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  1. I agree if you're gonna put a 90mm gun in there the crew should have better armor protection.
  2. They were pretty effective in Korea against the T-34/85. They had reliability issues due to the engine and transmission I believe.
  3. I am currently reading Escaping the Trap (tamupress.com). An excellent account of the X Corps in Korea in 1950. This book gives mostly the US Army side of the campaign, Task Force Faith etc. As usual Lt. Col. Appleman goes into great detail on the hell of Chosin and though outnumbered the US Army and Marines fought with everything they had in horrendous conditions. If you like detailed operational reading you will really enjoy it.
  4. I certainly wouldn't mind a module in this time period but one thing on the wish list was always CMKW. KW= Korean War. Of course CM Pacific Theater would be first! 😁
  5. Fire And Rubble now Cold War! You guys really want my money don't you?😀
  6. Good game I do remember the flak tower.
  7. That had to be an amazing shot. Think about the variables the height of the tower, the angle of depression possible wind, target size and range. Those guns weren't normally used for aimed shots. I have both editions of Bloody Streets but I haven't read the second yet. I don't remember too much about the flak towers.
  8. Billy Crystal did a good Fernando Lamas imitation. u look marvelous - YouTube
  9. Ricardo Montalban was the only one who could pronounce Cordoba right so Chrysler gave him the job.
  10. The Galland Circus book is one I've had my eye on for a long time.
  11. Last panzer battles in Hungary | PeKo Publishing (pekobooks.com) Not cheap but this looks pretty good. About $50 on Amazon.
  12. The Bitter Woods by John S.D. Eisenhower and Snow And Steel by Peter Caddick- Adams are two excellent books on the Battle Of The Bulge.
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