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  1. Yes exactly. You would think it would be an obvious follow up Q. when the dev mentions the current engine is 17 years on.
  2. North Africa game? Italy's been done, and it has yanks and brits
  3. That rug really tied the room together...Did it not?
  4. I like your optimism but they seem to be having trouble getting out the regular modules at this point.
  5. CMx3 will allow you to upload your virtual self into the game before you die.
  6. I wish they could just move on to cm3 now, but it’s prolly not economically viable.. Maybe Emrys could find an angel investor at his country club.
  7. Wait, but is CM3 more than just speculation at this point?
  8. Further OT, but is it odd that almost 20 years later CM doesn’t really have any direct competition?
  9. Also, to get to the Site Map had to go to My Cart first...Maybe should be on the hamburger button.? My pc is dead so I’m only mobile.
  10. Anyone else having trouble viewing Screenshot Gallery Two for Gustav Line?
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