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  1. That might be about what you should really get from tanks trying to hunt down hull-down tanks on the move (from Forcyzk's Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1943-45 Red Steamroller).
  2. How do you find them quickly in a game? In the setup round (when I don't really need them since I'll be allowed one free set of indirect fires), they are very visible with floating icons. Said floating icons disappear (for me at least) once the game start, so I'm left with trying to find tiny red Xs on a vast battlefield. Does anyone have a better technique than just desperately searching for tiny red Xs?
  3. Actually, some countries do like to keep them close together (the Soviets like colocating their battery commander with their company commander ... etc). Quicker response vs survivability. Your choice.
  4. I also get the impression that information transmission is unjustifiably slow. By the time you get to Iron, even the positions intra-platoon go off the air, to say nothing of enemy contacts. I'd like to think a platoon commander, not shrouded in smoke, should have a fairly good grip on the positions of his three squads when they are just trailing behind him, in column, on a frigging road, but nah... Well, if you get really sick of it, there's always the Basic Training Difficulty Setting. In fact, the next thing they should try is to split the difficulty setting up into multiple options for more granularity - we should be allowed to split say response times for artillery and buddy aid from spotting rules. In fact, if we are really shooting for realism, based on their real radio nets the Soviets and Americans may have different spotting propagation rules. The current rules are basically the American system with multiple tiers though the info flow IMO should be a bit smoother. The Soviets tend more towards a single net for the battalion. There's clearly a tradeoff here - the Soviets must report less over the radio, at least at the lower levels. So once out of voice range with platoon, they may be liable to not report, or to report only important things like tanks and ATGMs rather than a rifle squad. On the other hand, once the information is at least at platoon level, it "borg-spots" because the platoon leader would shout the info all over the battalion net.
  5. Thanks for the help all. Now both games are purring at 1366x768 res (yes, I actually prefer low-res so everything is bigger on the screen).
  6. MY DOCUMENTS? I put it in the same folder as the .exe because that's what works for Black Sea (bought on Steam). I'll try that when I get home. Thanks.
  7. I've just bought it, so I started on Version 1.01 (no patch). The "display size" file isn't working for me. The “display size.txt” is not working for me - it works for the Steam-purchased Black Sea, so I copied the file. No dice. I tried to make a new file. Still not working.
  8. What I'm interested in is: T-64B being "common" and T-64B1 being "uncommon". Granted, the book does say 4200 T-64Bs were built to 1400 T-64B1s, but B1 is just the B without the very expensive missiles. Any B can turn itself into a B1 functionally just by not carrying missiles and ripping out the GTN-12 box containing the guidance antenna, which is a lot easier than procuring more of those expensive missiles. Also, why is the M60A3 and the M60A3(TTS) the same price and rarity? What's the incentive to choose the non-thermal version then?
  9. Well, I thought the first diagram was already pretty clear - note how the R123 is linked from squad to platoon to company to battalion. That indicates they are actually all on that frequency, something that becomes even more clear in the second diagram - note how the Battalion only has a regular AM net and a regular FM net, a grand total of 2 frequencies and the lack of platoon nets or company nets within the organic units.
  10. You have never seen a Soviet communications diagram - have an attachment? (My last message got eaten by Battlefront - maybe it doesn't like links?) FM100-2-1 Soviet Comm Net.pdf
  11. Of course you can. I assume you are a battalion commander, in which case according to the communications chart rest assured that every one of your thirty or so BTRs are sharing the same frequency. You can even talk to one of your individual BTRs, who are mostly keeping silent so you can always talk to them.
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