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  1. Holding out as partisans/volksturm is one of the parts I'm most excited about.
  2. Don't occupy all the sandbags you place. When the enemy fires at the empty ones try to see where it's coming from then profit.
  3. This is why CM is so great. There's something for everyone. I feel the opposite actually. I think the lowered lethality of WW2 enables a lot of imagination. Plus all those Sherman variants 😍
  4. Based off BF stating they are entering the final version of the module I'd say sometime next week.
  5. I'd even settle for co-op with the AI. Especially in huge battles where sometimes I only want to command a company.
  6. For older generations maybe. But young people in America don't generally have the same connections to Communism.
  7. Yeah, I don't think this accurate. I think a lot of Americans actually might like playing the Germans more. Probably thanks to the History channel portraying everything as the UNSTOPPABLE BEAST that the German TIGER and PANTHER was.
  8. Will this support be added to all the other titles eventually?
  9. Nice dude! I have some close friends from college that are huge history buffs like me, but they tend to stick to the academic side of things. I'd also be a little bit more fervent in getting them to play if the multiplayer aspects of CM weren't such a hassle. One of the main reasons I stick to single player.
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