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  1. I know about F&R, upcoming CMFB and CMBS modules and the government contract, but it would be good to get an up-to-date overview of what is currently being worked on and what Battlefront is planning on for future releases or even an CMx3.
  2. Does the fact that maybe there will not be an 5.0 upgrade mean that the next incarnation of CM (CMx3) is being worked on?
  3. Phew, these look so nice! Beautiful combination of faces! Because this is in the CMBS forums, any chance this mod will also be released for CMSF:2? Would love to see NATO forces with this also..
  4. Well to be honest, I did not fully get it right there about the ScanEagle, because it had to be the RQ-11 Raven, the same as the Canadians (Which means less work for Battlefront to implement😀) To compensate: Sperwer in Afghanistan: Raven in Afghanistan: (1:50 - 2:12) Not meant to hijack the thread, but had to correct my info.
  5. Why don't u use the 'Target Light' command then? IIRC the Bradley will fire 25mm when that command is given.
  6. Could someone post images of the mods currently mentioned here like 'rus Spetsnaz'? They sound very interesting, but I would like to see before download;) Thanks in advance! Also, are these Mods compatible with CMSF:2? And what about the Grozny campaign?
  7. If you do one minute of 'target briefly', I think the mortars will stop aiming after that minute, so when you do another minute, it is basically a new fire mission. Maybe it helps if you do 'target briefly' for 1:15 minute and after each turn do an extra minute if that is needed.
  8. Actually, the Dutch made extensive use of the Sperwer and the ScanEagle in Afghanistan, AFAIK also in the CMSF timeframe. So I definately second the idea for more drones for NATO countries! Although I don't know if there is any chance we will see that in the nearby future..?
  9. Thanks for your quick and detailed response Ithikial! I'll set the canpaign on hold and wait for the patch.
  10. Thanks for your quick response. Is that particular mission nearly implayable without the map? Eg, would you recommend quitting the first scenario and wait for the update? Also, what does the update comprise of?
  11. Is it possible to update the campaign when te new version is coming out while already having played a few missions? Or do I have to start all over?
  12. Thanks for your answer! However, if I recall correctly, each vehicle has special modelled viewing and spotting option, depending on the place of crewman and equipment in the vehicles. So it isn't that difficult to have the camera a little bit higher, is it? I don't care about if I see it on the model, just the mechanic would be great.
  13. If talking about the fennek, is it modelled that the BAA observation equipment, is actually a periscope and can be extended for 1,5 meter? It would make the Fennek far more effective to observe in a proper concealed and protected hull-down position.
  14. Very interesting to follow! Maybe this could also be of some relevance: https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_september_2020_global_security_army_industry/russian_army_deploys_msta-b_152mm_howitzers_in_crimea.html
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