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  1. This is actually my preferred choice for MP battles, but it is really missing the ability to rewind the action, as you can in SP. I would be so glad if that ability would be added!!
  2. Same problem here. Game crashes after about an hour of gameplay or so. I have this problem since I swapped my Radeon for a Nvidia RTX 2080...
  3. The german Gebirgsjäger only use it for operations in very difficult terrain (usally snow). I doubt it would be used in Syria. They would rather use the Fuchs (or the GTK Boxer nowadays) in that environment. Afaik it has not been used in any combat operation by the Bundeswehr, but the British Royal Marines have used it quite a lot in Afghanistan, even in combat.
  4. Yes, either August or September.
  5. This match was really fun to follow (on both sides) and taught me one or two things as well. Well done! 👍 Any chance for a rematch between you two?
  6. I wonder why? The comms link is up, so information should get passed along?
  7. Same here. Paradox-version with all 3 modules.
  8. As well as the MAN gl series, ranging from 5t to 15t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAN_KAT1
  9. Thanks, I have indeed never really noticed that! I really enjoy your AARs btw, they are well made and great fun to follow!
  10. Did I understand that correctly, the stock sound icons do differ between tanks and armored vehicles? If so, then they are indeed damned hard to decipher as I've never noticed such a difference.
  11. Aren't these custom icons some kind of cheating as they give you an unfair advantage by giving you more information than the game is supposed to give you (e.g. specifying if a sound contact is a tank or light armor)?
  12. The german Tigers were not ready in 2008 as we were behind the french in achieving combat ready status for our Tigers.
  13. That is an unfair assessement of the Bo105 PAH, which is a dedicated anti tank helicopter that is only beeing used in that specific role!
  14. The PzFst3 is unguided in that sense that its projectile is not guided on its way to its target, unlike ATGMs. Besides that, the laser equipped PzFst3 is a special variant of the PzFst3 and is VERY rare in german service. I've never actually seen one myself. Are the germans in CMSF2 really equipped with that variant? The standard PzFst3 (without a laser range finder) is still pretty accurate to ranges of up to 400m. I'm speaking from personal experience here 😉
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