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  1. Rest In Peace Bill thanks for all your contributions to SP which I still play. That was a big part of buying CMBO when BF sent me the email.
  2. Awesome! I like the balls on the Russian who goes prone to throw a grenade at the Panther. Also at about the 1:00 mark was that a Puppchen?
  3. Damn those guys got mangled. How many casualties by the tank?
  4. Good work keep getting the word out! Alot of wargamers still never heard of CM. I've tried to convert some myself and now they're addicts and own every title.
  5. That's some heavy metal. I believe this gun weighed over 20,000 lbs! Next video lets see what happened on the receiving end.
  6. Well I'll give him credit for having the balls to stick his head out there against a Sherman. Predictable result though.
  7. Excellent video 37mm! I can't believe after all this time I never played Monster Mash. Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Elvis it looks like your OT-34 commander may have to become a Hero Of The Soviet Union and defeat the Fascists for the Motherland! Ride or Die!
  9. What's the approximate range of the FT? I'd use the CMG to keep their heads down and burn them out of the buildings. I don't think your opponents armor will be much of a threat to you so like you say the biggest threat is PF and Schrecks. Easier said than done I know.
  10. Nice Elvis! Now you can move the OT-34 without eating a Psk round. I'd be riding that around just looking for something to cook.😎
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