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  1. Not terribly, but having the option would be cool.....I can think of other things that would be more useful, like smoke generators.
  2. IMHO Russian/Soviet tanks (& other tanks with snorkel systems) should be able to use Deep Ford tiles (usually only for infantry & amphibs), semi-submerged tanks would look so cool in game!
  3. Apparently there are seven of them! I guess you just gotta keep merging till you reach the oldest!
  4. Scratch that, missed the Mac bit.....It can be done on PC.
  5. Don't know if you are aware, but VBIEDs can sometimes be triggered by passing too close to enemy casualties!
  6. I sometimes wonder why, but I'm still making CM:A stuff, slowly (I still need someone to give me some feedback on 'Winter Of Discontent', played in WeGo Mode, before I release it into the wild).....Anyhow, here's the latest project: It's big & it's Blue, but I will probably need some help to get it right in due course (I'm still scripting and testing right now).....If being heavily shelled by the AI in the first turn is an issue for you, it's probably best not to volunteer! This is a Huge battle (by CM:A standards), but so far it is not suffering the Out Of Memory Error issues I've had with other CM:A projects with Win10.....We'll see how that goes as scripting proceeds. 'Abdul Gul's War' (Mujahideen Campaign) has been put on hold until my 'Heaven & Earth' campaign is done, essentially this scenario is one of the bigger battles designed for potential use in that campaign, adapted to compensate for Abdul Gul's absence.....Think of it as what might happen without him!
  7. Cool looking mod, I'll give it a go. I have a strange affection for CM:A too.....The Tribals & Mujahideen are the best Uncons in the CM series (& the easiest to feel some affinity for too, IMHO)! It's definitely not the best thought through of the CM games (WTF were they thinking with the trucks? ), the terrain tiles are more than a little bit iffy and it's got a few peculiar quirks all of its own (AI controlled Blue units will not use their artillery in game), but there's something unique & loveable about it, isn't there?
  8. Sold! To the Orang-Utan in a helmet! Bravo sir, can't wait to explore what you've made.
  9. I think they are all linked hereabouts.....If there's anything you can't find, ping me a PM. I believe @LongLeftFlank is kind of busy at the moment, but I know he's still doing Ramadi stuff when he has the time.
  10. I feel that I should probably point this post out: Not sure why we are all still in here TBH?
  11. Pretty confident that's a KPV (14.5mm HMG).....I'd imagine the recoil from that thing makes life quite exciting once the shooting starts!
  12. Hmmm.....Not sure what to suggest. @MOS:96B2P Any idea how to get the AI to abandon a bunker crewed with an infantry unit?
  13. Sounds like you are trying to do it in the editor.....Try adding a move order (Passengers Dismount) to the same tile that the bunker they are occupying is in, before the order to move out
  14. Apparently they get all borged-up and live forever: WTF? Is that really a robotic Maxim? https://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2021/08/2021_22.html
  15. In @LongLeftFlank's absence I can answer that with a resounding yes! Here's a chunk of it exploding, just because:
  16. That indicates that the units in that formation will arrive as several reinforcement waves.....If you expand the formation in the editor, you'll see that various units will be assigned codes R1-R7. These tie in with the slots on the reinforcement tabs.....Probably worth consulting those before you delete any of the units, so you know all the correct timings. I have a feeling that removing all units from a slot may cause the settings for that slot to reset to defaults (I'm almost sure it will if you save & exit). PS - I'd be interested intrying your revised 'Guarddians'.....Do you have a link at all?
  17. Yeah, the HE round from the SU-152/ISU-152 is not incomparible with the sort of thing used by a Destroyer! The 6pdr was more comparable with the armament of a moderately large MGB.
  18. I'm mostly only teasing.....What you are describing sounds not unlike the BMPT (Terminator) concept. Rather than having a silly calibre launcher it uses guided missiles with thermobaric warheads to clear out structures. The current Russian BMPTs are a bit perplexing.....They seem to have a couple more crewmen & weapons than they probably really need and it's not at all clear how they will be deployed/utilised in armoured formations. PS - Allegedly Algeria intend to make Mini-Terminators out of old T-62s: https://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2021/08/blog-post_46.html PPS - Yes, I know the hull in the picture is that of a T-55.....And no, I have no idea why they used it.
  19. Gur Khan has a bit more on the Karrar: https://gurkhan.blogspot.com/
  20. U2 means they are assigned to the opposing force as a Unit Objective. A* means the units in that formation are assigned to more than one AI Group.....If you expand the formations you'll see different units assigned to AI Groups 1-16. A dual ended core is useful if you want to create a battle of attrition between two units over the course of several scenarios, I believe this has been its most common usage to date.....You can also use it to keep track of important characters on the opposing side, recurring villains and the like.
  21. Look forward to trying it, hope my comments didn't seem unreasonably critical, they weren't intended that way. As you know I really like Uncon scenarios, especially in an urban environment.....I'm also fond of megadeth experiments involving a couple of hundred IEDs, so I like to make it clear that I am keeping these strictly in the realms of dark-fiction, borderline parody.
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