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  1. Maybe something like the Patria Nemo 120mm on a Stryker chassis. It can fire both directly and indirectly, so it can also be used as a sort of assault gun against bunkers, fortified positions etc. While it may miss the anti-vehicle capacity then, the variants armed with javelins will compensate that.
  2. Great idea! I think the fanbase is already there, so surely an opportunity!
  3. Would it be possible to import this map into CM:SF2 and just run some quick battles on it? It would be great to have some company/battallion level action on a larger map, so proper room for recon, manoeuvre and fires
  4. Also Full-on Call for Fire procedure, with specific round count and shell count per minute + correct fuses, instead of 'medium' 'short' 'personell' Sidenote: would love to see the possibility for more fire missions per observer team simultaneously. A team of 2 can easily cope with more then one fire mission.
  5. Thanks a lot for all these options, great work considering the screenshots. The Dropbox link currently doesn't work for me, I get the message that the file was deleted. Anyone else who can confirm/deny?
  6. + The Dutch, import them from CMSF2 with Mid-life Updates CV90's with APS and Spike. Airborne 'Luchtmobiel' Infantry Motorised infantry (Boxer + Fennek) Mechanized infantry (CV90 + Fennek + Leased German Leo's)
  7. Would indeed love to see the possibility to support with indirect fire from automatic grenade launchers and machine guns. Maybe with the same mechanic as on-map mortars with the possibility to call for fire by FOs and commanders?
  8. Would love to see the campaign and play it, especially if it is possible to play it with only the base-game (or basegame with NATO-pack;))
  9. Maybe a bit off-topic in a CMFB forums, but this feature would also be relevant in modern titles. It is not uncommon for recon sections to leave one systems operator in the vehicle (so not the driver! this means that the recon equipment, if not detached for dismounted use, can still be used) and have a dismounted patrol of 2/3 man to scout ahead. This feature, along with the option to dismount recon kit, like the BAA system, would surely be welcomed by me.
  10. @Jumpete, I'm not that much into WW2, but regarding your last question, I think on page 1 of this thread there is a screenshot with a pz III (3rd post on the page):
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