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  1. Well, maybe it's the fact that the guns in scenarios start behind those sandbags that's the problem. What's the point of sandbags if all they do is ruin your setup?
  2. I agree with you both, but it's really something for Battlefront to patch somehow.
  3. That's true. I almost never play against the AI, only the same friend over and over and we tend to stick to scenarios where setup sometimes isn't very flexible.
  4. I'm guessing this has been mentioned by plenty others before me, but what's the point of sandbags if all they do is give away your position? Even though my enemy can't see the actual unit or gun hiding there, they open up against the bags and that's it.
  5. He spotted the sandbags. Typical CM. And now he's spotted four of them, by going after the sandbags. Useless.
  6. I always play the same friend and I do think he plays fair, but I'll ask. At any rate; is there any point at all opening up early? Any hope of any damage on a King Tiger or a Panther at 1K?
  7. The problem here is that they get spotted before I fire myself. (It's Gog and Magog v. human player. Never played before).
  8. As always, my AT-guns (at least the first two in this case) got spotted before opening fire and knocked out. This on more than 1000 meters distance when there's no point in opening up vs a Panther. I have no clue how to handle them, it seems. I tend to lose tanks when against them and fail to knock out tanks when I have them. Should I have opened fire, hoping to damage it or what? (Also, why on earth don't units return fire when spotted and on an Arc? It's ridiculous that they just sit there, taking it).
  9. That's the one we're at and that's why I'm concerned. I just spotted my enemy's first tanks and no shots have been fired yet. Also considering whether to push my tanks forward or leave them in reserve for a while until I know what and where I'm up against his. (Actually, I didn't know there would be King Tigers, though I did expect plenty of enemy firepower).
  10. Tack. Jag spelar mest mot samma motståndare och har ständigt bekymmer med AT-kanonerna, åt bägge håll.
  11. @Glubokii Boy Yes, I guess I could do that. Just thought I'd ask first. Actually. I've played the game for ages, yet never used QB.
  12. Thank you, I thought so. However, how do you find out this kind of stuff without trial and error? Is there anyway to calculate from numbers and/or colors inside the game?
  13. How do I calculate whether there's a point in firing or not? Since I'm not a gun and armor thickness expert I'd like to know how to figure out at what ranges, etc, there's a point in opening fire? RIght now my 76 mm Soviet AT-gun sees two Panthers 1100 meters away and I'm guessing it's pointless to open up, but how do I know for sure?
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