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  1. Might as well put this one out there while I'm at it: Strictly two-player there are no AI plans for either side.....Never did get any feedback on this one, but it's about as balanced as it can be (on an asymmetrical map): https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgjhxi8vr6h5k2k/The Opium War (2p HtH Only).btt?dl=0 @Bootie If you could add this one too, it would be appreciated.
  2. Somewhere in the remote uplands of central Bong-Hai, a group of disgruntled Wai-Bong villagers meet to plan their escape from the clutches of the notorious bandit and opium grower, Mg Pyay Ag: Equipped with a handful of stolen weapons and some fertiliser based explosives, they plan their escape attempt for the stroke of midnight that very night. Will they make it? Find out for yourselves once I've finished writing/testing it!
  3. Cheers guys, please let me know how you get on if you try it.
  4. The suggested changes have been made to the Tactical Map, providing a broader summary of VPs and a schedule for reinforcements: With that done I'm letting it into the wild, make of it what you will: You can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h065sun2ev3qg73/Winter Of Discontent.btt?dl=0 @Bootie How should I go about getting this onto TSD please? I had a designer's account on one of the older iterations of your site under this username IIRC.
  5. Cheers dude.....It's a biggy! PS - Don't forget the Uncon Breach Teams.....They would massively improve Uncon gameplay options.
  6. Whichever game it was (I can't remember either TBH), it's up in my attic, along with a whole bunch of others.
  7. Many thanks to @dbsapp for testing 'Winter Of Discontent'.....Congratulations on a well earned victory too. I'll make a couple of changes to the briefing for clarity and release it in due course.
  8. The article seems to rather minimise the role of Gehlen in creating the whole 'Cold War' sceanrio, but this was an interesting read all the same.
  9. This issue is a bloody mess TBH.....It made scripting missions for CM:HE absolutely miserable for me as I use fairly strict C2 when testing and developing my designs. @Battlefront.com @IanL @BFCElvis Is there any chance this will be looked at in the near term.....It's making CM:SF2 a lot less than it should be! PS: PS - If you are going to patch, please, please, please add Breach Teams to the Combatant and Fighter TOE.....Proper urban fighting without them is impossible and we've (mostly) learned how to make the AI use them!
  10. I'd absolutely agree where CM:BS is concerned.....The Bradley in particular is stupidly overpowered (almost immune to 122mm precision munitions) and the M1 Abrams appears to feature a cloaking device!
  11. The file should always have .btt at the end whether it's a map or a scenario. I just use the word 'Map' as part of a naming convention on my blank maps so that I and anyone who downloads them knows what they are opening.....If I ever get a Quick Battle Map finished (ie: a map with AI plans, just as you describe above), I'd probably add 'QBM' or similar instead.
  12. Sure just save it to your Quick Battle Maps folder...But beware that it might be selected for random single player battles and will have no AI plans (& thus not work). I also make a copy of my own maps in my Master Maps folder (if you don't have one, just create it in the same directory as Scenarios & Quick Battle Maps)...I tend to stick the prefix [Map] on my maps to make it obvious that they are not a fully fledged QB Map or Scenario.
  13. Title say it all really: https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2021/07/soviet-atgms.html Hopefully of interest to CM:CW players.
  14. Possibly of interest: https://mikesresearch.com/2021/08/29/kasserine-pass-1943/
  15. BTW - Are you playing 'Galloping Horse Downfall' by any chance?
  16. Dammitt! I was just beginning to believe a CM:CW module for the middle-east might just be possible! Black Sea Trolling was bad enough.
  17. @Lethaface beat me to it: It's a trick discovered by @MOS:96B2P during countless hours of testing & experiments (I really don't just say stuff for the sake of it you know).
  18. Wrong, thats up to the map designer, limited by the size of the structure (and the designer's patience for clicking things in preview mode). Wrong, Pause & Cover Arcs can do this. Wrong, as above.
  19. @IanL Has this been reported as an issue for CM:SF2?
  20. @BFCElvis Sounds like one for you dude.
  21. Combat Mission: Afghanistan.....It's quirky, but it's cool: https://community.battlefront.com/forum/69-combat-mission-afghanistan/
  22. Appreciate the reply.....You know I'll buy it regardless! The more stuff we have in the various CM TOEs, the more we can mess with it to make things we didn't expect (I've just written my first set of AI Plans for boats).
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