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  1. Thank you sburke for the clarification. I was pretty sure Ihad read that correctly. I hope it's around the corner. I just bought all the hardware to build my new rig after 10 years of the old one, I'm a little stoked to run SF2 on it. -B
  2. So, I guess I was a bit naive, but was the Upgrade price set at $35 for the entire bundle, or similar to the above and more like $45? I'm not worried about 10 bucks as I am more than willing to spend that based on how much play I got out of the original. But I do want to know if my understanding of the price is correct or not. IE; for someone who owns the base game and all 3 modules the will pay x. -B
  3. Hey Steve, regarding the Purchase place of our Shock Force 1 game. I purchased the game back in 2010 or so through Gamers Gate. I have a valid activation key, a little later that year I bought the Bungle addon pack for the game through BF.com, Is this considered not a valid Key then? Thank you for your help. -Behemoth
  4. ***** Jerk Alert, Jerk Alert****** So... When do we get our grubby little hands on this thing? -Behemoth
  5. So to benefit others who may have this issue. The full CMBS v4 installer online does NOT include the 2.10 patch, this is the patch that adds the BP Data. Installed that and all was where it should be. I hope that helps. Thanks for everyone's help. -B
  6. Hey Mike, As a quick update that might help you, but didn't work for me. I did scrounge into program folder and there is a activate new products... something or other, I put in my BP code for BS and it said it unlock but when I ran the game it didn't show the striker campaign. This may work for you though, give'r a try and good luck. EDIT_ Sgt. beat me to it.
  7. So I've decided to make my CM addiction mobile and started to install my games on my Laptop. I have them installed on my home desktop as well. I started with CMBS. I DL'd the full version of the V4 game, I think I bought it v2 or v3 originally (I don't recall). I installed no problem. I put in my V4 activation code, then it asked for my original, put that in, all went fine, but I was not able to find where to activate the Battle pack. I know it isn't installed, is there a special order, did I burn my activations, etc? I did a cursory search on the topic and it didn't come up immediately but if someone could provide some guidance I'd appreciate it. I have some modules for CMBN, I faintly recall though allow you to activate each module piecemeal, this does not seem to be available on Black Shark. Is there an order I should plan for the Normandy Installs as well? Thank you in advance? -B
  8. If I may interject some comments or questions to the powers that be; Why is there not some sort of boolean order structure to the order sets, ala Steel Beasts, and/or Tacops, or at the very least a simple "stance" that dictates behavior to the AI? Hear me out, I know the limitations on dynamic AI behavior for this type of order set. Though, I do feel that the turn based play needs this and to a lesser extent the real time as well (which I feel is the only way to play this game at the moment). It would mean a lot more work for the designers of scenarios, but in the end, multi-player would shine. I'm sorry if this goes way beyond the scope for this title, I just feel sorta out of control (in a bad way) when playing this turn based, and overwhelmed when in RT. I WANT, to love this game. Sorry if this takes this thread in another direction, no hijack intended. -Chris
  9. Since nobody has answered you yet, I'll harbor an educated guess, based on outside experience as I've only played the demo. My assumption from the demo is that there really isn't much difference, other than the possibility that in the case of "knocked out" a crew with some M4s is around to take potshots at you, as opposed to "destroyed" where the crew "brewed" up with the destruction of the tank. My guess is it's just a game nuance, but perhaps in the campaign (where somebody else's reply would matter more than mine) the vehicle can be recovered for further use or (more likely)there is a smaller point deduction to replicate the reuse and not total lose of material for that vehicle. Hope this is helpful, someone will be along shortly to tell you for certain. I'm sooo... on the fence about buying this, so many things I want, yet the demo remains very enjoyable. ---> resuming my lurking... -B
  10. *Not trying to hijack your thread, but I have a few questions to ask people who are forming opinions about this title* I've downloaded and played the demo and I have had trouble with the giving of orders to troops. I don't want to rehash the topic of a broken WEGO system, just merely clarify for my own satisfaction, whether or not units will react to threats dynamically. I know the hunt option works for this but is there a better way, say a stance option which can be set for the unit? I've noticed albeit from the demo that units traveling under movement orders will ignore threats until they come to the end of the path they were ordered on. This doesn't seem very logical, from a game play stand point; As the micromanagement in real time play would be almost overwhelming I should think, and the wego would leave them vulnerable without any orders at all until the end of the turn. If I am correct that this is in fact the way the game is designed, is there any official response as to why or will it be changed? I've read thousands of forum lines about this game, so if this is spoken about somewhere else in detail plz point me there. Thanks for the guidance. I'm guarded yet excited about this title. -B
  11. Nuff said! Word! to Stuka, well said.
  12. Oh god... Stop... the laughter is making me insides bleed ... A serious discussion about tactics died when opened your proverbial mouth. Assuming you're not just another ComputerStradledSoldierWannabe, your RL military experience is more like a spice to this dish of entertainment. It flavors the discussion, but it doesn't get any more weight than that. I'd love to talk real world tactics with you but alas it seems your mind is made up that the USA's the best, the French suck, and every country but your's and mine are surrender monkeys. Now is that how you think a conversation gets elevated. Lighten up, we're just having fun at your expense, by all means keep coming back and giving us ammo. -B
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