Abrams - can be hard to permanently 'kill'. Even the ones that got blasted in Iraq with 2000lbs IEDs were eventually sent back home for 'extensive repairs'. In WWII, the even the M4 Sherman continually came back from the dead. For the tank to written off it usually has to have died in a catastrophic manner - like the turret has left the tank, or the ammo went off so catastrophically that there is no longer proof that a tank was here.
  14. Lol...but seriously https://warisboring.com/pokemon-go-invades-america-s-military-sites-69956fd34740#.abms5hpku. So basically, Pokemon Go is what we all feared...A RUSSIAN PLOT! HOW WILL WE DEFEND AGAINST SUCH PERFIDY?!
  15. It's pretty decent. I only played the vanilla, baseline version, but it was least fun, kept the simulator reaslism of the other ArmA series, and had pretty good graphics. The setting was kinda weird though - apparently the US Army divested all of its M1A2s and bought the Merkava IV instead. Things like this made me think "WTF?" And what on earth is CSAT and what do they want? The endings were also weird, and the plot made zero sense outside of giving you an excuse to shoot at things. They didn't. I don't know why the military decides to stick with crappy, buggy simulators to try and train its soldiers. Games like Combat Mission and the actual ArmA series, CMANO, and heck, maybe even Call of Duty are going to teach me way more about squad tactics, combined arms, and tactical problems than some half-baked, pixelated mess that kept bugging out every other checkpoint.
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