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  1. Good game I do remember the flak tower.
  2. That had to be an amazing shot. Think about the variables the height of the tower, the angle of depression possible wind, target size and range. Those guns weren't normally used for aimed shots. I have both editions of Bloody Streets but I haven't read the second yet. I don't remember too much about the flak towers.
  3. Billy Crystal did a good Fernando Lamas imitation. u look marvelous - YouTube
  4. Ricardo Montalban was the only one who could pronounce Cordoba right so Chrysler gave him the job.
  5. The Galland Circus book is one I've had my eye on for a long time.
  6. Last panzer battles in Hungary | PeKo Publishing (pekobooks.com) Not cheap but this looks pretty good. About $50 on Amazon.
  7. The Bitter Woods by John S.D. Eisenhower and Snow And Steel by Peter Caddick- Adams are two excellent books on the Battle Of The Bulge.
  8. If you see any video of a ATGM or RPG fired in a building you'll see it rearranges the room.
  9. Drama Between Budapest and Vienna, The Final Fighting of the 6. Panzer-Armee - Naval & Military Press (naval-military-press.com This is another fantastic book it also has a separate map book. I bought it about 5 years ago and it wasn't cheap then. Very similar in format to Bloody Streets and an excellent book
  10. I'm sure I've posted about it here before but Bloody Streets is the single best book on the battle for Berlin. The level of detail will amaze you. I haven't read the 2nd edition yet but if its better than the 1st its amazing. The separate map book is beautiful. Panzers In Berlin 1945 and The Panther Battalion Brandenburg are also top shelf. The latter has also seen a 2nd edition, great book.
  11. Agree on all points. Also the fact that they were armed with a PIAT would lead you to believe they'd have orders to engage any armor that got within range.
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